Practical ideas for poker Heads Up

In this article on Heads Up, we will talk about circumstances that appear, when playing Heads Up and suggest that aggression is the optimal playability. It is impossible to win by playing tight and waiting for good hands to come. Long-term winners of HU pots do not give up just because they have bad cards. To succeed in HU, you must be able to pick up pots when none of you have good cards. If you bet or raise, you will win the pot just at the final confrontation. The secret of success in HU poker can be expressed in two words, bet or raise.

In Poker everything is relative, so these recommendations are beginning with “if “, and this is a weighty word. Let’s review the most common situations and to shape a battle plan.


Situation 1 (few chips)

If both have fewer chips compared to the size of the blinds, not much leeway unusual scheme, even if you lead, nearly optimal game is all-in or fold. Remember, when you pay all-in you have no chance of winning by the opponent to give up. You must have the best hand to win the pot. On the other hand, if you put yourself first all-in, you can win with any two cards if your opponent folds, and the fairness of the fold is very important. You do not gamble because you have a good hand. Bet to assume that your opponent has a weak hand.


Situation 2 (more chips)

Now you can play poker and you should probably avoid major preflop confrontations, unless you have very good hands. Your goal should be to play small pots without all-in confrontations. On button, that will act last after the flop gives you a big advantage. You decide when and how to push. You can try to scare your opponent with a big bet or check to see a hand and possibly try later to put it to the test.


The key to success is to keep the HU permanent opponent in the fog, forcing him to guess what you’re doing. Most experts agree that poker Heads Up, 3:1 price you get when you’re on the button justified to call with any two cards. Makes sense, because you have good chances against random cards, but if the vital element in HU is aggression, why do not raise?


Think of it this way , pre-flop play “small ball” and after the flop take advantage of any opportunity to steal the pot.


Situation 3 (both have many chips, but you have much less than your opponent)

Most times it’s hard to resist an opponent with big chips, especially if it is a competent player. If luck isn’t there, the player with fewer chips will lose, so you should be more willing to risk, and while you’re at a disadvantage bigger the more violent should push your luck. Tactics which you use like the one described above. But instead of giving a small raise, all-in all the way. From the big blind, if your opponent made the call, be prepared to go all in with any two decent cards. If your opponent opens with a raise and you have a top quality handful make the call check-raise if you think you’re ahead. So maybe you will be able to draw your opponent into a trap and you will double.


Let’s do a little recap:

• both have fewer chips: go all in with any two cards that have a chance of winning.

• both have many chips: raise the size of the pot, unless you open preflop from the button. If you end up with big chip disadvantage tend to go all-in in preflop frequently.

The button:

• Open the minimum raise from the button and make continuation bet on the flop.

• Never open the button three times in a row if you have the highest hand.

• Be prepared to fold if your opponent counter attack.

From the big blind:

• Raise if the button just call and give you good hand. Check with weak cards and see the flop for free.

• After the flop: Bet the pot as when you have good cards. Do check-raise with very strong cards. Check and fold most bad cards.

The Basics of Online Poker Deposit Bonuses

Regardless of what Ben Affleck has to say about it, playing Texas Holdem poker online remains one of the best uses of your Internet gambling time. Plus, we know him to be quite the poker aficionado, too. Of course, we are not saying all online poker rooms were created equal. You should do some digging before you find a betting house you want to call home. Look for online poker sites that are as rich and reliable as those found at the dynamic online poker community at Look out for the anonymous poker option in particular which lets you start every gaming session afresh – like in a real casino!

Deposit bonuses as an incentive

Apart from all the cool features poker games online offer you, deposit bonuses are a major perk. They let you instantly double or even triple your pay-in and give you much more wiggle room when it comes to betting and raising the stakes. You might not go as high as Antonius and Cao, but you will definitely enjoy the extra thick bankroll.

This is the main perk online casinos have to offer, and they are not shy about promoting it relentlessly and inventing new rewards. One look at your online poker deposit options reveals the Bad Beat Bonus (win up to $1,000 if you are holding an awesome hand and still lose) and the Royal Flush Bonus (get 50 times the big blind for holding this prized hand). Both these cool bonuses occur in real-money games only – so you do need to give in order to receive.

