Online Casinos Are Pulling In More Crowd Than Land-Based Casinos

The online casinos are a latest fad for the gambling enthusiasts. It has been found that the virtual gambling rooms are pulling in more traffic than the land based counterparts, thanks to many benefits these offer over the physical options. So why is it that the internet casinos are so popular today? Well, the post here is a short brief highlighting on the advantages of online casinos in comparison to a land-based option.

Play from home

This is the most significant advantage of playing from the online casinos. The virtual space offers you the liberty to play right from the home’s comfort just in the comfort of your pajama which is never possible with the land based options. There’s no need to waste time in decking up and driving all the way to the casino outlet in case of the virtual gambling, you would simply need a computer or laptop and a solid internet connection to start off.

Anytime gambling

This is another important benefit of signing up with an online casino. The internet gambling sites are open 24/7 enabling anytime gaming for the casino enthusiasts. Unlike the land based casinos, here, you don’t have to worry about the closure of the casino outlet for the day and on the virtual route you can play your stakes whenever you feel free to be it in the wee hours or midnight.

Amazing variety of cutting-edge games

The online casinos are famous for their amazing spread of many gambling games. Whether you love table games like poker, blackjack, roulette or the number options such as bingo or keno the online casinos are ready to please you with everything. The best part is that the games featured at the virtual gambling zone are backed by edgy graphical presentations to ensure a lively feel for the gamers. You would find yourself playing amidst realistic casino sound effects such as a roulette ball spinning or coin tripping which altogether create a perfect casino ambience right inside your den.

Bonus facilities

The online casinos are famous for the bonus facilities which are not available with the land based casino. As the virtual rooms cannot pamper their guests with perks like free snacks or drinks as is usual with physical casinos, these compensate with bonus offers needless to mention the bonus awards are always much rewarding for a gambler than the gourmet refreshments. The internet casinos arrive with a versatile range of bonus options such as welcome bonus which is mostly 100% of sign up deposit but can also hike up to 200 percent. You can play roulette at Caesar’s Casino with a 200 percent welcome bonus. The other bonus options are 2nd deposit bonus, reload bonus, VIP bonus etc. There is a no deposit bonus that offers casino cash, just on registration with the site.

Free practice

Online casinos allow their players to have a free of charge practice session from their sites which is not possible with land based casinos.

18 Podcasts About Best Roulette Systems

The popular and best roulette systems

Ok. So I lied. There isn’t even one podcast, not even close to 18 Podcasts About Best Roulette Systems, but welcome here anyway! 🙂

Some of the best online roulette systems have been doing the rounds for as long as the game itself has been featured in our casinos, many believe that there is no way to beat the roulette table and in fairness they would be right.

There are so many different roulette systems out there that it could very well have been a post about 18 podcasts on the subject. The honest truth however is that the best roulette systems are all flawed. Many of them are based on fairly unrealistic expectations. We did dig into them a little however just to give you a glimpse.

We suggest however that you use any of these ONLY at your own risk. I can’t back any of them with any real conviction.

The popular and best roulette systems
As people try to track patterns in roulette wheel results, they always come up with random results… it is the nature of the game

Some of the most popular and best roulette systems you will come across

However what we are looking to do is give ourselves the best opportunity to turn a profit each time we hit a casino whether it be online or live on a table. Below we will highlight an introduction to the most popular free roulette systems around.


The Martingale system is a very basic strategy and is often referred to as a progression system or a doubling up system. It can be dated back over 300 years so something must be working! The basis of the system is that you start with a small stake and bet on either red or black, if it comes in then well done. Start again by betting that same small stake amount on the opposite colour, however if this time we lose then we need to double our original stake and bet on the same colour. The idea being that as long as you keep doubling then you will always cover the full amount when it comes in with a profit. Once it comes in then return to the original stake and continue. Read more about the advanced system here.

Low/Mid/High System

This system is a much safer version and prompts for a more long term approach. The basis of the system is to be on the lookout for a certain event. What we will do is monitor the table before we play and take note of whether each spin lands on low (L), middle (M), high (H) or 0. We are looking out for 5 consecutive spins where either H,M or L does not appear. Once this event happens we are going to start betting on that area of the table until it does appear. So for example we have not seen the ball land in middle for 5 spins. We are going to bet on middle until it does, but we are going to bet in a particular way to ensure that we make a profit! Find details of the betting sequence here.

