What are the best tricks you can use to beat casinos?

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Sorry to be the party pooper here… you can’t beat the casino. Well not legally anyway and if you think you have come up with the next best thing, trust me it has probably been done.

Now ain’t that just the worst news ever. Yes and no. You can take my advice and move on or get yourself ready for some serious disappointment and a possible world of hurt.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way

As everyone knows the casinos have the house edge. You won’t see these huge glamorous buildings if they weren’t making their money somewhere. They also don’t just prey on certain individuals. They are nice enough to discriminate across the board and give everyone the short piece of the straw.

All of the casino games have a house edge built in. So for every dollar you bet, you will get a return of a slightly smaller fraction of that on average. You will definitely get lucky some times and with some solid strategies, you might get lucky more often than your friends. All of the strategies however are aimed at cutting down the house edge and not eliminating it.

the sneakiness

To implement these strategies however requires a lot of focus and one wrong decision can mess up your odds horribly.

But let’s say you get adventurous in your quest to beat the casino

That said there are some obvious super blatant ways in which you can cheat. These can however result in a quick loss of teeth as well as a world of hurt, but if you are happy with taking a walk on the wild side, who are we to stop you.

The not so bad version: Card Counting

This one is said a little tongue in cheek as it will definitely not sit well with most casinos. I do however admire those who are willing to apply their maths and concentration skills to count cards. We have a VERY broad section on this under our blackjack strategies page.

This still takes skill and even though you might end up with a black eye at a casino it is still admirable. There are a number of fairly effective card counting strategies you can learn to beat the casino. Although they don’t give you such a huge advantage, there are ways for you to vary your betting sizes to maximize your wins.

The casinos have however come up with a rather simple way of nullifying this. They simple shuffle the cards regularly. After cards are shuffled the count is reset and you need to start all over. Online casinos also shuffle the cards after every hand, so you that one is never going to work for you.

The bad ones…

If you are keen to really get into trouble you can try sneaking in marked cards, loaded dice or magnets to manipulate the roulette wheel. Add a nice dose of colluding and you are bound to wake up in the emergency ward.

The reason casinos frown on these options is plain and simple. It is good old cheating!

Casinos have trained floor staff who can spot most of the tell tale signs from a mile away. Add to this the state of the art surveillance systems and staff they have who monitor it and you are bound to get caught. It is much less a case of if and definitely leans more towards when.

The choice is yours on how badly you want to beat the casino

Although there are ways to do it, you are just looking for trouble. If you want to gamble, then gamble! The excitement comes from that chance to win huge amounts of cash by hitting it lucky. If you are not going to play for fun, they it is often just best to move on. You will be far better off trying to be all sneaky somewhere else.

You can beat the casino with some luck… however if you decide straying from the straight and narrow suits you better you should be willing to get beaten up at the casino.

Are Online Casino Odds Better Than Those At A Live Casino?

The advent of high speed Internet has ushered in an entirely new type of betting strategy which makes use of the online casino game as a powerful gambling tool. Not only are such platforms both fun and interactive, they will also offer enticing game play, lucrative payouts and some of the best online casino bonuses. These are but a handful of the most important reasons why the popularity of this multi-billion dollar industry continues to grow. While the rewards are indeed quite alluring, many players have asked as to whether the statistical odds of winning are more in their favour when compared to traditional in-house casinos. The fact of the matter is that the odds are actually much more attractive when engaging in these online games. Let us examine a few of the key factors that support this observation.

A Greater Choice of Engaging Games

With larger gaming portals such as the online casino games at Casino.bodog.eu, the sheer variety of games will allow players to choose which activity suits them best. Thus, players will opt for a game that they are most familiar with. Also, the graphical displays that these online gambling games now provide will keep the player firmly focused on the game play itself. This applies just as equally to roulette as it does to a hand of Texas Hold ‘Em. This combination allows participants to truly enjoy their online gaming experience. This enjoyment will breed a clarity of thought that can lead to better decision making strategies.

Clear Payout Percentages

Another distinct advantage that online casinos offer is that they will frequently display clear payout percentages. This is often times hard to encounter in a traditional casino. Knowing these percentages is obviously extremely important. Not only will players be better able to budget their money, but they can also search for the highest payouts using an online casino guide. In a way, players can proactively “stack” the odds in their favour before playing a single game.


Should one enter into a casino, he or she will be bombarded with a multitude of sights, sounds and players. This can make focusing on an important hand of poker or roulette extremely difficult. These distractions can actually cause one to lose a hand that may have otherwise been won. However, Internet casinos can be played at one’s own convenience and free from the distractions of others. This allows the player to concentrate only on the game being presently played. So, the player will have greater odds at winning a hand of online blackjack than should the very same hand be played on the casino floor.