Bonus terms

A deposit bonus depends on how much of your own money you are willing to put on your bankroll. This is the first serious choice you have to make even before starting to bet. The casino will then top up your account with a percentage of your deposit, from 50 to 200%, and sometimes up to 500%. While playing online negates the possibility to be robbed of your winnings, skimming through your deposit bonus terms and conditions without paying attention might produce a similar result later on. The variety of deposit bonuses is vast, but there is one thing most of them have in common: they are not cashable!

A typical deposit bonus is 100% of your first day’s total financial input. The final bonus level is adjusted after 60 days of poker play. This bonus adjustment or final bonus issuance is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of bonus play. Read the terms carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road! Other casinos base their reward schemes on individual deposits and do not take a whole day into account; each deposit then gets rewarded by a different percentage coefficient, usually aiming to stimulate bigger deposits later into your gaming session.

Benefits and cautions

The main benefit of generous deposit bonuses is that they give you more betting room. You feel free to play more than one table at a time or raise the stakes. However, this may turn out to be a double-edged sword if you do not know how to manage your bankroll properly. You can rely on various helpful apps or just follow the tried and tested rule of not playing more than 5% of your total purse at any given time. This keeps your odds of going bust to a minimum.

Another benefit of online bonuses is the extended gaming time they buy you. The virtual money gives you as many extra poker games online as your financial discipline allows. The additional hands will let you practice your skills and develop your strategy. On the flip side, keep an eye at the clock and do not get buried in endless betting. Remember that the well rested, fed, and hydrated poker player always wins in the end. If you just got a fat bonus, it is not going anywhere – at least not in the next 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the specific casino’s policies. You certainly have the time for a snack or a nap before you take on another poker room!

Meet the Top 5 UK Poker Players

Poker has been around for years now and is being played by millions of people. Poker is one of the most popular casino gaming which can be played for fun and entertainment or for serious games as well. This game is played through chances however it becomes a game of skills when you introduce the concept of betting. There are basic rules and strategies used when playing poker. Poker is not only a game of chances but a game of psychology as well. You have to study or examine the cards laid upon you and from there used the strategy and skill or talent you have for this kind of game. There are actually professionals who are that skilled and talented with this kind of game and at the same time earning a huge amount of payout just playing this game. Such game is also popular in UK and no wonder some of the top UK poker players are now conquering the market of poker. The top five UK poker players are enumerated below

top poker players

Sam Trickett. A professional poker player from Nottingham, United Kingdom and has a nickname of “Tricky”. Tricky winnings include the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event in Cannes, 2013 Aussie Millions and among others. He is now the second on the all time poker money list, this is as of March 2013. If he did not suffer from a knee injury from playing professional football in 2005 then he won’t be here today dominating the world of poker.

Dave Ulliott. Devilfish as his nickname is a professional English gambler and a poker player. Ulliott is known in the arena for his orange tinted sunglasses, a leather jacket and gold knuckleduster rings that reads devil and fish which he made himself. He won his first World Poker Title in 2003 and Euro Finals of Poker Diamond Championship in 2009. Devilfish is a mainstay of televised poker – Late Night Poker, dominating the game and his character at the table is one of the reasons why the show has lasted for five more series.

Chris Bjorin. He is a professional poker player from Sweden and is a regular at the World Series of Poker since the 1990s. Bjorin has a total of 61 cashes in his account at the World Series of Poker through the years which put him in number eighth in the history of poker. He is however not keen to interview and as much possible avoids televised poker games.

Roland de Wolfe. He is a professional English poker player and a former writer of Inside Edge, a poker magasine. Wolfe has won first prise in the 2004 Gutshot Poker Festival, first place in the Major Grand Prix de Paris event of the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour Dublin event. By winning his first World Series of Poker bracelet in June 2009 he became the only second person to complete the hat trick of world poker tour.

Surinder Sunar. Born in Punjab India, he is professional British poker player who is known in the television series Late Night Poker as a three time finalist. Sunar has won the World Poker Tour Grand Prix Paris event of season 3. He is the embodiment of “poker face” as his face is expressionless every time his at the peak of his game.

\After an hour of play, and still not equipped with the skills as with these top UK poker players, as the saying goes practice makes it perfect.