European Tables

One thing to always remember when playing and roulette systems is to ensure you are playing on European roulette tables. This is because American tables have the 00 spot on the table which just about doubles the house’s edge on the table. European tables do not have the 00!

Honestly didn’t mean to be the one to deliver the bad news on the podcasts about the roulette systems that didn’t exist, but I wanted to get you attention. Let that however not deter you from enjoying the most thrilling of the table games you will find in casino.

Are You Living The Dream Yet?

Hands up who went to school every day and secretly thought they would be famous when they got older so all the maths lessons in the world would not make a difference. It’s a fair bet that most people would admit to whiling the days away dreaming about walking into a Monte Carlo casino and blowing a hundred grand as if you were straight out of a James Bond movie. Is there anything wrong with that? Probably not, as long as it remains a fantasy and you do not try to become Bond’s nemesis in order to fund the lifestyle.

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>>> Go and Play roulette online

The thing is that more and more of us are finding ways to live the fantasy lifestyle, without actually travelling to Monte Carlo or driving supercars through Italian mountains. Virtual living is becoming more and more popular and you can do almost anything online that a person would want to do offline. Almost, being the operative word. You can play poker with the best players in the world, play roulette like a secret agent and even spend your time in a complete virtual reality conversing with ‘real’ people who are similarly sat in their homes with a bathrobe around them because they cannot be bothered to get dressed.

Most Popular Online Past Times for Virtual Living

Places like ActiveWorlds and BlueMars have massive online memberships because they provide an escape for people who want to socialise, but are not able, motivated or find it difficult to socialise in the real world. While those platforms provide 3D representations of people and allow everyone to interact as they would in the real world, social networking sites such as Facebook is where most people spend their days. The question is what makes them so attractive to the average person?

The only answer is that everything from the real world is covered online, but a few extras are thrown in too. You have games that ten years ago would have been the sole domain of children, but now it’s hard to go a day without receiving game requests on Facebook from adults that should really be doing something else with their lives.

The Lifestyle Choice

Of course, there are many adults playing games online for more than fun. Career poker players and roulette specialists have a knack of beating the house and their fellow players by working games to their advantage. There are obvious risks involved and for every successful gambler, there are a hundred or more who are perpetually ‘learning the game’. It’s a fair assumption that many people who start with the intention of using gambling as a career choice, fail to make it to the first tax return before deciding to go back to work for a living.

Alternate Reality

Although most of us who spend a lot of time online are doing nothing out of the ordinary, many people live completely different lives as someone else with a false name and profile. The term used for these people is Catfish. There has been so much of it going on that there is now an MTV show called catfish where people who lead dual lives are exposed by the people they are trying to fool.  The sad thing is that many of the people who are being fooled end up falling in love with the fake profile and the person who maintains it. There were some well-publicised exposures including people on the popular TV show Dr. Phil, who have also fallen victim to Catfish.

Is it Right?

Some people might argue that there is no real harm in pretending to be someone else and that may be true if you are playing a prank on someone, but when the idea of immersing yourself into a whole new personality and living as someone else takes over, it’s time to seek help. A psychiatrist would probably say the person perpetuating the multiple identities suffered from some form of dissociative identity disorder and that would explain the multiple personalities or at least the need to portray multiple personalities. Anyone not qualified as a psychiatrist may be less forgiving and name the person suffering with psychological problems something far shorter and more offensive, but that may not help either the person doing the deception or the deceived person.


Lucas Conner is a blogger who finds the world of online gaming endearing and can see why so many people love playing night after night on games such as live roulette to see if they can reach a James Bond styled lifestyle.

Roulette Gambling For Free is No Myth

roulette gambling for free. yes. just playing for fun

Roulette is iconic in every way and just basically is a staple in any gambler’s diet. The option to enjoy roulette gambling for free is however unique to playing online. This kind of option is not something that is really available at regular casinos.

It is true that you can buy a small toy version of a roulette wheel and play by yourself, but that is just sad. It is just so nice to actually get exactly what is described on the packaging for a change.

They tell you it plays like regular roulette… and it does

Then they tell you it is as exciting… and it is

Then they feel you need to know that you can play more games more often… and that just seals it!

Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy roulette gambling for free

There are really enough of those “this is free, but…” versions of things out the. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: you can play roulette for free for as long as you like online. If you want to play for money you can. If you don’t want to you never need to.

Roulette gambling for free is as much of a certainty as the sun coming up tomorrow.

When that roulette wheel starts spinning everyone gets all excited… the ball drops and starts bouncing around and everyone holds their breath waiting to see where it will end up. Being able to enjoy roulette gambling for free just makes this experience even better. You would be able to do that with just a couple of clicks, starting by clicking on one of these casinos.

Whenever you are gambling online you get the chance to play for free. That is the case with every single casino on our site and this really does help in making it easier for players to play whenever they feel like it. The convenient option of roulette gambling on the internet is one that is well known and large numbers of players are already playing online. The pace is however a lot faster which just adds to the excitement of it all.

roulette gambling for free. yes. just playing for fun

Players really love playing roulette and it is one of the most popular table games out there. Whether you are new to the game or have played for years, you would also be able to benefit from roulette gambling for free. There is just no other way to get such an authentic gambling experience for free. When playing for free online you will be able to quickly get the hang of all of the different casino games and it wouldn’t have cost you one cent.

So many people have jumped at the opportunity of being able to play 24 hours a day. With the pace of life becoming extremely hectic in the past few years it has resulted in more and more people embracing options like roulette gambling online. The game is exciting both at a regular casino and when playing online and if you are not 100% about if it is the way you would like to play, you can still enjoy roulette gambling for free.

It is a stress free and relaxing step into the world of online gambling and you can play in a couple of minutes if you want to. To get started just click through to any of the sites on our gambling website and you find the casinos. You can either download the full casino software or play on the flash version of the casino. Whichever way you are going to enjoy roulette gambling for free, we hope that you enjoy it thoroughly.

In all honesty I think the fact that you can enjoy roulette gambling for free on the net is amazing. You will get all of the excitement, be able to learn how to play if you are a novice and also try out various strategies without spending a cent. What better way to learn than through your own practical trial and error.

The only decision you are left with now is to decide at which of these casinos you will be playing roulette…

Learn to Play Roulette

learn to play roulette online

We are going to take this step by step and not rush through it. I will try to cover everything you need to know as you learn how to play roulette online. After you have a firm grasp of the basics, we would be able to move on to things a little more complex like roulette strategy. But first things first.

Learn to play roulette: The Basics

I would love to teach you about the game and show you just how you can learn to play roulette. The game of roulette is one of the most popular casino games out there and it is very easy to spot it in a casino. Where there would be a subdued and serious air about many of the other table games you will see that the roulette players are always having a huge amount of fun.

The best way to learn to play roulette would be to play it for free and that makes online gambling a great option. So you can just click through to any of the casinos mentioned on our site and start playing for free. But… let’s get back to how the game is played.

The game consists of two parts, namely the roulette wheel and the table where you place all of your bets. The first thing you do is place a bet. A roulette wheel is numbered from 1 to 36 and there would be a zero or a double zero and a zero on the wheel. The numbers are either black or red.

learn to play roulette online

The roulette wheel is spun and a ball is added into the roulette wheel where it would start bouncing around. Once the wheel has slowed down enough the ball would come to rest on one of the numbers. Players then get paid based on how the bets match up with the number the ball lands on.

There are many different bets that you can place, which makes it very exciting. You can bet on the respective numbers or on combinations of the numbers. You would also be able to bet on either red or black.

That is all there is to the game and that makes it fairly easy to learn to play roulette. Once you get the hang of it after playing for free for a while, you can start enjoying the game for real money. You would then be able to play whenever you want to.

Learn to play roulette: Taking a step up

There are a number of casino games that require a bit more skill to play well. They include blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker and baccarat. The rest of the casino games are purely luck. As you learn to play roulette well, you will be able to see the different ways in which you can give yourself the best odds available.

If you haven’t downloaded a casino to play on yet, you should do so after reading this article. I can’t state clearly enough how useful it is to learn to play roulette online. The major advantages that you get as a player are two-fold:
1. The first and most obvious is that you are able to play as many rounds as you want by playing for free.
2. The second is the speed at which you would be able to play. Where you would play 20 hands per hour at a regular casino, you can play 120 online.

