Is Pennsylvania ready for Online Gambling? - your home is your online gambling castle

The state is currently finding itself in an interesting situation where it is quite possible it could become the fourth state to enter the world of regulated online gambling along with Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. Currently they have a huge problem staring them in the face in the form of a $2.3 billion deficit for the state.

Pennsylvania State Flag

They are however staring down the barrel of some concerns, but these are concerns that have been addressed globally by online casino operators for years. Rightfully they want to make sure that both underage gambling is not allowed and that the bad apples of the online casino world don’t come to their pond and make things difficult.

Another pressing issue is whether or not the option to allow gambling online and through mobile devices would help the state to the extent they hope it would. In the other states there has been revenue generated and it keeps growing, however it has fallen short of initial expectations.

The industry is however bound to both help in cutting back that huge deficit while also creating a huge number of jobs. With this kept in mind the arguments in favor of regulated online gambling become a lot more enticing.

They have taken the first steps however to seriously look at it as an option and would take it further at a second hearing that would be held in May to discuss the matter further.

The online gaming industry has matured substantially over the past two decades and there are numerous experts that can be counted on to lend their expert voices to the conversations about regulated gambling. We will wait with baited breath to see what the May hearings bring.

New Jersey will be a focal point at GiGse - your home is your online gambling castle

There would be an interesting focus at GiGse this year: New Jersey. They have been playing a pioneering role in their online gambling adaptation and they have seen past the naysayers to realize the benefits for the state in the industry.

GiGse 2015 in San Francisco

They are also not oblivious to the attention they are getting from the iGaming industry. It would definitely be their aim to stay at the forefront of online gaming innovation in the USA and it will be bolstered by GiGse happening in San Francisco from April 20-22

A huge part was played by Eric Weiss, who is the chief of technical services bureau and slot laboratory at the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). He has been a key part of the team that has been overseeing the launch of online gaming in New Jersey over the last 18 months. It has allowed him to monitor both development as well as overseeing the regulatory adaption that other states are working through currently as they are considering the legalizing of online gambling.

The New Jersey pioneers

They started off back in November 2013 when they allowed 6 online casinos to start operating in the state. This number has grown over the past few months to 10. One of the main reasons they have been able to ensure that they stay ahead of the other states is the fact that the NJDGE adopted a “New Jersey First” approach. This has ensured that they stay at the forefront of developments in the online gambling industry and that other states could merely follow.

The benefits that the state has gotten thus far from this has been in the region of $122.9 million in online gaming revenues. This is also not for the whole 18 months, but rather only for the year of 2014!

Segmentation of the market: the next step

Weiss points out that it is the next step in the process despite the success seen thus far. To date they have found that the millennials currently prefer bars and nightclubs over the casino floors.

The path that they foresee for adaption for the millennials is through mobile devices. Unlike a slightly older generation, they have grown up using and relying on these devices. If the gaming options are not available on there in the form of very engaging content, it would not be possible to win them over.

Weiss and the deputy directory of the NJDGE are however looking at a pro-active approach to this problem at GiGse. They will be hosting a number of interested parted to discuss what they have found works well and what doesn’t. This in turn will then help those parties in how they adapt their offerings to this segment of the gambling industry.

Plans for restructured online gambling in the Netherlands - your home is your online gambling castle

Back in 2013 a plan was drafted for the Netherlands to open their market for online games of chance. The only requirement for this was that the operator should retain a license to do so. This means online gambling in the Netherlands could be a reality sooner rather than later!

This resulted in an increasing number of people in the Netherlands taking an interest in gambling online. Although the interest and the pool of players grew, the country still remained one of the few that were actually not actively being regulated. The government is however looking into setting up some guidelines for both online operators and players withing the online gambling market.

There would be no hard limit on the number of licenses available; according to the national gambling regulator, the Kansspelautoriteit, more than 200 online gambling businesses have already inquired about the possibility of getting licensed.

netherlands flag
Interest and participation in online gambling is growing in the Netherlands

Something that has been a talking point globally is the regulation of the industry and in some countries they have been able to get a firm grasp on the situation. This is however not the case yet in the Netherlands. There are a number of illegal and unlicensed operators taking advantage of players, but the government is pushing for reforms regarding this. The new State Secretary for Security and Justice, Klaas Dijkhoff, plans to work towards modernizing all of the legal regulations in the country to also include online gambling.