Five Major Mistakes Every Beginner Poker Player Needs to Avoid

We all make mistakes at some point or another while playing poker. It’s going to happen. But there are certain mistakes beginner players make over and over again.Here are some of the most common strategy mistakes rookie poker players make, in hopes that you’ll start avoiding them.


1) Not Paying Enough Attention to Opponents

One of the top strategy mistakes made by not just rookies but many amateur players is not paying enough attention at the poker table.

You need to be paying attention to the majority of the action at the poker table at all times – even when you’re not involved in the hand yourself.

The information you pick up on each player will be invaluable later.


For example, does the player in the 3-seat only bet the flop when he hits? Does the 7-seat play on tilt when he gets sucked out on? Will the 6-seat play better or worse after having a couple of beers?


You won’t know the answers to these questions if you aren’t paying attention.


2) Not C-Betting Enough


For those new to the game, a continuation bet or “c-bet” is a bet made on the flop after you have raised pre-flop.


Many times this bet is made regardless of whether you have hit the board or not.


Many rookie players will get a hand such as A-K or pocket tens and then fail to bet into the board when they miss. What they fail to realize is that the board will miss their opponent just as often as it misses them and that a continuation bet will many times take the pot on the flop.


If it doesn’t, it will at least give you more information about your opponent’s hand.


3) Predictable Betting Patterns


A very common mistake rookie players make is falling into very predictable betting patterns.


A particular pattern you’ll see often is a player who won’t bet or bets very small on a board he hasn’t connected with but then starts betting or bets larger once he’s hit.


One way to avoid this is to bet the same whether you’re bluffing or actually holding a solid hand. Another is to mix up how you bet a particular hand.


Some players will use a variety of bets for certain situations to keep their opponents guessing as to what they actually have.


For those just starting out, betting the same way for each situation may be the simplest strategy until you’re more comfortable experimenting with other styles.
4) Playing Too Tight


Long gone are the days where players could consistently use an A-B-C poker strategy and stay a consistent winner at the table.


Nowadays, using a “Top 10 Hands” system at the tables will only work if your opponents are either very bad or you keep from getting unlucky.


You’ll need to expand the range of hands you play based on your position relative to the blinds and based on the information that you pick up from your players at the table.


We don’t recommend playing any hand whatsoever, but get out of the mindset of looking to play only top pairs or A-K or A-Q suited.


5) Relying on Luck or “Feelings”


While this would seem to be an obvious tip to many, you’d be surprised how many players will play hands based on “reasons” such as a particular card hitting the flop often or just “feeling they are due.”


When making decisions at the table, base them solely on solid strategy and known information.


Don’t play A-6 suited on the button because you saw a six hit the last six flops.  Play it like the action is folded to you and it is just you and the blinds left.


To learn more about poker strategy visit

Essential Tips and Strategies to Win a Game of Poker

and we have a winner...

Players who start out playing poker often look at the successful pros on television or read about them online and are instantly star struck. Inside there would be a little voice telling you “I bet I can do that as well…” That statement is both true and false, but it all starts with taking a few small steps first

Games and sports are very important aspect in respect to the human entertainment and pastime activities. It is there in the human society since the evolution of mankind and their gradual transformation and development. From the ancient times, people have been involving themselves into various sporting and gaming activities. Apart from providing the entertainment value, games and sports also is one major source of business and money generating tool. Therefore importance of games and sports in the human society is in many folds.

Game of poker is very popular around the world. It is one form of card games that is mainly played with the intention of betting and monetary gain. Money is the main constituents in the game of poker, and it is played with the mode of cards. Winner is selected on the basis of specific combination and ranks of all those playing cards which is revealed at the end of the game. Betting in sports and games has been very common and popular affair throughout the world. Since the ancient times people used to place bets on various games like horse racing, bull fighting, cock fighting and many more.

and we have a winner...

Poker Strategy

It is often considered that, learning and playing a game of poker is quite easy, however it is equally difficult to get hold of it and become a master. Playing a game of poker with the intention of winning a lot of money, needs specific strategy and way. It must be a very tight, random and aggressive play and one should be ready to take the advantage of opponent’s mistake.