Less Pressure

This aspect can be viewed along the same lines with the aforementioned “focus factor”. Pressure can lead to snap decisions and rushed judgments. This is particularly the case in games where other players are present; their actions may place an undue amount of stress upon another player. Bad choices can be made as a result. Participants that are somewhat removed with the centre of attention tend to make better choices and bet with less emotion.

The Time of Day

Another influential factor may very well be the time of day that the game is being played. A winning casino play online can be directly affected by the number of other players currently participating, such as in online bingo and sports betting. In this instance, less players equate to better odds of winning a payout. These times tend to be much more predictable than in a normal casino. Thus, astute players can be relatively confident that placing a wager on a game during a certain time of the day will afford them better chances of winning. While the odds may be confusing to some, such a time-based strategy can help mitigate the risks of succumbing to a protracted losing streak.

A final variable that should be remembered is that knowledge is power. There are a number of helpful social media sites and other online resources that can help a player hone his or her skills while gaining valuable advice from like-minded fans. Such tools are excellent ways of beating the odds that would be nearly insurmountable in a traditional casino setting.

Choosing an Online Casino

choosing an online casino

Many factors can influence your choice in online casinos. It will range from the games you like to the country you reside in. Some casinos offer more games than others, some offer better bonuses, while others are a bit quicker in the way they manage transactions.

Before we get into the details below, we would like to make a suggestion. The casinos you are seeing are ones that are particularly targeted to your country. So that part is taking out of the whole choosing an online casino problem. Then you need to try and figure out which one to choose and there we have you covered as well.

As most people often forget, the online casinos have the option to enjoy online gambling 100% free. You can download and play at any of them and it doesn’t cost you a cent. You wouldn’t be able to try the progressive jackpots, but all of the other casino games are free game.

So you can start from the top and work through them. When you find the one you like you can move on to playing for real if you want to. I have drifted a bit off topic though. Below are details of a few more things you should take into consideration… regardless of the casino you choose, we hope you have a fun time playing online.

If you’re looking for an online casino, you have your pick of thousands. Some of these sites are reputable, fair organizations who offer great service. Others can be described, at best, as questionable. Choosing the right online casino depends on multiple factors, including the type of game you like, the casino’s payout reports, local laws and the type of bonuses offered as sign-up incentives.

choosing an online casino

What Do You Want to Play?

First and foremost, what type of game do you want to play? Different casinos specialize in different games. While you may enjoy playing several different games, you probably have one particular favorite. Searching for casinos that offer your favorite game narrows down your list of possible sites.


Look for signs the casino is licensed by an independent authority. A casino must abide by the licensing authority’s rules and regulations or lose their accreditation.

One of the most reputable licensing boards is eCOGRA, a London-based casino accrediting institute which evaluates casinos on multiple levels, including player protection and fair gaming. eCOGRA approval logos include such criteria as safe and fair, certified software, percentage payout reports, and certified live dealers.

Legal Considerations

Be sure the casino abides by the law, both in your country and the casino’s home country. Just because your local laws allow gambling doesn’t mean the casino isn’t violating gambling laws in its own country. If a casino violates the law, it may be shut down without warning, potentially preventing you from accessing your winnings.

Read Reviews

Read the website’s rules and regulations carefully, but look elsewhere to judge the site. Read reviews to see how the casino ranks compared to other sites. While professional reviews are helpful, an unscrupulous casino might write its own reviews to attract users. Ask about the site on gaming forums and message boards. Feedback from people who actually use the site can prove very illuminating.

Try Free Games First

Most reputable casinos offer free games to give potential subscribers a chance to experience the site without subscribing and making deposits. Take advantage of free game accounts to evaluate the site’s gaming software and talk to other players about the site.

Check Payout Reports

A casino site should make its payout report visible, so players can evaluate their chances. On average, a casino should return 94 to 98 percent of its income to players as winnings. Any lower, and you have to question the casino’s honesty.

Two points on payout reports. The report itself is meaningless unless the numbers are verified by an independent authority such as eCOGRA. Otherwise, the site could display fake numbers. Secondly, payout reports are an average based on millions of bets made every month. Your own results may differ from the payout report.

Customer Service Evaluation

Customer service is important, whether you’re ordering a burger or checking into addiction treatment programs. You’ll be trusting the casino with your money, so you want to know you can rely on the site’s customer service if you encounter any problems.

Call the customer service department. Make note of how quickly the staff reply, their professionalism and their helpfulness. Ask them how they’d handle complaints about gaming software and other issues.

Sign-up Bonuses

With over 2,000 casinos online, competition for your business is fierce. Many casinos offer sign-up bonuses and monthly incentives, such as matching a percentage of your deposit.