Dijkhoff states that both the maintenance and enforcement of any current bans is not possible in reality due to the huge online offering out there and its cross-border nature. With the current system or rather the lack of one at the moment, it is very difficult to proactively look out for the safety of the Dutch gambling community.

The plan that Dijkhoff envisages is for each online gambling operator to obtain a gaming license which would allow them to operate in the Netherlands for a total of 5 years. This is crucial for the industry to grow stronger as well as allow the government to benefit from it through a new revenue stream.

The current spend on unregulated online gambling is estimated to be in the region of around €800 million annually. The whole of Europe is fond of gambling and the opportunities for players to enjoy themselves online opens up a huge number of opportunities. There should however be swift action from all those involved to ensure that all the measures are in place so that players can safely and securely enjoy playing on the internet.

Santa Ysabel contesting state of California’s jurisdiction

Online Casinos at

A white paper has been published by the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel to highlight the core points behind their ongoing battle regarding online gaming in California. This comes in the wake of their online gambling offering that wen live for a short time towards the end of 2014. It was however shut down quickly after California and the US Federal Authorities obtained injunctions to stop operations.

Iipay Nation of Santa YsabelIn their short six page pager, coming a few weeks before the next GIGse (Global iGaming Summit & Expo) in San Francisco, they start out by pointing out that the state of California has stepped outside of its legal dominion. As a result they have not be able to offer either of their online gaming offerings, bingo or poker, to the people of California.

Legal Internet Poker is at stake in a watershed case as the State of California steps outside of their legal dominion in an attempt to curtail the Santa Ysabel Tribe’s interactive gaming plans.

– Tribal Internet Gaming / Santa Ysabel Interactive: A Case Study in Changing Paradigms

The authors of the paper are David Chalette who is the president of Santa Ysabel Interactive (SYI) and David Vialpando who is the chairman of the Santa Ysabel Tribal Gaming Commission. They are two of the six individual tribal offers along with a number of Santa Ysabel corporate entities named in the lawsuit to stop the tribe’s online gambling offerings.

SYI launched the tribes offerings in November 2014 after announcing it back in July 2014. They bingo offering is called, while their online poker offering is called

The big problem in the debate is as a result of these operations being declared Class II or Class III gaming. It is being defined under the terms of the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). The same act has resulted in hundreds of tribal owned and operated casinos opening their doors across the US legally.

The difficulty with IGRA is that lawmakers are trying to determine whether or not the poker and bingo operations, normally Class II gambling operations, becomes Class III because it is done remotely. The wording however is from a pre-internet area and is therefore open for interpretation lending credibility to both sides of the argument.

Although we at support the rights of everyone to gamble online, this is a tricky situation. Should the Santa Ysabel officials be victorious in the verdict it would be another important step towards making online gambling available to all of the citizens in the United States.

The legalization and proper taxation of online gaming activities is something that has proven to be a great source of income in the UK. A page should definitely be taken from their book. The current economic conditions make it extremely difficult to be picky about your revenue streams and this could definitely benefit all of the residents of California.

It is also a double edged sword. Should the state of California win the case it has legal implications for many of the existing casino compacts with California tribal nations. This would result in the loss of literally hundreds of millions of dollars in state revenue.

We will continue to monitor this case closely.

Best Casinos in America

Gambling is worldwide and timeless; as long as there are humans there will be gambling. Over time gambling has evolved from small gambling dens to lavish casinos. America is the mecca for gamblers who may on a day-to-day basis play with the sort of operator listed on; casinos worldwide are modeled on American casinos. Below are some of the best casinos America has to offer at the moment.