  • Making a good choice and decision is considered important, and the result tends to follow.
  • One should be very strong in the mathematical calculation; poker is a game involving lots of mathematics.
  • Selection of starting hand is very essential as it decides the process and the fate of the game accordingly.
  • Tilt should be avoided in order to block the chances that opponent might take in the process of the game.

Essential Tips

Since the game of poker is a game that involves a lot of money on the stake, therefore it is essential to take the game seriously and make the most of the advantage that one might get in the process of the game.

  • One should avoid playing many hands and concentrate on the lesser hands of the game.
  • Game of poker involves lot of logical moves and complex mathematical calculation, therefore it is advisable not to drink during the game and impart full concentration.
  • Staying in hands should be avoided considerably to get more in to the game.
  • Paying attention to the cards on the table is very essential during the game.
  • One must also learn the art of reading and understanding the expression of the opponents during the play.


Poker is a game that may look like very simple cards game, yet it is considered as the most skilful game and requires lot of concentration, mathematical calculation, and strategic thinking in order to get out of the game with lots of money.

Author Bio: Adil Kaya is a blogger and a successful article writer. He has written several sports,poker,games based articles, as he has expertise in this field. To know more about him, click on Bets10 Bonusları Adresi.

Texas Holdem on the East Coast

Texas Holdem has become the most popular form of poker in casinos around the world. It was relatively unknown up until the 21st century when it finally broke into the mainstream. Most gambling remained specialized and relegated to casinos until advances in Internet connectivity made online gaming possible.

Texas Holdem gained mainstream notice after it was featured in movies like Rounders and Casino Royale. Today, pots worth millions of dollars are routinely played as part of several international world events.

Where You Can Play

As an increasingly popular game, Texas Holdem tables are available in almost all East Coast casinos. Probably the largest poker center in the region is Atlantic City, but that doesn’t mean that the game isn’t popular elsewhere. Holdem is the most popular poker game in Dover, Delaware casinos.

Casinos remain the only legal place to gamble publicly, though of course games of Holdem are common among friends. Sometimes bars and clubs will offer closed games, or games without cash prizes, depending on jurisdiction and legal requirements.

Why So Popular?

Holdem is a poker card came and depends a lot on luck like any other form of gambling. However, the style of play allows for an unprecedented level of strategy, which makes it appealing for both professional and amateur players.

Amateur players are looking for a lucky break that will get them a big jackpot with the right hand. The game certainly offers that possibility. But what creates enduring interest is that it offers a high level of strategy that captures the attention of high-stakes poker players who play for multi-million dollar prizes. The allure of big bucks keeps amateurs playing and the cycle feeds itself.

A Bit of History

The origins of Texas Holdem are a bit obscure. It’s said to originate in the town of Robinson Texas (and thus the Texas part of the name) in the early 1900s, but it wasn’t played formally until 1967 in Las Vegas. Holdem was always popular among high-stakes professional players.

In that sense, Holdem is unique from other forms of gambling in that it originated from professional gamblers and managed to attract amateur players and become widespread. Most other games start out as popular and simple games that migrate into casinos on account of their popularity.

The combination of simple rules and complex strategy keeps the game popular and available for people to play at legal establishments throughout the East Coast.

Aaron Walker is a gaming and gambling enthusiast who loves blogging about his hobbies. See more of his writing by following him on Twitter: @aaronwalker77

The Benefits of Playing Online Poker

Online poker is perhaps the most popular online casino games. You can play this fun and exciting game for real money or fun and it does not matter where you are located. One of the main reasons for the popularity of online poker is that you can play like regular poker, but from the comfort and privacy of your home. So, while you will have to follow the rules of poker, you will not have to worry about the rules of conduct or dress code that many regular casinos impose on poker players.

Benefits of Playing Online Poker

There are many benefits to playing poker online and some of them are highlighted below:

Convenience and Comfort: As long as you have a device that can connect to the Internet, you can play online poker from just about anywhere. You can play in your house; during a holiday trip or even while you are sunning yourself in your garden!

No Travel or Accommodation Expense: Before online poker became a rage, poker players had to go to Vegas or Atlantic City to play poker. This meant spending money on air tickets and hotel accommodation. And, if players decided to drive down, they would not only spend money on gasoline, but also on parking fees.