Bonuses are an important consideration, but only if you trust the company to honor their commitment. A casino’s reputation and licensing history is more important than the bonuses it offers.

Online Casinos Are A Rage These Days

What online casinos actually do...

If we were going to try and cover all the reasons why people go a little gaga over online casinos we will be here all night! The short and very understandable answer is that it is just so much more convenient. If you love gambling, why would you put yourself through all of the strain of trying to make arrangements around going to a casino?

It is true that a trip like that from time to time is VERY thrilling, but sometimes the peace and quite of your home can be a lot better option. You get the chance to relax… work through all of the casino games… and enjoy the games you want to play for as long or as short as you want to.

Why people just prefer online casinos

Online casinos command huge popularity these days. A fair section of avid gamblers have readily embraced the virtual avenue and that too for all the good reasons. So why it is that online casinos are so popular today? Well, to start with, the internet casinos are a sure bliss in your oh-so-hectic life today. If you are opting for the online zone, there’s no need to rush to the famous casino corners after a hard day’s work. The internet casinos enable you to carry on the whole process right from the home assuring a relaxed play post a long tiring day.

What online casinos actually do...
Online casinos bring ALL OF THAT right to you!

The great part is that the virtual casinos are open 24/7 enabling you to play whenever you feel like. This is one of the major benefits of internet casinos over the land based ones. Another significant plus about the online casinos is that these sites are designed with excellent audio-visual engineering that confirm a closer-to-casino ambiance in your home only. Besides, the online casinos are also famous for their brilliant bonus schemes. There are a wide variety of bonus schemes offered at virtual casinos and you will even find free bonuses here. One can check at wiki for more details on online casinos.

However, not all casinos sites can guarantee the desired satisfaction. You can follow the online casino reviews here to ensure a thorough understanding on different internet casinos around. There are casino directories over the internet with detailed reviews on the gambling sites out there. The reviews will elaborate on all about casino starting from the software used, the ambiance, the games offered as well the bonus schemes and promotions. You will even get to know about the banking options and customer care facilities as provide by the reviewed casinos.

So it comes down to what YOU want to do

Online casinos are the gateway for you to enjoy all of the excitement that you get from regular casinos with none of the problems associated with it. Just think about none of the noise, no people bumping into and spilling their drinks on you. You can just relax and enjoy it!

I personally like playing while I sit in bed or while the family is watching television. I actually prefer it over watching television because I enjoy playing online. A very important thing that you need to remember always is that you can have fun just trying out all of them for free.

The free play option is unique to gambling online. You will have access to all of the games allowing you to try them out, learn how to play a new game or two and work through the loads of different slots to find your favorites.

People love playing online for good reason. An industry that has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years only does so if so many people love it. You should join the millions, even if it is just playing for fun, to see why people love it so much and why it is all the rage

What Are the Advantages of Finding and Playing at the Best Casinos Online?

Many people play at casinos as they find it enjoyable, but do not have the time and money to experience what they enjoy as much as they would like. There are ways in which you can play the best casino games that are hassle free and at no cost to yourself! Finding the best casino online means you can enjoy the experience without hassle. Take your time to find the best with brilliant free games enabling you to play as little or as often as you like.

Why people play at casinos online

All you need to visit online casinos is an internet enabled device and internet access. It is great fun and a way people choose to enjoy relaxing within chosen surroundings. Some people really enjoy casinos, but the expense of travelling there often adds to your personal time and the amount you can spend is not as appealing. Many people choose to avoid these costs with the ability to play with the best casinos online for free.

You can enjoy yourself with the fun of casinos without having to spend any money. There are many reasons why people cannot make it to casinos. They may not live close by, be busy with work, or have other responsibilities making it impossible. Some people simply find it more appealing to enjoy virtual casinos from the comfort of their own home. The convenience of playing casinos online is a great benefit as you are not restricted to times or being in a certain place.

Finding the best casinos online

There are many sites offering online casinos. Whether you have a little or a lot of experience in gambling, you do not need to worry when playing on free sites as you do not have to bet any money. If you find the best casinos online you can enjoy all the entertainment of a casino for free. You get all the fun when finding the best online casinos without a risk to yourself. This makes the experience stress free with many exciting games for the full entertainment experience.

By doing some research in advance and reading reviews from others, you can find the best casinos online that offer the best range of games for the most enjoyment. Choose a few with the best reviews and have a look around to find what they have to offer. You may not want the hassle of downloading software or registering, you may just want the enjoyment! Find a site that offers this for hassle free entertainment that costs you nothing. Win virtual coins on a variation of games to suit your tastes with the great advantage of not having to bet a penny.

