- your home is your online gambling castle

Your home is your online gambling castle

It’s just so much easier gambling online. Rows and rows of slot machines, video poker machines waiting for you and every game table you want to sit at. The great thing about online gambling: the seat is also available for you 24/7. It just makes it so much easier.

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If you have a look through the links to the right, you will find loads of useful information on all of the subjects. People often have questions about gambling and the different casino games. We try to cover as much as we can in our gambling blog where we focus on many aspects of gambling online.

The online casinos and poker rooms are also constantly evolving. When it comes to online gambling for money, new games are added, new tournaments pop up and software changes and improves. We will give you all of the real money online gambling information you need to make a logical and informed decision of where you would like to play.

All of the casino games you can play at a regular casino has been recreated very meticulously online. At any of the online casinos on our site, you would be able to literally enjoy hundreds of different casino games in minutes.

huge progressive jackpots
Many online casinos offer HUGE progressives often resulting in them reaching the $1 million mark!
The goal at Gambling Castle is to provide you as much information as possible about your online gambling choices. The internet is rife with different offers, sites and loads of confusing information. That is why we strive to provide online gambling information which is both truthful and informative. In this way we are helping you to take some of the guess-work out your decisions regarding gambling online.

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A brief look at the history of online gambling

The first instance of online gambling being conducted as a legally licensed operation happened in 1994. Antigua and Barbuda were the first to pass laws allowing for companies to run legal online casinos. Way before that the first versions of online casino software was developed by Microgaming. Working hand in hand with Cryptologic they were able to secure the software. Because they were able to ensure that the transactions were safe, they were able get the first online casino up and running.

In these early years of gambling on the internet, the progress was slow. People used to have a great mistrust of the internet as a whole. Just before the turn of the century, it started becoming a lot more popular and just over $800 million was generated in 1998. From there it started exploding and it is currently an industry that produces many times that on a yearly basis. Gone are the days of a single online casino and players now need to try to figure out which of the bucket loads of casinos are the best fit for them.

As it gained popularity at such a great pace it made things a lot more difficult for governments to control. The result was that various laws were introduced in a number of countries to outlaw online gambling. This has however not stopped people from playing and we also feel that it should be up to the player whether or not they want to play on the internet.

There are two main sections that we cover on Gambling Castle. The first is regarding our online casino games. The second is regarding online poker. We cover the most popular casino games in details so that you can make educated decisions about where you want to spend your money when gambling on the net.

All of the popular casino games you will find in a regular casino are available at online casinos. We are going to look at the most popular ones. When gambling online you can never know too much and that is why we discuss everything in great detail.

Online Gambling Games

The most popular online gambling game by far are the slot machines. They are the most popular at land based casinos and online casinos and there is a huge variety that you can enjoy at the online casinos on our site.

Out of all the card games, you will find at a casino, none come close to real money online blackjack in popularity. In land based casinos there are different variations of the game to enjoy and this also flows into the online gambling world.

One of the most easily recognisable table games you will find at a casino is roulette. It offers an exciting thrill ride that you will also enjoy when playing online roulette. When gambling online there is little to choose between roulette and craps in terms of fun and excitement.

Craps has been one of the casino games that never had a problem to deliver on thrills and spills. Online craps can be enjoyed at all of the online casinos featured on our site… and you never need to wait for an available table.

If you like playing the lottery and you enjoy bingo, you will also be a fan of keno. Keno is basically both of these rolled into one at a MUCH higher pace. Online keno can be enjoyed at any time of the day when gambling online.

One of the oldest card games is baccarat. It has been played for a long time in Europe and has become fairly popular throughout the rest of the world. It is an easy to learn and enjoyable game of chance and online baccarat brings the game right to you.

I would also like to mention online video poker. Video poker has become an extremely popular version of poker that you can play in casinos. There are various types of video poker that you can play at casinos, but this should not be confused with multiplayer poker. Video poker forms part of the online casino side, while multiplayer poker is a game where your skills can set you apart.

specialty casino games
Online gambling offers an immense variety of games to choose from ensuring you always find something you’re looking for, even if it is not one of the conventional casino games

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Writing about gambling is great fun for me, but getting them all sorted is a whole different story. This is why I have grouped them together on like this:
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Also if you get lost between all of the posts, this is not a bad start:

Online gambling vs. Multiplayer poker

Multiplayer poker is not online gambling, well it depends on how you approach it. If you like online gambling you can play poker in a number of different ways. However online poker makes it possible for you to play against other players and the outcome depends largely on your skill levels.