Constant Access: Previously playing poker meant waiting for your buddies to come over or spending time and money going to a casino. However, with online poker, you can play 24/7 and there will always be players from around the world you can play against. Above all, you can access different types of poker games, such as Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em for different levels of stakes.

Play Several Tables Simultaneously: Unlike live poker games where you are allowed to play just one table or tournament at a time, online poker allows you to play several tables and tournaments simultaneously. If you play well, it can turn out to be a profitable endeavor.

Learning Experience: Whether you are a beginner or an expert in poker, playing online poker allows you to learn a lot of about the game and strategies to win while playing. This is because you can play many hands in an hour unlike live poker games, which allow just 30 to 40 hands.  You can also review your game play and analyze it when you opt for online poker.

Analyzing Your Game:Many online casinos also offer software that allows you to analyze your statistical information. This helps you in reviewing and analyzing the way played and take necessary steps to improve your game play.

Not Intimidating: When you play live poker, you have to sit with strangers and this can be intimidating for beginners, who have to handle so many things while playing. They have to organize and count their chips, conduct themselves properly, trying to figure out other players’ tells, trying to hide their tells and trying not to be nervous. This can be extremely unnerving and is a recipe for mistakes and errors while playing poker. On the other hand, when you play in the privacy and comfort of your home, you do not have to face other players and this puts you at ease, so that you can focus on your game.

Playing against Players from Around the World:Playing online poker allows you to play with poker lovers from around the world. Many online casinos also offer chat options and this can help you start a conversation with the players. You may actually end up becoming friends with these players even without meeting them.

The fun and camaraderie that online poker offers is hard to come by in live poker where everyone want to win and has to conform by the rigid rules of the casinos or tournaments.

How To Play Texas Holdem

Las Vegas themed party nights are great for all different types of occasion, whether it be a birthday party, Stag night, charity evening or a team building exercise for you and your work colleagues. One of the more popular games at these events is Texas Holdem Poker. Here is a quick guide on how to play the game.

Before the game starts the dealer will deal everybody a card face up, as this will determine who is on the small blind and big blind. The blinds are a form of betting and designed to get the game under way. The amount will decide upon the table you are playing and they will rise after a certain number of hands.

The game starts with the dealer dealing each player two cards face down. The first player to play is the one immediately next to the big blind and if they wish to play they must match that bet. They can of course raise that bet if they want, or if they think their cards are no good they can simply fold and take no further part in this particular hand. Each player in turn plays their hand, either matching the bets made or folding, and once everybody has played their hand the dealer will then place three cards, face up, on the table for every player to see. In Texas Holdem Poker this is called ‘The Flop’ with the cards being called ‘Community Cards’.

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    The betting continues as before with each playing taking their turn to act, betting, folding or checking if no bets are made. A fourth card is then dealt by the dealer, with this being called ‘The Turn’. The betting continues as before then a fifth and final card is placed on the table, a card that is known as ‘The River Card’.

    A final round of betting then takes place and the player with the best five card hand be declared the winner, but what are the best possible hands in Texas Holdem Poker? The best hand possible is a Royal Flush which is five cards from an ace to a ten, all of the same suit. A straight flush comes next with five cards of the same suit, like 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of hearts. The third best hand is four of a kind which is self explanatory.

    A full house comes next which is hand that consists of three of a kind a pair of another, and then comes a straight which is five cards in order of any suit. Three of a kind is the next best hand in Texas Holdem Poker with two pairs being the next best hand. The final two winning hands in a game of Texas Holdem Poker are one pair and a high card.

    If you are planning a Las Vegas themed party night fun casino hire is a great way to experience all the thrills and spills of a real life casino, and with the help of the instructions above you can have even more fun.

    The Fun Casino Hire Company specialise in hosting fun casino nights for charity nights, weddings and corporate events. Casino night events feature a variety of top games such as Texas Holdem, Craps and Blackjack, all hosted by professional croupiers.

    What the Beatles Could Learn from How to Win a Poker Tournament

    I can only dream about winning a poker tournament like this

    Sometimes you just wish you could call on legends like the Beatles. They would sadly not be able to give you a definitive answer on how to win a poker tournament. For a second however, let’s jump back to the 60’s and listen to these oracles of British music and see what they probably would have said… not mention that these are the opinions of people who ACTUALLY know what they are talking about when it comes to winning poker tournaments.

