How to Play Video Poker Online

It is very easy to learn how to play video poker online. There are actually no real differences between playing at a regular casino and playing online. The only differences when gambling online is that the pace of the game might be a bit faster, it is a lot more convenient and the casinos never stop giving you free cash.

>>> Play video poker online.

When you start out playing online you first need to find a casino you like and make sure that they have the types of video poker games that you like. All of the casinos we have featured on our site have the popular Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Tens or Better. They also a have a number of other variations and getting started is very easy. If you know how to click a mouse, then you will be able to get started and it all starts by clicking on one of the ads for the casinos we have here on our site.

On the respective casino sites you will find that you will have the option to play on the flash or instant play version or to download the casino. When you download the casino you will however have access to many more variations of video poker. Learning how to play video poker online is also something that you can start out for free, which turns it into a no-risk option.

You will then be able to try out the respective versions of the game without having to spend a cent. Then when you are used to playing you can register a real money account, take advantage of the bonus money and go for those big wins. If you haven’t played video poker a lot, I would like to advise you to first read through the respective guides we have on the right for the different variations of video poker.

It is quick and easy to learn how to play video poker online, but in order for you to play well it will come down to avoiding a number of basic mistakes and concentrating. If you have a look at the above mentioned guides, you will be ready to play. Best of luck to you and we hope the cards fall in your favor.

Why Video Poker for Fun is Afraid of the Truth

Playing video poker for fun is afraid of the truth… sounds like a drama on tv and it is often treated like an unrealistic thing to hope for. It isn’t like it is a taboo subject or is not possible. We are not talking mission impossible here people!

Let me spell this out for you: You can ALWAYS play video poker for fun. You can sign in with your guest account and just use fun credits or sign in to your real account, deposit money and play the real thing… you can also switch between the two as and when you feel like it.

I just love video poker so playing free video poker for fun is something I also enjoy doing on a regular basis. I like playing Texas Holdem Poker as well, so naturally when I get to casino the video poker is where I love being.

If you want to enjoy free video poker for fun then you can play it at any of the online casinos here. One of the best things about gambling online is being able to play all of the great games for free. Over the past decade I have learned a lot about gambling on the internet, but the thing that I have loved most is being able to play for free.

But why should video poker for fun be worthy of your free time?

There are so many interesting online casino games, which makes the free play option absolutely wonderful when learning how to play all of them. The casinos are also 100% okay with you playing free video poker for fun for as long as you want to. If you want to play for real money your welcome… if you want to play for free, you’re just as welcome… as long as you play!

The casinos are open 24 hours a day, which makes it possible for you to enjoy it whenever you feel like a game. There are also so many different variations of video poker that you can play and you can go for a bit variety when playing for free.

Playing video poker for funSomething you should definitely try is playing the power poker games. They offer you the opportunity to play multiple hands at the same time and some of them even go up to allowing you to play 100 hands at the same time.
If you are fairly new to the game you should have a look at all of the different pages mentioned here on the right hand side of the menu under the online video poker tab. It will give you some insight into how to play the different variations of video poker.

Whichever way you decide to do it, free video poker for fun is always exciting. The action is fact and you will rarely be faced with the same decision even if you play for hours. We hope you have a great time playing and that the cards fall right for you.

Let’s just get serous about video poker for 22 seconds. You are supposed to play video poker for fun in the same way you are supposed to play ANY casino game for fun. All of them can be played for fun at the casinos we have on and you should spoil yourself. Go on. You know you want to. Reveal the truth 🙂

Online Video Poker Strategy

When deciding on an online video poker strategy there isn’t much that would change from when you play at a regular casino. The pace of the game might be slightly faster and it is easier to switch between the different types of video poker when playing online, but as far as the strategy goes, things will stay pretty much the same.

The best place to start is to make sure you have a good understanding of the poker winning hands. These stay the same for just about all poker games including video poker. Where the slight variations come in, it would be when playing the different variations of video poker. If you look at the menu on the right, you would see all the different variations under online video poker.

The basic strategy for playing online video poker would however remain the same regardless of what hand you are dealt. Going for ridiculous hands in the hope of hitting them would work every now and again, but they do call it a long shot for a reason. You will lose the majority of these types of hands if you try to play them.

So what you should incorporate first of all into your online video poker strategy would be to make sure that you don’t fold any part of an already winning combination. If you get dealt cards and you already have a winning hand, don’t throw away cards in order to hopefully get a better hand. Only throw away the cards that don’t form part of your winning hand.

This would most often be a hand where you would have a qualifying pair, two pairs or three of a kind. If you discard the other cards you would have a better chance at improving your hand to a better one. The worst thing that you could do is to try and chase an inside straight. This is when you have for example a hand with 8,9,10,Q,K. The odds of hitting that jack are very slim.

Have a look at our Jacks or Better, Tens or Better and Deuces Wild pages to the right to get a better idea of the strategies you should use for them.

Free Online Video Poker

There is no arguing that there are many exciting casino games you can play online, but I must say that online video poker is probably the one I enjoy most. Playing free online poker is a great way to enjoy the game at any time or just to learn how to play the game or get in some valuable practice.

Video Poker is a little different from the other casino games and it is kind of difficult to categorize the game. It isn’t a slot machine even though it looks like one and it isn’t a table game even though it is played with playing cards. So let’s just put it in its own category of video poker and enjoy it from there.

To play free online video poker you just need a couple of seconds. The casinos on our site all have the option of playing free online video poker, but there are a couple of options available as to how you wish to play. You can play it through the flash version, also known as the instant play version, or by downloading the casino software.

At most of the casinos on the net, you will find that you wouldn’t have access to all of the available games when playing the instant play version. It might be that your favourite version of video poker is not there in the mix, but you can play whenever and wherever you are online.

When playing through the downloaded casino software you will however have access to all of the casino games as well as all of the video poker varieties. You would then be able to play popular versions of the game like “Jacks or Better” or “Tens or Better” just by clicking between the games.

Playing free online video poker is a great way to play without ever having to worry about the risk involved. Once you have a good grasp on how the game is played you will be able to move on to playing for real money whenever you feel like it.

Play Free Video Poker

I love the game of video poker and I play free video poker on a regular basis. You might wonder why it makes sense to play free video poker instead of playing for real money, but there is however method to the madness and you will soon understand.

With so many of the things in life coming with a price tag it is nice to know that there are a couple of things that are still free. Playing video poker in this way is a great stepping stone for anyone who wants to start playing for real money or someone who always wants to just play for free. Let me explain what I mean by that.

The game of online video poker works the same as the game does at any of the regular land-based casinos. The popular variations of the game include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Tens or Better and the list goes on. All of these variations of the game are however based on the classic five card draw poker. Your goal when playing video poker is to make up the best five card hand. You can see our page on winning poker hands to see exactly what these are.

All of these variations however have a slightly different way in which you approach them strategically and being able to play free video poker is ideal for practice purposes. It will give you the opportunity to play all of these variations for an extended period of time, which makes it possible for you to keep on improving.

It is also a great way to explore when gambling online as you will be able to try out a number of online casinos with absolutely no risk involved. Currently I do like the power poker games the most and there are many of them to enjoy on the net. You can play free video poker in a matter of seconds by clicking on any of the online casinos advertised on our site.