Foxwoods Resort Casino Connecticut USA

This small north-eastern State is home to the second largest casino in America. Boasting an authentic Native American theme, the complex is actually made up of six casinos with a gargantuan 350,000 square feet of gambling space. With over 380 gaming tables and more than 6,000 slots, this place has it all. For a more unique gambling experience visit the 5,000 capacity bingo hall.

WinStar World Casino Oklahoma USA

The WinStar is the largest casino America has to offer and the second largest in the world, with over 500,000 square feet of gaming space. The casino itself is divided into eight gaming plazas inspired by Paris, Beijing, Rome, Madrid, London, Vienna, Cairo and New York City and these plazas are filled with 6,700 slot machines, 76 tables, 46 poker tables, a 1,000-seater bingo hall as well as an off-track horse betting plaza. The WinStar truly has it all.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort Atlantic City USA

With all the grandeur you’d expect from Donald Trump, this exquisite casino has an interior fit for any palace. With 2,500 slot machines, 200 game tables and a massive poker room there’s enough gambling space to satisfy demand. Like Vegas, the Taj Mahal is more than a casino. It offers various amenities like the Hard Rock Café and a multi-purpose arena which hosts some of the world’s best performers.

Harrah’s New Orleans

New Orleans has to be one of the coolest cities in America with a carnival atmosphere like no other. Like Orleans, Harrah’s has a party atmosphere and so much old-school glamour that it puts Vegas to shame. The luxurious complex is located in the heart of Orleans, boasting spectacular views of the Mississippi river as well as the New Orleans skyline. Just a short walk away from the infamous French Quarter and Bourbon Street, the main attraction is the 115,000 square-foot casino with 24-hour gambling as well as a fitting Mardi Gras theme.

Bellagio Las Vegas USA

Arguably the most famous casino in the world, the Bellagio is synonymous with Vegas. The opulence and elegance of the Bellagio sets it apart from the rest of the strip. Separated from the strip with an eight-acre lake, the casino plays host to the world famous dancing water fountain, which is seen in nearly all films that feature Vegas. Aside from the lavish luxury, the casino is well known for its high-stakes poker room, which hosts World Poker Tour events, as well as a stylish gambling experience for the high rollers with over 2,300 slots paying out jackpots of up to $2 million. It is also home to the world famous Cirque Du Soleil.

3 Biggest Turnarounds In Luck

Three people whose luck saw a drastic turnaround…

The thing about luck is that it likes surprises. When things are going terribly, that’s when Lady Luck likes to throw you that one-in-a-million miracle that makes everything so much better. When you’re top of the world, that’s when Lady Luck likes to kick you in the soft parts that hurt a lot. We don’t know why. Maybe it’s the completely disinterested laws of probability. Maybe it’s just because Luck has a really sick sense of humour. Whatever the reason, here are three people who have had their luck turn on a dime.

The Luck: A $30 Million Winning Lotto Ticket

On Friday the 21st of May, 2010, at a shop in Goulds, a small community in Newfoundland, an unknown soul walked in to buy a $12 lottery ticket. The cashier accidentally printed off a $27 ticket instead, which bore the combination of numbers 14-16-30-35-36-45-49, winning a $30 million jackpot for the lucky customer, as well as $300,000 for the store that printed the ticket.

This was particularly fortunate for the customer, who was in a particularly frugal mood that evening.

The Sudden Twist

In fact, this customer (whose identity remains a mystery) was so frugal that upon seeing they’d had a $27 ticket, not a $12 ticket printed out, decided to void the ticket and have a $12 ticket instead. The new $12 ticket did not contain the winning numbers, and both customer and store were denied a really rather substantial windfall. We can only hope that they never found out the horrible truth.

The Luck: A Man Buys a Scratchcard, Wins $73,450 on a Gameshow

Unlike our previous anonymous winner, Carl Atwood actually knew about his good fortune. In the scratch card based game show Hoosier Millionaire, Car was the luckiest of six contestants to buy “automatic seat” scratch off instant tickets, Carl won $19,000 in preliminary rounds, trippling his winnings at the final.

Carl, who was in his seventies, said of winning, “I am very thankful. I must admit that I never expected to be leaving the show with this amount of money. Now I can purchase a very nice car.”