    Tournaments are the perfect way to test your skills at the poker table. For a small buy-in you can have hours of fun and play against a few or a thousand players worldwide. There are quite a few differences in style you should consider before starting out playing a tournament- the game play can vary a good deal between a tournament and a regular ‘cash game’. So here are a few things you should be aware of before taking to the table:

    Be Conservative

    In tournament play, it’s important to limit yourself to playing the hands that really matter. Most players will have an idea of what sort of hands are valuable; suited connectors, face cards with a decent kicker etc, so don’t be tempted by action just for the sake of action. Unlike a cash game, tournaments offer little chance of a way back so it’s important to look after your chip stack carefully.

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  • Don’t just look at your potential hand either, your position on the table and the bets of your opponents should figure large in your decision- if everyone has gone ‘all in’ and it’s your turn to decide, think carefully before committing yourself- sit it out and wait for the outcome.

    Oh those Beatles… they actually aren’t too useless at tournament poker aren’t they?

    I can only dream about winning a poker tournament like this

    Be Aggressive

    In a tournament, every player is well aware that their next move may be their last. Because of this, players are often on edge and tend to play a little more conservatively than they would under different circumstances so a little aggression is sometimes needed to spook the opposition. By far the best way of being aggressive is to make ‘over-the-odds’ bets on the flop if you have a half decent hand; when you have the best hand, at any given time, you should bet aggressively to force others to fold and in doing so win that hand. Look at your opponents’ respective stacks; what sort of bet would scare them off? People have different ‘cut off’ points, where they believe a hand’s value lies and so are unlikely to call on a bad hand if it means half of their stack will disappear.

    Beware of the Blinds

    Pretty much all poker tournaments increase the blinds according to a time or hands played basis- knowing when these increases are coming is instrumental in any player’s survival. You should aim to win a few hands in each ‘round’; once you’ve accumulated enough to pay comfortably for next round’s blinds, play more conservatively. Players with smaller stacks generally get eaten up when the blinds are increased as betting becomes more and more expensive, they are likely to take greater risks. If you feel like taking even fewer risks, the simple answer is to do a little bit of studying- a good way to start is to read a decent poker blog.

    Simon Yates enjoys playing poker with his friends and go to tournaments together.

    I wish the Beatles had more information on how to win a poker tournament. I know I could do with the advice. What I can do however is hit the tables online and at least try my best to build up my skills. In the simplest possible terms: keep reading everything you can from well established players who have actually won poker tournaments. Then apply it to low stakes online tournaments to build up your experience and hone your skills. It takes some time, but if it was easy everyone would have been a poker tournament winning superstar.

    Poker Gambling Online

    You can enjoy poker gambling online at these three great poker rooms in a matter of seconds. I am not a great fan of hearing those to terms next to each other as I feel that poker should be played with skill. Personally I find it quite frustrating when someone comes and sits at a table and just goes crazy.

    When playing a game of chess that is not a problem as someone can’t go mental and get lucky any win. I think I need to however just tell you about a way you can make sure that your poker gambling online is more about skill than it is about just pure luck. It is referred to as playing aggressively. Some people play very loose and often end up losing their chips very quickly or they build up a huge stack of chips in no time. As a long term strategy it is however just plain stupid.

    If you want to play aggressively you should start with playing poker online. When you play at online poker rooms you will be able to take part in games with fairly low stakes, which allows you to play in this way for a lot longer. If you take a more sensible approach you will be winning more often than not, but if poker gambling online is what appeals to you then we have just the option for you. They are called sit n go’s.

    A sit n go table is basically a quick tournament that you can take part in, which simulates a final table in a poker tournament. It can be anything from 2 up to 10 players at a table playing at the same time. It is a freeze out format with no re-buys or add-ons. When you are out you are out.

    When playing these tournaments you should experiment with playing aggressively in a later position and playing with slightly weaker hands. By playing a number of lower stakes games you will be able to start getting a feel for how you should play aggressively to win on a regular basis. This version of poker gambling online is a very exciting one and it is a great way to play Texas Holdem poker.

    Texas Holdem Poker Starting Hands

    The importance of Texas Holdem poker starting hands can’t be emphasized enough. It is crucial not only for beginner poker players, but also for more experienced players. If you have any intention of constantly winning when playing poker then you need to know the value of the different Texas Holdem poker starting hands.

