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There are many different casino games to enjoy and if you are here, we will definitely be able to offer you some that you will enjoy. Online casinos have made it possible for everyone around the world to enjoy online casino games. There are quite a few different games with variations on all of them.

Through our site you can read up more about these respective casino games as well as where you can play them online. The most popular of all of the casino games in the world is definitely the slot machines. There are many casino games you will find at both online casinos and land based casino, but none of them come close in popularity to slot machines. The reason for this is that slot machines are the ultimate form of online gambling.

Along with keno there is probably no other casino game that forms part of pure gambling like these two games. The reason why I say this is that you can win huge amount by placing only a small bet. So the chances of instant riches are always there.

The other popular casino games are card games like blackjack and baccarat. You can also play video poker at the online casinos on this site. These card games all have their different tactics and ways of play and offer a challenge as they are not based purely on luck. These casino games are all part skill and part luck.

Two of the most distinctive casino games that will come across is roulette and craps. They are truly unique table games and they don’t use playing cards like most other table games. These two casino games offer a huge variety of betting options and they are played at a frenetic pace. It is the same excitement whether you play roulette or craps.

Loads of casino games online This is just a fraction of the hundreds of online slot machines you can play[/caption]

The casino games we have info on at

Download our pdf on casino gamesThere are a couple of casino games we have a closer look at on GamblingCastle. There are a few I have left out, but these are just really played by a mere handful of players. The ones we cover are the most interesting, exciting and popular of the casino games and we hope our “insights” into them give you a clearer picture of what each of them is about and how you can enjoy it on the web.

Since you are online and on this page, you have probably guessed that we are all about playing online. The principles of these games do however work exactly the same if you feel you would rather play at a regular casino or you found any of the games in an app format.

Let’s start at the most popular of the bunch… (I tried to kinda put them in order from the most popular to the lesser known)

Did you know that you can play casino games for free?

I think too many people miss out on the opportunity to play the different casino games for free. On every single one of the casinos you can play through our site there are free versions to play.

The only exclusions are the progressive jackpots.

The rest is free game! If you want to learn how to play baccarat or want to test out a strategy you read about, just give it a go by playing for free! Why spend a cent when you have a perfectly good testing ground available online?

It is much easier than continuously shuffling decks of cards and dealing again and again. Just play online. Try it for free. When you are happy with the games then you can switch over to playing for cash at any given time.

Slot Machines
The most popular casino game: slotsThere aren’t many games that scream casinos like slots. The range of game variations you get when playing slots is ridiculous. Some of the casinos on here literally have a few hundred different slot machines to choose from.

What has changed the face of the one-armed bandits over the past couple of years is the addition of some electronics. The result has been not only the online options, but the sheer variety that they now offer. Sure there are loads of different slots at your local casino, but I bet you haven’t even seen all of them. Here they are just a few clicks away.

There are a bunch of the classic reel slots… then there are the huge progressive jackpots in a variety of guises… followed by the video slot machines that are filled with interesting extra features… and some of them even offer extra games within the games!

It is actually quite insane, but definitely exciting. The huge variety on offer is what makes slots the most popular of casino games in regular casinos as well as in the online casinos.

The most popular card game and table gameAs far as table games goes this is the number 1. It is second only to slots and often the most popular of casino games among men. It is a nice mix between skill and luck and that is one of the big reasons that it attracts gamblers.

The origins of the game dates back a few hundred years and it has always had a serious following. Blackjack really exploded in popularity however once it started becoming a staple in casinos throughout the US and Europe.

Since then it has gone online and you can say the rest is history. Now as a result there are literally millions of people playing this casino game 24 hours from all corners of the globe.

Video Poker
video poker is played by millionsThere are a couple of different poker games you can play online. On the one hand there are those at the casinos where you would play against the house, which is video poker. On the other hand there are online poker rooms where people can play against each other… and that is a whole different story.

Video poker is based on an old classic: 5 card stud. There are a number of variations to this casino game and these variations make for some very interesting card play.

We cover a handful of different variations of the game on GamblingCastle. The pages we have on the game will give you a good working understanding of the game and help you to get going a lot faster.

Roulette is an iconic casino gameOne of the first images that pops into your head when you think about casinos and James Bond is a spinning roulette wheel. The image of the wheel is just iconic and people have loved playing the game ever since it made its way into the casinos.

There are three main varieties of the game, namely American roulette, European roulette and French roulette. We do have a look at the first two on here as they are available in most online casinos as well as land based casinos.

It is a very easy game to learn how to play and you will easily get the hang of it after a few free spins. You should have a look at our pages on roulette though as we have a look at a couple of the popular strategies used to play the game as well.

Craps is the most exciting of the casino gamesA couple of my favorite movies features people playing craps. It goes hand in hand with huge wins or huge losses and is a true roller coaster of a gambling experience… well according to the movies.

What craps definitely is guilty of is being probably the most exciting of the casino games you will find. There is a bit of a learning curve, but we have that covered for you with our craps game guides. After you have learned the ropes (by playing for free) you can jump headlong into the thrilling world of craps and see if the dice play along!

keno- the ultimate game of luckNot all land based casinos have keno as an option and that is a damn shame. Keno is one of the truest gambling games you would find anywhere. It is a mix of two of the most popular betting games in the world.

On the one hand it is a bit of the lottery, while on the other hand it is similar to bingo. The only difference is that it is much faster than both of them! You can play keno whenever you are playing at one of the casinos we advertise on the site.

There is no more waiting for the person in front to call the numbers or waiting until the numbers of the lottery are drawn. You can finish a round of keno in a minute! The speed of the game along with the way it incorporates the best of the other two games is what makes this a popular game in most online casinos.

The first of the casino card games: BaccaratAlthough we are getting to baccarat last of all, it doesn’t take away from its importance.

It has an important place in history when you look at casino games. It is commonly seen as the first ever card game that was played where bets were involved. That means that it was ultimately responsible for the creation of games like blackjack and the many variations of poker out there.

After making its way online the number of people playing it has exploded, but when compared to games like blackjack and slots a very small percentage play baccarat. Many also think of it as the game of the high rollers, but you can be the judge of that.

A brief history of online casino games

Online casino games have evolved a lot over the last couple of years. I have seen them grow in realism from the early 2000’s to where they are now. They look more realistic, they sound more realistic and they are great fun to play.

If you are new to casino games or would like to try out some first, you need to remember that you can play any of them online for free. All of the casinos that we feature on our website offer you the option of playing for free or for real money.

Playing for free is definitely the best way to try out a casino or any of the casino games you are not familiar with. The online casinos also offer massive bonus offers, which allow you to play for much longer. This really helps a lot when gambling online.

Even though they are not casino games we also cover poker in detail on the site. We cover sections on Texas holdem poker theory, which would give you a good idea of how the game is played. If you want to learn how to play poker you can just have a look at the pages where we cover the basics of the game. There is however also a section on poker strategy, which would give you a better idea of how to improve your poker game.

There are so many casino games that we can’t possibly cover them all here. Have a look at the different pages we have for the respective casino games as they will offer a lot more insight into these games.

Video Poker Overload
A huge difference with online casino games is that there are often more varieties of games to choose from than you’ll know what to do with!