People enjoy many different things; and you can too without stress, travelling, or costs. There are so many online casinos available, so if you’re looking for some excitement and a chance to relax, find one that offers free games that you can start playing when you like! Great advantages of finding the best online casinos mean you do not have to sign up or download software; just play when you wish and enjoy yourself. There are video slot games and classic slot games available free to suit what it is you enjoy. Relax, enjoy, and have great entertainment online with free casinos from the comfort of your own home.

Article Summary

Entertainment online can be a brilliant experience with the best casinos online. The best sites will mean you can play as and when you wish from the comfort of your own home. Free play, no downloading software, and no signing up means you can have a hassle free and exciting experience.

Author Bio

Rachel is a big casino fan and an online gaming blogger. Rachel highly recommends finding the best casinos online so you can enjoy the entertainment factor and your own casino fun in your own home.

Ready, BET Set, Go!

Is there proper attire in a casino? How about just a pair of underwear? Now it’s possible online. You don’t even have to wear caps and dark sunglasses to cover yourtells. Cheer as much as you want when you have a good card, sob to your heart’s content when you have a bad one. Nobody will care and it won’t be used to your disadvantage. You don’t even have to get out of your computer chair to gamble. Though, there are no cocktail waitresses serving drinks.

Select the Right Game
There are tons of online games on the web.You should choose the game that is the most profitable and fun for you. You can choose between the game of luck or skill, or a little bit of both. Don’t just put your money in one pot, try different games and see which ones give you more profit. Roulette has a good payout since it has 1:35 odds. To put it simply, every 1 buck that you bet that wins is payable at 35 bucks per Dollar that you spent. Black Jack is another money-making game if you know the method. There are many sources that teach counting cards, like in the movie 21.

Learn theGame
Learn the rules first and then the strategies. Read articles online, there are free how-tos and tips all over the web. Ask around and join a community. Post questions in a forum and people would be glad to answer them. Don’t ever join a game without knowing the rules and strategies, it wouldn’t just take your money away but also the fun of playing it.

Choose a ReputableGambling Company
Make sure that the online gambling company that you signed up in offers the best odds. Welcome bonus, deposit bonus and match bonuses can be enticing but the important thing is the cashing out system. Learn it to ensure that you get the most out of your winnings. Read the Terms and Conditions before seriously investing big cash. Or just take the money and run once you win.

Set a Schedule
Some people are addicted to the so-called online gaming. Their eyes are glued on the screen and abandoned the real world. Hope this doesn’t happen to you. Therefore, set a schedule and don’t go overboard. There are times that you have straight wins or losses –so stop right there. Don’t continue playing when winning; just pocket the money right away. Also stop yourself from believing that you would win after losses, there’s another day to get back those.

Stick to the Budget
Since money is crucial in gambling, start with asensible amount. Don’t blow out cash and flushing it down the toilet in one go. Betting money that you can’t afford to lose is crazy. Don’t get caught up in the moment, always be aware that you have set a budget and should stick to it. Furthermore, don’t play when drunk, depressed or tired, it will cloud your judgment.
Good luck. Let the games begin!

This guest post is brought to you by Max Royale of loopport.com, a site that offers savings and current information on apple loops.

Tips To Winning At Online Casinos

Online casinos and wagering platforms are great; they allow you wager anywhere, anytime and for as long or short as you would like. There are no additional fees or noisy casino crowds to deal with. And if you’re looking to make some extra cash while having fun, online casinos might be for you. But, before you sign up for an account, here are some important tips you should consider before playing online.
Learn the Game
Before you start playing, it’s important to read everything you can about your chosen game. Whether it is online slots, roulette or video poker, you should get familiar with the game. Read material on the Internet, take a trip to your local Barnes and Noble or ask a close friend for advice. Knowledge is power. The more you know about the game the better player you will become. It’s as easy as that!

Practice makes perfect

If you want to win at any game—be that basketball or an online casino game—you will need to practice. But, you don’t just practice the game you practice winning! If you can play with a winning mentality you are well on your way to hitting the jackpot. Have you ever heard of beginner’s luck?

These pages might interest you:

  • casino games
  • slot machines
  • >>> Go and Play casino games online

    Well, it really happens and the big payout could be yours. Just let go of your old routine and starting practicing your online game.

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Gambling your money can be fun, but you must be prepared to lose. Therefore, it’s important to set limits on your gambling. For example, you’re willing to lose 100 dollars. Once that amount has been met, sign off of the online casino immediately. It’s never a good idea to gamble your rent money. Only gamble with money that you can afford to lose. Figure out how much money that is and limit yourself.

    Play responsibly

    This rule should be mandatory every time you are playing with real money: do not gamble if you have been drinking. On the same token, do not spend all your money on one game. Look for games with high payouts, but play responsibly. Trust me, nothing is worse than winning a ton of money and then losing it all in a single bet. Take your time and make smart bets.