This was only the beginning of his good luck. He was invited back to the show to play for a potential $1 million grand prize in a few weeks.

The Sudden Twist

Or he would have. After his first round of winnings, Carl returned to the grocery store where he bought his original ticket. He was wearing dark clothing, and passing an unlighted intersection, and that is when he got hit by a truck, dying shortly after at a hospital in Indianapolis.

His family chose someone to take his place on the show.

The Luck: A Wartime Pilot Gets Lost, Runs into Entire Japanese Fleet

The Battle of Midway was one of the most brutal engagements of the Second World War, giving the US a decisive victory following Japan’s attack of Pearl Harbour. One of the pilots in that battle was Lieutenant Commander Clarence Wade McClusky. You might think that being called “Clarence” was bad luck enough, but Fortune had still more punishment to deal out to the young Lieutenant Commander. Send to find the Japanese fleet carriers Kaga and Akagi, McClusky couldn’t find the ships where they were supposed to be. His fuel was running low, but after spotting the Japanese destroyer Arashi heading north, he thought that might take him to the enemy.

It did.

By this point his squadron was taking a beating, and coming face to face with three Japanese carriers meant almost certain obliteration.

The Sudden Twist

By sheer dumb luck all three fleet carriers, the Kaga, the Soryu and the Akagi, were reloading and arming their aircraft at that moment. The boats were sitting ducks and in a matter of minutes McClusky was able to launch an attack that would result in all three craft being sunk, marking Japan’s first naval defeat in over three centuries.

So sometimes, just sometimes, your luck can change suddenly for the better.

Jason Falls works with Butlers Bingo, and lives at home with his black cat and collection of ladders, broken mirrors and upside-down horse shoes.

Weird Gambling Laws from Around the World

weird gambling laws from around the world

It is amazing that one form of entertainment has stirred up so much controversy over the past few years. It only seems strange to us as we are not used to gambling laws being discussed in public forums and online.

This has however been a hot topic around the world for decades. People have loved it as a pass time, but there has also been meddling from strange gambling laws. How and why some of these came to pass blows my mind, but it is still quite interesting.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, this week thirty people were arrested and fined in Portugal for playing ‘fun bingo’, in which they all paid one Euro and played for biscuits and alcohol. Portuguese police still considered it a form of illegal gambling and even the people watching the game-not playing- were fined.

This raised the question of any other laws that we may be unaware of when it comes to gambling. If you want to make sure you’re playing online bingo safely and legally, click here for a variety of free games.

Not Online in Texas
Until very recently, it was illegal to gamble online throughout most US states, including Texas. So recent, in fact that the FBI website still hasn’t updated their info on it, and still claims its unlawful nature.

Don’t Pick it Up
Another US one: In many states it’s considered a felony to pick up chips or cash found on the floor. An 82 year-old man was recently charged with theft after ‘stealing’ $5 from the casino floor after a woman dropped it and left the building.

Apparently, It’s illegal for any individual to win more than $3 while gambling in Maine.

Gambling on the River
In Louisiana it’s illegal to gamble anywhere except on a river boat. I’m not sure how roulette would deal with the sway…

Bingo Fish
When playing bingo in Georgia, you can’t give away goldfish- or any other live animal- as a prize.

Flip a Coin, Go to Jail
In Virginia it’s illegal to flip a coin to decide who will pay for something in a restaurant.

weird gambling laws from around the world

Those are the highlights, but, as you can see, you might want to Google where you are before you go gambling in case you wear the wrong colored socks and end up behind bars. If that wasn’t enough, here are a few more:

Women can’t gamble in nothing but a towel, lingerie, or if they’re completely naked. They can’t walk down the street completely naked, but a separate law needs writing for gambling? There is no equivalent law for men.

A fine will find anyone that shoots, hunts, plays card or gambles on a Sunday.

Gambling laws are truly strange. Why most of them exists makes no sense and if you read some of them twice you start to wonder if the law makers were a little drunk when they put those laws together.