As the speed of the game speeds up you can then learn to play roulette in a number of ways. There are some amazing resources available out there around strategies and we have some insight into that as well. It all helps you to not only learn how to play, but also help you to become a better roulette player.

You will have the option to try out any number of strategies while you play and in the end become an imposing roulette player! Just think about it… there can’t possibly be a more convenient way of learning how to play roulette than playing on the internet.

Play Online Roulette

I have met many people who love playing roulette, but not all of the have started to play online roulette yet. That baffles me a little as I think that it is one of the greatest forms of gambling online. It is one of the all time classic table and really a thrilling game to play.

When you play online roulette you would be able to always find a seat at the roulette table and enjoy the game whenever it suits you. If it is 9pm on a Tuesday night and the kids have gone to bet, you can enjoy playing for a couple of minutes and it is absolutely no hassle at all.

To get started you need to first find a casino that you like. Just a quick tip: you can try them out for free, which makes it possible for you to play online roulette at a couple of them before deciding which one is right for you. When you start out, you need to click on one of the casinos on our site and go to their website. You will then have one of two options. The first would be to play through their free casino software and the second would be to play the instant play version through your browser window.

The only real difference is that you will have a few less games in the instant play version and the graphics and sound effects aren’t as great. The game play is however exactly the same regardless of the version you play online roulette on. When you play online roulette for the first time though you can try out the different roulette games for free and see which ones you like the best. There are slight variations between the different roulette wheels though.

If I could offer some advice though it would be to play on the European roulette tables. They just offer the best odds of all of the roulette tables you can play on. Some of the casinos also offer bonus money that you can get specifically if you want to play online roulette. It is not something available at all casinos though, so first check out their promotions pages to see what they offer.

How to Play Roulette Online

The game of roulette is one of the easier table games to learn to play, but there might be a couple of hitches along the way if you don’t know what you are doing. We would like to give you a rundown of just how to play roulette online.

There are a number of variations of the game of roulette, but these basics will apply to all of the variations. We suggest you try out our pointers and get used to playing online, by playing for free at any of the online casinos on our site. When you are comfortable with it, you can move on to playing for real money.

The focus of the game is the well-known roulette wheel. The wheel is numbered from 1 to 36 and the numbers vary between either being black or red. Depending on the type of roulette you are playing there will also be a “0” or a “0” and “00” on the wheel. The wheel is spun and a little ball is placed in the wheel. The ball would bounce around and as the wheel slows would ultimately end up on one of the numbers.

Depending on which number the ball lands the winners are determined and this is where things get really interesting. There are quite a few betting options you can take when playing roulette and the simplest of these is betting on a single number.

Then there are also options to bet on groups of numbers. You can bet on 2 or 4 numbers that are next to each other, on a row or column of numbers, on even or odd numbers or on numbers of a certain colour.

When you are still learning how to play roulette online, you must definitely start out by playing for free as that is totally risk free. When you are ready to play for real money, you should also start with smaller bets until you get the hang of it. Hopefully the ball keeps on landing just right for you come out tops with some great wins.

Online Roulette Game

There are a couple of reasons why playing an online roulette game is a good choice. I am not saying that playing roulette at a land based casino is a bad choice, but the online version of the game is just so much more convenient.

The roulette table is one of the most popular hangouts at any casino and also one of the most easily recognizable. With so many betting options to choose from and the excitement building up with every spin of the wheel, an online roulette game is one of the best ways to gamble on the internet.

The major different however when playing an online roulette game compared to one at a local casino is that the action is available to you when you want it. There is never a problem with others bumping into you while playing, distractions from loud patrons or any difficulty in getting a seat at the tables.

You will find that online casinos offer players the option to play 24 hours a day and the roulette tables are always available. There are also a number of variations that you can try out and if you want to you can do so free of charge. Online casinos actually allow you to play an online roulette game for free for as long as you like.

When playing online or at a local casino there are always a few variations of the roulette tables you can play at. I must however suggest that you stick to the European roulette tables. They have best possible winning odds of all of the roulette tables and this is the same regardless of whether you are playing online or not.

An online roulette game can be enjoyed at all of the top online casinos on our site. These are casinos where the entertainment never stops and the wheels keep on spinning.