    Have Fun

    Keep in mind that online gambling should be fun. Betting should not be a life or death situation. Remain calm and enjoy yourself. If you are looking for money, your thoughts are not clear. And if your thoughts are not clear, than neither are your skills. When we’re happy our four senses work better and our attention span increases. Essentially, if you have fun you will be in a better condition to win money.

    Karen Smith is a freelance writer and avid horseplayer. When it comes to betting on her ponies, Karen uses parimutuel betting online. This allows her to bet against all the other players wagering on the event, rather than the house.

    No Deposit Casino Bonus Coupons – Learn Gambling With Zero Risk

    no deposit casino bonus at High Noon casino

    Any new gamer might wonder why the no deposit casino codes are made available online. However, most of the seasoned online gamblers will know exactly why such codes are offered. It is always a good feeling when the online casinos offer them free money to play to play on their websites. Many reliable online casino websites keep coming up with such offers to attract new customers.

    Online casinos are businesses just like any other, and they are there to earn profits from their clients. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be strategically investing a portion of their profits to earn more customers. They offer legitimate games, and earn on percentages. Any seasoned player will tell you that the no deposit bonuses codes are the best option for the beginners to learn the art of gambling.

    No deposit casino codes:

    Like already mentioned, such coupon codes are the best ways for beginners to start betting online. Most of the new players are reluctant to use credit or debit cards to start gambling online. It is quite obvious that when you are new to something, you will have a lot of apprehensions and doubts. Such cost free offers encourage the new joiners to register for an account.

    Even after beginners have utilized the free coupon codes, not all of them might invest their money to play more. This again is a loss for casino owners, so they have come up with no deposit incentives. Here the user needs to provide accurate contact details and register for an account, in order to get the bonus offer. This information will be added to the customer list, so that the casinos send information on new offers and bonuses. Customer engagement is important for all kind of businesses, and casinos are not an exception.

    Online gaming is addictive, and hence you will need to discipline yourself if you wish to enter into this field. Offers such as no deposit bonuses encourage beginners to continue playing till they actually hit the jackpot. Once they get a hang of the games, they frequently visit the site and try their luck. Gradually they learn things that will help them win more consistently.

    If you think that the no deposit offers are just marketing gigs, then you might want to think again. The main purpose is to invite the interested people to engage in online games and win real cash. It also ensures that the clients stick to one site for a much longer period. If the newcomer gets joining bonuses, they actually get to learn more about their chances of wining.

    no deposit casino bonus at High Noon casino

    Here is how you could get your hands on genuine offers:

    When we speak about making money through easy resources, the first thing that comes to our minds is casinos. However, not all casinos allow you to play for free, but many good ones do.

    Although there are many genuine brands, there are some which follow unethical practices. Before you think of trying out any such offers, it best you find out whether the site is genuine or not. Also learn everything about their winning withdrawal policies before registering with them. Many casino sites also offer referral bonuses, if you invite others to register on their websites.

    Basic ground rules for all gamblers:

    Before you get into gambling, there are a few things that you will need to remember. Never ever wager the money that is meant for your basic needs like house rent and food. If you decide on stopping after a certain loss or profit, stick to your plans. Mostly players tend to lose money when they become reckless and greedy. Handling success is as important as handling failures.

    Author’s Bio:
    Alex runs an online casino, and he also likes to write about various tips to increase the winnings. You could also visit their website to learn more about no deposit casino codes.

    How to Decide Between Your Options and Find the Best Online Casino

    GamblingCastle - online since 2002

    If your goal is to set out on a mission to find the best online casino, you are in for quite a journey. We can simply say “Trust us! We know what we are doing!” but then anyone can say that.

    GamblingCastle - online since 2002What is a fact however is that we have been around since 2002 and have a great understanding of what would label a casino as one of the best online casinos. We can give you a few pointers however on how you would be able to find them. After you have looked at this information and you have tried out a few of them, you should definitely come back here and play at one of these amazing online casinos we have here at gamblingcastle.com.