Top 5 Best Entertainment Venues for Casinos in London

London is home to some of the best entertainment venues worldwide. The exquisite city has five casinos that are recognized worldwide. These casinos are The Hippodrome Casino, The Palm Beach Casino London, The Casino at the Empire, Grosvenor Victoria Casino and The Playboy Club London. While visiting downtown London, The Lyceum Theatre is also currently playing Lion King. This exciting musical is playing seven days a week, so one is able to go visit a world recognized casino and see a very highly rated musical all in the same beautiful city.

The Hippodrome Casino has been voted Casino of the Year. This great venue is located in the heart of the West End in London. The casino has four floors of gaming tables and machines. There is a floor of nothing but poker. The Hippodrome Casino also offers six bars to its guests, one restaurant and live acts throughout the week. So no matter whether one is wishing to gamble the night away, or just to have a great meal and a good drink while watching some of the best live entertainment in London, this casino offers it all.

The Palm Beach Casino London is home to the exclusive London Mayfair casino and poker club. This casino is a high class casino that offers sophisticated working individuals a relaxing night out. The Palm Beach Casino London boasts some of the best service worldwide in any gaming venue. The venue offers street access and a room that has 85 covers. A live DJ plays every Tuesday evening through Saturday evening. Guests are also able to gain access to a heated smoking facility through the main bar. For a contemporary night out for sophisticated London individuals, The Palm Beach Casino London is a great place to start.

The Casino at the Empire boasts having Las Vegas style in a London casino. This venue offers a casino experience unlike any other. The venue has a learn to play package that allows guests to be taught by professionals how to play the tables before trying it out alone. The venue has events going on nonstop. With several bars, a restaurant, live entertainment and a learn to play package, casino guests can get the full casino experience whether they are experienced casino goers or not.

Grosvenor Victoria Casino is a two floor casino that offers all the expected amenities of a casino. This venue is a little more relaxed than The Hippodrome, The Palm Beach and the Casino at the Empire. The top floor of the venue is the poker room where events and tournaments regularly take place. When looking for a casual night out at a casino, Grosvenor Victoria Casino is a great venue.

The Playboy Club London has the legendary bunnies available every time the doors to the venue are open. The venue has a stylish setting, while offering a worldclass gaming experience. This club is a members only club that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Whether it be visiting The Hippodrome Casino, The Palm Beach Casino London, The Casino at the Empire, Grosvenor Victoria Casino or The Playboy Club London, London offers five world class casinos. It does not matter if one is looking for a contemporary, casual night out or a high class night of fun, London has the venues available.

Prohibition v2.0 – going through the same illogical cycle

It is said that one of the greatest forms of stupidity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results. It was the case with prohibition early in the 20th century and the same mistakes are being made again currently with online gambling.

Prohibition was basically a ban on the manufacturing and selling of all forms of alcohol between 1920 and 1933. There was the naïve misconception that if this was done, that there would be a definite decline in crime, lawlessness and all of the resulting bad and immoral behaviour. This view was however the view of a few about a few.

When it comes to alcohol use the vast majority of people who consume alcohol do so in moderation, with the minority abusing it. That was the case during and before prohibition and it is still the case now. The decision was however made by the US government to stop any use of alcohol.

What happened was however not the desired outcome. They killed a large section of the economy with wine, beer and other huge liquor manufactures going out of business. The manufacturing and sale of alcohol moved underground and a whole new breed of criminals started popping up. There was less work, still almost the same amount of alcohol use and countless dollars going into trying to police the situation.

What was hurting the government however was that they weren’t earning any taxes from this huge industry, but only throwing money at it through trying to police it. Something that went hand in hand with Prohibition was the Great Depression. Although the Great Depression hit worldwide, it originated in the US.

It is ridiculous to imply that the Great Depression was caused by Prohibition, but there is merit in that it could very well have been one of the contributing factors.

So we fast forward to the 21st century…

In the early 1990’s the internet started gaining momentum and one of the largest online industries was created: online gambling. The first gambling sites started operating back in 1994 with licences from some of the Caribbean islands. It soon became an exceptionally popular pass time and was enjoyed by millions globally.

