Video Keno Games or Slot Machines: which is better?

Developed by the Chinese, Video Keno Games are growing very popular all over the world. You can find them in casinos, alongside the normal slot machines typical of the industry. Video Keno Games is a number game involving numbers from 1 to 80. Players have the option of purchasing and playing with multiple cards for a greater chance to win.

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    If you know the game of Bingo, you can gather the basics for Keno. Like Bingo, once your materials are purchased and your numbers are strategically picked, the corresponding numbers are pulled at random. You can get a “hit,” which refers to a match from the card holder’s numbers to the call number. The player with 5 matching numbers to the call number is dubbed the winner.

    For Better or Worse

    Casinos argue that Keno Games are won completely by the luck of the draw. Being that the numbers are picked by a random number generator, winnings are taken out of the hands of the casino owner. However, if this is the case, in some casinos, payout for Keno Games is ridiculously lower than slot machines. Some technicians who specialize in slot machines, claim this is due to casino operators can actually program Video Keno Games to award winners more often. Providing more hits than slot machines, leads to the case that random number generators can be programmed, despite popular belief.

    More for the House

    It is widely understood by Keno Game players that the House can hold a higher budget amount than in a slot machine. Many fans of the game can’t wrap their mind around how the House can hold more, but the payout is less. This raises red flags on the trustworthiness and compliance with state statute of the casino.

    If believed the Video Keno Game has paid out below the table norm, then it is advised to leave the casino and look for one who is following the payout norm. On your way out, be sure to stop by the comment box to leave an explanation as to why you were dissatisfied and felt the need to leave.
    Regardless of the low payout from the casino on Video Keno games, customers keep playing the game on a consistent basis. This brings the assumption to the casino managers that they can obtain an ideal amount from a game that produces a lower percentage.

    Popularity Changes

    While there are Video Keno Games in casinos that are paying out 95 percent, however, that is few and far between. It is more common for the games to pay out less and even some who only pay out 70 percent. These Keno Games do not meet standards and legal minimums within most states legislations.

    In the past when games, such as quarter and dollar reel spinners, were more popular, Video Keno Games’ House no doubt held a higher budget amount than slot machines could. But, with lower percentage games, like the penny and nickel games, started increasing in popularity by its mass customers; Video Keno Games tend to award as much as their counterparts do on a regular basis.

    Nobody’s Perfect

    Does Video Keno Games sound like they could do no wrong? Well they sure do have their flaws. From a game player’s point of view, the game is drastically slow, especially for being an electronic game. What are some of the reasons why the Video Keno Games are slow and drawn out? Well for one, it takes longer to call up 20 numbers than to spin the reel on a slot machine. Plus, the normal slot gamer bids more per coin and will complete more plays within an hour than players of the Keno Game will. It’s nice to say though, that with the ability to purchase multiple cards, Video Keno Games is one step further in being up to par with its opponent.

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    Join The Ranks and Play Lottery Games Online

    The lotter goes online and evolves into online keno

    This one has me split in opinion. I am happy about any gambling games that have made the step up to the internet, but I would like to suggest looking at online keno as an alternative.

    Something everyone struggles with these days as time is not on our side is to always remember to buy your lottery tickets. It makes it easy therefore to just log on when you get home and quickly pick a couple of numbers before the draw.

    That is all good and well, but what if you could have a bit of an upgrade on your lottery experience?

    And in walks online keno…

    Say hello to my friend online keno. Keno is one of the very popular special games in online casinos these days. It is pure gambling and gives players the opportunity to play a lottery type game in the casinos. The big difference however is not that you need to wait days or hours for the drawing of the numbers. You can select your numbers and the numbers are drawn right after you have made your selection!

    This makes online keno quite an interesting roller-coaster ride of thrills and spills. There are many people who are looking for exactly this and I am guessing you might be one of them. When you have a couple of minutes or half an hour to kill wouldn’t it be exciting to play the lottery 50 times with relatively small bets? Well that is keno on the internet for you.