    Our short checklist on what to look for when you want the best online casino

  • Make sure it is licensed – you will find the licensing details towards the bottom of the casino sites homepage. We only advertise respectable casino sites. What you can do is click through to them and check for yourself at the bottom. They are often licensed in Canada, the Carribean, Malta or Gibraltar. Although these are not the only options, they are some of the most often used by respectable online casinos
  • Do they offer the games YOU want to play – It is all about choice. A good online casino should offer you a huge range of casino games. By that I mean literally around a hundred or more. All of the good casinos that use the best online casino software have loads of games to offer. If the casino only has a handful I would suggest that you steer clear.
  • Are there decent bonus offers – Casinos offer a variety of bonus offers, but you shouldn’t just take them at face value. Take a few minutes to read through the bonus offers they give. The best online casinos will offer decent sized bonuses on a regular basis. If they don’t your bankroll won’t stretch as far. The pace of the games at online casinos are very fast and you play many more rounds than at a regular casino. You want the most bang for you buck.
  • Are the transparent and speak your language – Many business, online casinos included, get wrapped up in their own lingo that only they understand. The best online casinos would speak YOUR language. They will have open channels of communication (toll free numbers, chat facilities and e-mail at least) through which you can get real to the point answers.
  • That is not the definitive list by any means, but definitely a worthwhile place to start as you start looking for the best online casino for YOU.

    Finding the best online casino can be a challenge with so many to choose from. You have so many to choose from such as 32 bingo so you can enjoy the gaming experience as though you were there without having to actually be there.

    The web is the home to so many different online casinos and such a great variety of games and sites that knowing where to start can be difficult. This will certainly be the case for newcomers to online gaming; how can you decide which site is best for you and where you can get the best deals? It’s a lot easier than it sounds with the information available online and great sites to help you make your decision along the way.

    Trying to decide between all of them

    Choosing the right site is important so you can enjoy the experience. You want to know that you are going to enjoy 32 bingo before you make your decision after all. If you are a newcomer, then you are in the right place so you can decide where to begin. The first place you need to look is on a deals comparison site. You can compare the offers that online casinos promoting to get the most for your money. You can decipher the best offers available to you and choose a few potential sites to work with. You will find that there are a great number of bonuses and offers available to you, so look out for the best and make sure you view the small print! Some sites will expect you to deposit more money than others on your first go in order to redeem the offer they are promoting.

    There are a number of considerations you need to make before you choose the online casino you are going to invest in. You can carry out research to determine whether or not the site is suitable and trustworthy. To do this, focus your research each of the sites you have chosen in term and look for customer reviews to give you a good overall picture of the sites reputation. A good reputation is important for understandable reasons. You should consider the community as well and how much you can interact with other players to give you the true casino and 32 bingo experiences. If a site offers you plenty of information and advice as a newcomer, then this at least implies that your experience counts.

    All of the best online casinos offer you the chance to play certain games for free, so you can effectively try the game out before you decide to buy.  This is a really great feature if you can find a site that offers it as you can decide whether or not the games and the sense of community is suitable for you without spending any money. You have already found the most tempting bonus for your of course, but this will usually require you to deposit funds, so free trials and games are a great way to get to know the site and see if you like the 32 bingo games before you spend any money trying to redeem the seemingly great offer.

    Researching before you play may not seem like a fun idea, but it won’t take long at all online and you can be playing happily in no time. Utilising comparison sites and choosing from the best deals means you can enjoy more money to play with and you will be glad that you went to the trouble to find the best online casino for you. You will be glad that you did your research when you decide on the casino for you as you will be able to enjoy the experience, the community, and win some extra money!

    Author Bio
    Rachel is a freelance writer based in Cheshire. Rachel loves online gaming, casinos, and 32 bingo. In her spare time; Rachel enjoys playing games online and finding the best offers and the latest ‘go to the site’ to play with free money.

    Play Casino Games on a Mobile – Get Mobile Savvy

    play casino games on mobile phone

    One of the things that are totally amazing about how the internet is evolved is that you can even now play casino games on a mobile phone. Only a few years on from where texting was still considered out of the ordinary now we are at a point where you can play casino games while sitting in a waiting room or standing in line at a bank!

    All of a sudden mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the must have accessory. Indeed most retailers stocks of the IPad and Nexus ran out a week before Christmas.I know that is a couple of years ago, but at the time it was definitely all the rage.

    So now you have your mobile device you can play your favourite Casino Games on the go. Free Wifi is everywhere, so what are you waiting for?

    Choosing Your Mobile Gaming Provider

    You may think that all the big gaming companies are mobile ready, but think again. Just looking at a couple of the major brands, one is only just rolling out their casino games in mobile format and another is offering a very small percentage of their games.

    This is extremely disappointing and not very forward thinking on the part of these big companies. They are just missing out on the opportunities for people to play casino games on mobile phones. With the huge growth in how people are accessing the web, the industry really needs to move with the times.

    Consider Big Brand v Smaller Provider

    Big Well Known Brands
    As already stated some of the major players aren’t ready yet, but no doubt will be transferring their games and platforms as fast as they possibly can, so you may not have to wait too long. So maybe you stick with the brand that you like and can trust and just wait it out.