The largest number of people who played online was from the US. People had the option to play all the games they liked without having to leave their homes, which meant no traveling time and much more convenience. Globally the industry is estimated to have generated revenues of $21 billion in 2008.

The US government however decided to clamp down on the industry in 2002. They made it illegal to transact with any form of gaming site. The results are so similar to what happened during the Prohibition, it can only put a smile on your face.

More and more sites were starting to offering ways to get around the laws and started operating in “creative” ways. The government put a lot of money into trying to police the industry, while gaining absolutely nothing from the industry. Around 2007 the Great Recession started, which is also believed to have started in the US.

The interesting coincidence is that a huge growing industry was being targeted again and outlawed. One that millions enjoyed worldwide and a large number of these people are from the US. Could it not have made more sense to take the industry and regulate it rather than going for Prohibition v2.0?

If the industry was regulated and licensing was allowed throughout the US, the taxes alone could have been a tremendous boost to government coffers. In the UK online gambling companies have to pay nearly half of their profits in taxes in order for them to operate over there, but they do it as it is still worth their while.

Once again it would be a bit of a stretch to try and attribute the woes of the Great Recession to a clamp down on the gambling industry. However a huge industry like it could definitely have helped in such a desperate time. It would have generated revenue for the government, created jobs and freed up time for the police to focus on much more important work.

This article comes from, a site that offers advice and information about online gambling.

Movement in Europe About Online Gambling

There is some great news from European gambling regulators. For the first time they will all come together on the 27th of February at the request of the European Commission.

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This comes in the aftermath of the report from the European Parliament from last year November on online gambling in the internal market. There are many stakeholders who are eagerly awaiting this ground breaking meeting. This is also the sentiments of Sigrid Ligne who hails from the European Gaming and Betting Association.

They are looking at a couple of ways to protect both the consumers as well as licensing the operators. It is crucial that the first steps are taken in introducing both transparent and fair licensing conditions for any of the EU operators.

Judging my the European Courts actions regarding national regulation it looks like there might very well be good progress made. This will all become possible through both the cooperation of all parties as well as developing common EU rules.

This is just the latest in news on regulation and licensing being pushed forward globally. It has now been seen in the US, UK, Europe as well as Australia. Truly great news for everyone who enjoys gambling online.

Serious Debate on Online Gambling Tax in the UK

There has been debate in the UK for some time about the taxation of offshore gambling operators. The common feeling is that the operators should get secondary licenses to operate in the UK as the UK government is currently mission out on around £300 million each year in taxes.

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Currently the taxes imposed on online gambling operators operating onshore is crippling their businesses and there are serious considerations for both Bet365 and Gala Coral to move offshore. Unless something drastically happens, these companies would need to seriously consider such a move.

Based on a bill passed in 2011 in South Africa, taxation will happen based on where the player is located and not where the gambling operators run their servers from. This will stop all arguments between onshore and offshore operators being treated differently. Even though draft bills have been drawn up, it looks like the UK parliament would only be able to look at it in 2014 as that would be the first time that they would have time for it.

It is however widely believed that there would be support for the bill once it reaches this stage even though there might be a few small amendments.

One of the major online gambling operators that have moved offshore is Ladbrokes. Their motivation for moving offshore was based on the fact that the gambling industry paid £1 billion in taxes while they only kept £600 million in profits. This means that their efforts benefit the government a lot more than it does them.

There are however calls from land based casino operators to hike the taxes even more on online casinos. There are a couple of sides to the arguments in this regard and as a result there is still a lot that has to be resolved before an agreement can be reached in 2014.

Online Gambling Licenses in Spain Coming in March

Contrary to other countries, Spain have actually sped up the roll-out of online gambling licenses. They have in fact moved it up three months and the first round of online gambling licenses will be issued by the Spanish National Gambling Commission by the end of next month.

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Initially it was thought that the issuing of licenses would be delayed until June due to the time it would take to review applications. The change in dates has however come as a welcome surprise to the whole gambling industry. With these gambling licenses operators would get to enter one of the biggest economies in Europe.