    It may have all started in China, circa 200 B.C. with the first known game of ‘chance’ known contemporarily as “Keno”.  ‘Nowadays’, online lottery games are at the fingertips of anyone with a computer and an internet connection!  Europe’s first lottery was registered in 1446 making the lottery a simply ancient concept that has withstood the ‘test of time’.  Millions of people are drawn to the sheer entertainment and the thought of becoming ‘rich’ in an instant! 

    The lotter goes online and evolves into online keno

    There are many safe and secure websites that offer phenomenal online lottery games in fun, fair, and welcoming forums.  Take a chance and find a lottery online that suits your taste for gaming pleasure!  There’s a myriad of options on the internet to provide endless hours of contemporary lottery entertainment!

    In the Beginning…….

    During the early days of lottery ‘gaming’ the money collected was set aside for helping the less fortunate and for benevolent causes.  In Italy, for example, circa 1446, the games of chance were given the name ‘lottery’ because a Senator’s election used blind numbers on ballots rather than names thereby leaving the results of that election to ‘fate’ as names were not associated with any of the numbers.  It was a matter of pure chance when the winner was revealed and the Italian definition of lottery is literally ‘fate that cannot be changed’. 

    And notwithstanding the ‘odds’ of winning that varies from game to game, the bottom line is that win or lose, playing a tantalizing game of chance will truly reveal ‘fate that cannot be changed’!  Lotteries sprung up around Europe at that time in England and France as well, becoming one of the most revered forms of entertainment around the world.  Due to astonishing popularity and staying power along with the advent of the internet gaming fans have an easily accessible and exceptionally convenient way to engage.  Lotteries, whether online or in other forums have come to ‘represent’ a cross-cultural form of entertainment and amusement.

    Instant Lottery Gaming in the UK

    The UK welcomed the concept of the lottery in 1994 and ever since it has captured the interest of millions of enthusiasts.  Many people continue to play traditional lottery and instant scratchcards while at the same time the popularity of lottery online is skyrocketing!  By the mid-to- late 1990’s it was quite common for a home to have at least one personal computer.  As the lottery became a popular gaming option on the internet more people were able to take advantage of the ease of access and warm, welcoming forums that began to sprout up on the web. 

    It makes absolute sense that people seek entertainment, amusement, and excitement via the internet.  The world wide web simply took the concept of the online lottery to a whole new level!  Why not try lottery online and try instant win lottery scratch cards for an affordable blast?  The amount that can be won will vary from game to game, or website to website, but the bottom line is that if you appreciate a bit of an adrenalin rush every now and then, this is the way to go!  It isn’t uncommon to enjoy handsome winnings, even when playing with low stakes.  The opportunities are nearly endless and playing is quick, easy, and satisfying.  Get started soon – it’s just a ‘click away’!

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    Keno Game for Fun

    There is just no other way to play it. If you want to play keno you will always be playing it for fun. You can however play it for free at the casinos featured here or play for money if you want to. Either way you go about it, it is going to be a load of fun.

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    There are a number of different casino games you can play online. They range from the more serious games like blackjack, craps and roulette, where there is some skill involved or just cutting lose with some real gambling online. When you are gambling online and you just want to have great fun, then you should be playing online keno or slot machines. These two games are great when gambling online as you can play while totally relaxing and stand the chance of winning huge amounts of cash of a single bet placed.

    To play a keno game for fun is very easy. You first start by clicking through to one of these great online casinos. When you reach their site you choose the instant play or free casino software to play through. When using the free casino software, you will have a larger selection of games to play, while the instant play casino loads in your browser window.

    From here you have two options when you enter the casino. You can choose to either play for money or just to play for free. The free play option is sometimes called practice play in certain casinos. When you play this version you will be able to play for free for as long as you like and you should use this as an opportunity to try out several casinos until you find the one you like.

    The online casino games are always available and can be played 24 hours a day on the net. You would be able to enjoy a keno game for fun even if you only have 10 minutes to spare. The choice is yours and there is loads of fun out there for all gamblers.