    Smaller Independent Games Providers
    There are lots of new gaming and casino brands popping up at the moment. A lot of them are actually specialising in mobile gaming only. These are worth looking at, but check what games they can provide, look for reviews on playing experience and whether they pay promptly if you are lucky enough to have a big win. Do your homework first.

    Web Site v App

    There are three ways for the games providers to present their games for mobiles and tablets.

    • traditional web sites that you can pinch and zoom in
    • device responsive web sites
    • Apps


    Traditional Web Sites
    Traditional websites can be adapted so that they display correctly on a mobile phone or tablet. Such web sites can be pinched and zoomed by the operator and you can move around the touch screen. This does not lend its self to an enjoyable playing experience though, especially on a small smartphone screen.

    Responsive Web Sites
    There are also web sites built with responsive design techniques, that reconfigure the screen layout depending on the device that you are using. So the screen layout will be different on desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. This is offers a better user experience, but can fall short of ideal.

    Lastly there is the Games App. This is definitely the best solution for mobile gaming and casino. The App is written specifically for mobile devices and so are the games. Apps are simple and intuitive to use and you will enjoy your favourite casino games where ever you are.You can literally play casino games on your mobile phone anywhere!

    play casino games on mobile phone


    Mobile Gaming is massive and big brands and small providers alike are all rushing to develop their Casino Apps. Do your homework, choose wisely, then enjoy. You can have fun while you play casino games on a mobile phone through a site or an app. There are actually loads of choices for you.

    Don’t Deposit Before You Read This Guide

    Wait before you deposit

    The sheer volume of online casinos on the Internet has given rise to many mixed emotions regarding online gaming. For one thing, the prolific nature of the online casino industry means that there are inherently several bad apples among the mix. This tends to leave a sour taste in players mouths. Fortunately, there are various checks and balances that can be implemented in order to differentiate between a credible gaming operator and one that arouses suspicion should be avoided.

    There are multiple names in the online gaming arena that have stood the test of time and have won the admiration of players the world over. These include the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, RealTime gaming, Sheriff gaming and more. Players instantly recognize these types of software providers, and feel more comfortable about depositing funds into real-money accounts at these types of casinos.

    Your Guide to Gaming On The Web

    When you conduct an Internet search for the most reputable online casinos, it’s important to bear several factors in mind. These include the licensing, regulation, responsible gaming conduct, affiliation with serious gambling authorities, and of course the payout percentage rate. It’s also important to read player reviews of online casinos. These abound on blogs, forums and various casino review sites. Bear in mind that several reviews are written by the casinos themselves – so you’ll need to be a little bit more discerning about what content you believe. Website gaming guides clearly discuss the classification of each casino, as well as the ramifications of using each and every software program.

    Experts and new players alike plug into the helpful information found at the various gaming guide sites. Novices find the descriptions concerning bonuses and deposits especially beneficial as they begin their enjoyable journey into online gaming. Websites that focus on guiding players to the online casino best suited to each individual gamer, provide information as to specific bonuses, playing terms, existing policies and specific offers found at the various reputable internet casinos. These internet gaming guides contain vital information that yields the best possible online casino player decisions.

    Wait before you deposit

    The Best Internet Casinos

    Many elements factor into classifying a casino as popular or unpopular.  Ease of use, convenience and the range of exciting casino games are a few of the benefits found at every prestigious online casino. Players will be treated to a glittering variety of games, some of which include video poker, table games, slots, craps and roulette. There is an exciting chance to win at every game. The hi-tech graphics found at most of the gaming sites are awesome. Attention-grabbing animation and flash gaming enhance the experience of all players. Let’s not forget the bonuses offered at all online casinos.After a deposit is placed, these bonuses become an exciting part of every player’s unforgettable gaming experience. Having the knowledge to choose the right online casino for you, is a substantial part of your future gaming thrill.

    Casino Excitement at Home

    Online casinos are geared towards providing a glitzy foray into the gambling world. The audio-visual effects at online casinos transport players into an energized arena, direct from the comforts of home. In addition to the thrill of the gaming experience, the excitement of winning is a big part of it. Players are advised to do their homework – in a thoroughly professional manner – prior to depositing any money with an online casino. There is a very distinct advantage to playing with the world’s premier online casinos: you know you are going to get paid when you win!

    I’m an avid gaming enthusiast and writer. Feel free to get in touch with me at any time. Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

    How to get a casino bonus from 21nova

    Over the years I have seen many casinos come and go, but one that I really enjoy is 21nova. The casino started in 2010 and is based on the very popular Playtech casino software. This means that they offer some of the best possible casino gambling you will find on the net.

    But lets get down to the important stuff: the casino bonus. If you were wondering how to get casino bonus from 21nova its easy.