While it is a great opportunity they will be taxed 25% of gross profits. This is one of the highest levels of tax imposed on betting companies in the whole European Union. The road to getting this laws to finally be in place has however not been a smooth one and it has taken quite some time.

Even though it the laws were approved back in May 2011 it started sparking fierce debate in the months to follow. The legislation was aimed at allowing both mobile gambling and online gambling in Spain for the first time. It was just aimed at establishing strict regulatory controls for them to operate in.

In 2010 the online gambling market in Spain was estimated to be at around 465 million euros. Based on current trends this is likely to grow to around 680 million euros by 2015. This will be boosted mostly as poker and betting start entering the market during 2012 and start growing in popularity.

Online Gambling Legislation Being Pushed Through

I knew it was coming, but only expected the first states to get things running by the end of 2012. Somehow both Illinois and Iowa have been able to work through the red tape and are good to go.

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It is part of the overall process to make it possible for people to enjoy gambling online whenever they feel like it. Getting your hands on huge jackpots, buying lottery tickets and playing poker should be something that everyone in the US should be able to enjoy. The process around legalizing and regulating online gambling is however fairly slow.

On Monday it was however announced that internet poker had been legalized in Iowa through a bill approved by a Senate panel. Next door, Illionis is also getting ready to start selling lottery tickets online next month. Online gambling can help cash strapped States to really boost their income and bring some welcome relief.

There are of course those who worry about the problems of gambling addiction and these points of view are valid. The vast majority however enjoy gambling online and if they win, they enjoy it, if they don’t they had an exciting time.

There is however lots of holes in the addiction point of view. The fact that there are many alcoholics, but that hasn’t stopped bars and liquor stores from opening up. It is true that some might struggle with addiction. It is however also true that the vast majority would welcome the move to legalization.

Even The FBI Is Calling For Online Gambling Legislation!

Okay so it doesn’t come directly from the FBI Director’s desk. However in a very interesting piece in the Washington Examiner last week there was a serious call in support of online gambling legislation. This can from the former Director Louis Freeh as well as Tom Ridge, who is the former Secretary of Homeland Security.

Seeing a call from these distinguished gentleman for new online gambling legislation is extremely encouraging. So many people out there are already gambling on the internet and legislation would be the next sensible step. The problem with policing it at the moment is due to it being a borderless enterprise. Currently all of the revenue is just heading out of the country and that is just a shame.

Specifically trying to accommodate intrastate online gambling would be the way to go. You can’t expect a state to ensure that the players playing on their online gambling sites are all in their state. It is near impossible. Intrastate online gambling however allows the players to have a host of options and will result in a direct new revenue stream in terms of taxes coming into the respective states.

That is the opinion of the former wise men in Washington. Now we can just hope that the current wise men and women were paying attention and are doing there part in getting gambling back on tract throughout the US.

Another Application For Legalized Online Gambling

This trend right here is really making things quite interesting. There are requests coming from all over the place now for licenses and the regulation of online gambling. People want to play online and they are already doing it. The US government just needs to try and understand that they will be the ones benefiting from regulation.

At the time of writing of this article the Nevada State Gaming Control board said that they had received a total of 14 applications related to gambling online. These are to basically run intrastate operations and the latest to join the list is American Casino & Entertainment Properties. They run four gambling establishments at the moment with the most well known being the Stratosphere as well as the Aquarius.

Their application is specifically to run an online poker operation as both the service provider and operator. Mark Lipparelli is the Chairperson of the Gaming Control Board and he has said that Nevade intrastate online poker was very plausible in 2012. He said however that it was realistic if it was sen as coming to pass in 2013.

The race is heating up and I like it a lot. As the states start to see that other states are benefiting from this type of regulation they are likely to follow suit. That would mean that players across the US would be able to slowly but surely start to play the games they like when they are online.

It is true that online poker is the first one to get the nod in many States. That does however open the door to other casino games getting regulated along with betting on sports. The future for online gambling looks bright. Hopefully they get those big rusty gears moving sooner rather than later.