    Play Online Keno

    Whenever you get the chance to play online keno you will be enjoying one of the three games with the biggest possible return on investment at any casino. Now that sounds very formal, but when it comes to gambling online, there are really only three games you can take into account when you want to win huge amounts of cash with a single bet.

    When you play online keno, slot machines and online video poker you would be able to win the biggest possible amounts out of all of the casino games. That is also what gambling online is all about in my opinion. Being able to relax and place a couple of bets and waiting with baited breathe to hit it big. The cool thing is that you can play it at all of the amazing casino on Gambling Castle.

    I have dealt with online casinos for a good number of years now and I have found that many people just love playing these games of chance. The convenience of being able to play whenever you want to is what has been the major factor in pulling players from around the world. For the vast majority of people around the world who love gambling, the opportunity of going to a casino is not something they can do often. There is often no convenient time to do it or the casinos are far away and the expenses then get a little out of hand.

    That is why you should play online keno instead. You can in fact be playing in a few short minutes from now. If you are not sure how the game works, you can start by playing for free for a little while and then move on to the real thing. When you play online keno for real money, things start to hot up considerably. Just have a look at the bonuses these casinos are offering!

    With the loads of extra bonus chips you will give yourself many more chances to win huge amounts of cash along the way and gives you many more online gambling time. Even though keno is an ancient gambling game people have embraced it with open arms and there are millions who play online keno on a daily basis around the world.

    Learn How to Play Keno

    The best possible place for you to learn how to play keno would be on the net. All of our casinos make it possible for you to play for free, which is the best way in which to learn. The game of keno is not very difficult to understand or to learn how to play. As a result it is very popular and played by players from all over the world.

    In a keno game there are two main parts. The first part is the part of the screen where you can select the numbers. In most casinos you would be able to select 15 numbers out of a possible 80. You don’t need to select all 15, but we’ll get back to that in a little while. The other main part is the drawing machine. It will spit out numbered balls and match it with the numbers selected. The more numbers you match up, the higher your winnings will be.

    So basically it is a super-sized lottery game, but it just happens a lot faster. Everyone I know plays the lottery on a weekly basis, but you can only then get your ticket or tickets and wait for a few days to get the results. When you play keno however you select your numbers and the results are shown a couple of seconds later!

    Depending on the amount of balls you select, the pay-out table would adjust itself. Regardless of whether you select 1 or 15 balls, the machine would still draw 20 balls. You can play around with this as you like for some interesting twists on the game.

    Learning how to play keno is really dead simple and you can first play for free at the casinos mentioned on our site by clicking through to the respective sites. Once you feel comfortable with the game you can fund your casino account and start playing for real money. It definitely makes sense playing online keno as it is a great way of gambling online and the pace of the action is a lot faster and more exciting than the lottery.

    Online Keno Game

    I might be mistaken but from what I have read I wouldn’t be amazed if keno is the oldest of all the gambling games in the world. When playing an online keno game the excitement however jumps up a lot and the speed of the game is a lot faster.

    Looking back a couple of hundred years you would have been able to play keno in China. It was a lottery type game played with the goal of raising money to fund several government projects. This included the building of a large part of the Great Wall of China. Over the years it found its way into casinos all over the world and is a popular parlour game in casinos in many parts of the world.

    Things just jumped even further when online casinos started offering the option of playing an online keno game whenever you were online. The result is that you can play at any time of the day or night. It is a true gambling game with that wonderful chance of winning a huge amount of cash from placing a single bet. In this way it is much like the slot machines.

    The game of keno online works just like the game works at a regular casino, just faster. In most instances it would work in the same way. The first thing you do is to select up to 15 numbers. You can select less, but the maximum is 15. The keno machine would then draw 20 balls. Depending on the numbers they match up with you will be able to win a large sum of money.

    If you want to find the best casino to play an online keno game at, you can try out the casinos here for free. Once you have played for free for a while, you can move on to playing for real money and get your hands on some cold hard cash.