    First of all lets just look at what they offer. At 21nova you can get a 132% casino bonus. They offer their players a number of bonus when they start playing at the casino. This starts off with a 25% match bonus up to £250 free for first time casino players. Then when you make a deposit for the second time you will get a 60%, which results in a bonus amount of up to £500 free! This is however only the beginning as the real amazing bonus comes with your 3rd deposit…

    21nova values their loyal players so much that on the 3rd deposit they will give you a 132% casino bonus up to £132 free! That means that for a deposit of £100 you will receive an extra £132 casino chips in your account.

    To get a casino bonus from 21nova you need to start my making a deposit through any of their popular deposit methods (Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill…). Make sure however that you claim your casino bonus through the promotions page on the site. You will find the link to it at the bottom of the homepage.

    I know I only mentioned the bonuses that you get when you start at the casino, but that is not the end of it by a long-shot. There are bonuses based on the deposit method you use, refer-a-friend bonuses and then even more free cash through their loyalty club.

    So as a matter of fact, if you want to get a bonus from 21nova it looks like you just need to get over there and start playing!

    Microgaming Online Casinos

    I have been actively involved with online gambling since 2001. During this time I have worked with numerous versions of online casinos, online poker rooms and online bingo halls. The most enjoyable ones to work with are definitely the Microgaming online casinos.

    There are a number of reasons that I feel the Microgaming online casinos are the best there are in the world. Over the years I have seen more people playing at these casinos for longer periods of time than any other online casinos. The games that they offer are just vastly superior to the casino games you will find at casinos powered by different casino software.

    I know that might just be my opinion, but I have found loads of people over the years that agree with me 100%. The best part of their casino software is definitely the variety of slot machines that they offer. Microgaming online casinos often offer over 400 different casino games. Around 75% of this is made up by slot machines and they are truly amazing.

    They have so many different variations of reel slot machines, video slot machines, progressive jackpots and everything in between. Out of these the video slot machines are definitely one of the most intriguing offerings at Microgaming online casinos. These slot machines come with literally hundreds of different ways in which you can win when playing them, which makes for a very entertaining gambling experience.

    Being able to play a slot machine that changes with every few spins has kept me coming back for more on a regular basis. This is by far however not their only offering. They also offer loads of amazing table games and other interesting games like online keno. Players from around the world play at Microgaming online casinos on a daily basis and will definitely continue to do so.

    Online Casino Games for Money

    With every passing second more and more people are starting to play online casino games for money. If you think about it you must wonder why everyone isn’t playing online. It just makes so much more sense.

    >>> Go and play casino games for money.

    If you have a look at the selection of casino games you will be able to enjoy online and being able to do so without ever having to leave your house, it makes the decision quite easy. When gambling online you would be able to play the casino games in a few short minutes whenever you are online. You can play online keno, slot machines, online craps, online blackjack… well you get the idea.

    All of the casinos on Gambling Castle offer a load of different casino games you can play for money. The great thing about these casinos is that they also offer players loads of extra cash in the form of bonuses. When you play online you would be able to get loads of extra chips to play with. With all of these extra chips it is always great fun to play the different online casino games for money.

    These bonus offers also just keep on coming as you continue playing at the different casinos. Some of the casinos offer bonuses on a weekly basis, others on a monthly basis and others offer both with a number of other ones through into the mix at other times!

    I think that it is amazing how people can play online casino games for money whenever they want to. You would be able to play each of the games 24 hours a day. Often when playing at a regular casino you will not be able to play the games you like as others are in your seat. Online this problem will never exist and you can enjoy online casino games for money the whole time.

    Casino Gambling

    Playing a hundred different casino games without having to get up from your seat, well that all happens right here with casino gambling online. There are people who like online gambling and those who love it and then the few who think it is not for them. The convenience of casino gambling on the internet is just unmatched and there are several reasons why it is a much more sensible option.

    In the 1990’s the pace of everyday started picking up dramatically and after the turn of the century it turned into a constant sprint. This has left very few people with any time to enjoy other things in life apart from running from one place to the next in an attempt to get everything done. Things that have suffered the most are people’s pass times and time to just relax and kick back a bit.

    For gamblers that is however no longer a problem as casino gambling no fits in with their hectic lifestyles. At all of the casinos we have featured on our site, you can play at all hours of the day or night. So whether you get up a little earlier or go to sleep a little later, you would be able to play your favorite casino games all of the time.

    There is no more need to worry about the hassle of making arrangements to go to a casino. If you feel like playing a bit of jacks or better, you can simple log on and play. If you have ten minutes you can play a couple of hands and if you have more time you can play loads. Casino gambling these days is just that simple.

    You should however take a look at these bonus offers as well. They really do bulk up your chip stack quite a bit. It never hurts to have more cash in your account when it comes to casino gambling online.