Through our website, we will not cover all of the different variations of online poker, but focus on the version of poker played most, namely Texas Holdem Poker. There are various parts that we would be covering and we will start off with how to play poker and then work our way up to poker strategy… and then everything in between.

How can I feel secure when gambling online for real money

In the late 1990’s online gambling was a new industry and there was no way to really know how trustworthy the online casinos were. Over the following years, these online casinos have worked hard in ensuring that they build up positive reputations in the gambling community.

In any industry, there will be bad apples, but the ones featured on this site are far from it. These establishments pride themselves on the quality, security and entertainment they offer to players the world over. It is crucial to their survival, to be honest, pay out winnings speedily and be as transparent in their dealings as possible.

An example of how online gambling has evolved is looking at a group like Fortune Lounge. They grew from one single online casino in the late 1990’s to a group of many casinos, a poker room and some bingo halls. They have won numerous awards from watchdog sites that look out for the rights of those who enjoy gambling online.

By no means are they alone. There are many reputable online casino groups and single online casinos out there. The ones we feature on Gambling Castle form part of such groups or have a good reputation among those who enjoy gambling online.

If you would like to consider online gambling, you need not look any further as we have all of the information and gambling destinations you need right here.

When you are looking to see more casino offers you can visit trusted portal to find even more online gambling sites! A good one is and maybe they can help you as they offer more and actual reviews of well tested online casinos!

Different forms of online gambling

Access to gambling has become so much easier as a result of the internet. Connectivity has become cheaper and people have gotten used to the way in which things are done on the net.

huge deposit bonus offers
The bonus offers when depositing are often huge
There are huge markets for online games and loads of information on every conceivable topic. If you have a look at the popularity of poker it is the perfect example of how the internet has changed things forever.

Poker never had a very glorious face until the internet got hold of it. Between online poker and televised poker events, it has become a worldwide phenomenon and all as a result of the net. The same thing happened with casinos.

Previously it was only possible for people to play if they lived close to a casino or had the means to visit casinos on a trip. Online casinos have however changed that as they have brought gambling into households the world over. It is difficult to discuss the morals of the issue without upsetting one party or another, but the fact remains that people love gambling. With most humans around the world spending a large amount of time online, it makes sense that they should have access to the entertainment of their choice.

online gambling offers the best of all worlds
Other bonus offers incorporate both an upfront bonus and a match bonus

Many of the most popular casino games you would only think of finding in a real casino have been recreated in amazing reality. Games like blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat can now be played at a much higher pace and this makes it a lot more convenient for players to play even when they only have a small amount of time to enjoy it.

Other forms of popular online gambling include sports betting, bingo as well as lotteries. As connectivity progresses it has become possible to enjoy playing on a wide range of mobile devices. This includes playing on tablets, mobile phones as well as smartphones. Betting on sports has also taken a step up with in-play gambling. It is now possible to bet on plays as they unfold in games.

The problems start cropping up

With uncertainty and people not understanding the intricacies of the different types of online gambling, authorities are struggling to regulate it. They went for a fairly rigid stance on it and instead of looking at ways of regulating it properly, they went for prohibition.

There has been a clamp down on site owners within certain jurisdictions as well as an attempt to stop money transfers.

The most amazing thing is that the United States has been the leader in trying to stop all forms of online gambling. It’s however, the most popular in the United States. There are however signs that they are working on regulating it and adapting the different laws.

For all of the people who enjoy playing online, it would be best if they sort out their problems and allow people to make their own decisions. There are however still companies that allow players to play online and they are able to play poker, casino games as well as place bets on a variety of events. People enjoy it and I personally want to praise those who are brave enough to still offer people online what they are looking for.

Whichever way it goes, people will continue to play online and I am sure that before long it will be possible for people to play without any problems. From what I have seen develop in recent times, I think that gambling online will be something that people will enjoy for a long time to come.

Here is the one and only online gambling strategy guide I have been able to put into a white paper thus far:

  • Blackjack – trying to catch up to the house edge