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    There are basically three environments where you would play Texas Holdem, both online and in real life. This would be either in a cash game, a sit and go or a tournament. As the dynamics of these games change, so does the quality of certain Texas Holdem poker starting hands. If you have a full table (8 to 10 players) you would have a much narrower range of strong starting hands than if you were playing at a short table with 6 or less players.

    When playing cash games or tournaments there would be a couple of similarities in the starting hands you should be playing and the ones you should be folding. This is more applicable to the early stages of a tournament rather than later in the tournament where you might want to take a couple of risks. Playing with a conservative approach will win you more hands in the long run and get you to the money end of a tournament more often.

    The Texas Holdem poker starting hands start with the really strong hands (AA, KK, AK, QQ), moves on to the fairly strong hands (JJ, 1010, 99, AQ suited, KQ suited) and then to a range of lower quality hands. The really strong hands can be played in any position and you can play them with confidence. The fairly strong hands you should play a little more cautiously in early position and more aggressively in later positions if there isn’t much action on the table. The lower quality hands, namely suited connectors and lower pairs should only be played in later positions and without committing yourself too much pre flop.

    When you play sit and go tournaments or get to the later stages of the tournaments, the hands you should play should be selected a lot more carefully. When you decide to take one of the Texas Holdem poker starting hands and play with it, you should play it fairly aggressive so that you can take down the blinds or make sure you aren’t up against many opponents. If you are up against many opponents you will have many more chances of running into trouble.

    The dynamics will constantly change in a game of Texas Holdem and so should the way you look at the starting hands. The best way to improve your game and get better at playing is to play at low stakes. When playing at low stakes you can start to get a feel for when to hold them and when to fold them. By folding more of the Texas Holdem poker starting hands you will make sure that you don’t leak chips and that you end up with a positive balance more often.

    Winning Online Poker Strategy

    All poker players are always looking for that edge when playing, be it online or at their regular home game. A solid and winning online poker strategy is however far easier to achieve than you might think. There is a difference however between playing cash games and playing sit ‘n go’s and tournaments, but for this particular article we would be focusing on cash games.

    >>> Play poker.

    When playing Texas Holdem poker, the rules are simple and the goal is the same. You need to try and get the best 5 card hand at the table and relieve your opponents of the chips in front of them. When playing online cash games that is one of the easier things to do. We would like to share our winning online poker strategy with you. It is both useful whenever you play online poker games and forms a solid foundation if you want to build up a poker playing career.

    The first thing you need to do is start out slow. It is the most important part of a winning online poker strategy and based on how you approach this, your success will grow. The action in online poker rooms are much faster than when playing anywhere else. So you would be able to see more hands more often. Taking a conservative approach would help you to keep your funds safe as well as help you to regularly add to your chip stack slowly but surely.

    When playing with a more conservative style you need to take two things into account. The first is to make sure you play with the right poker starting hands and the second is to make sure you don’t play out of position.

    The right poker starting hands to use are the very strong ones like Açes, Kings, Queens and Ace King. These you will be able to play in earlier positions as well as use them in later position. As your starting hands get weaker you should play less of them or just play them when you are on the button or next to it and many people are in the pot. The odds would then be favorable and you would be making things a lot easier on yourself.

    Things would be easier, because you would have less difficult decisions to make. As the action is so fast online, you would be able to fold loads of weak or lower quality hands. This enables you to play seriously only when you get the strong hands. It is critical that you fold often as preserving chips is a crucial part of ending up with a positive balance after playing for some time.

    Many players think an aggressive approach is the best way to go about things and it often is in specific circumstances. Aggressive play by someone who has little experience is however only reckless play and has nothing to do with playing good poker.

    A good and solid winning online poker strategy would always focus on making sure you fold regularly and making sure you punish other players when you do get the good hands. Just playing for the hell of it, will have you running out of chips quite quickly and turn it more into gambling online than playing poker.

    Play Texas Holdem Poker Online

    It just sucks trying to get enough players together on a regular basis for a game of Texas Holdem poker. However when you play Texas Holdem poker online you can play whenever you feel like it. There are literally hundreds or even thousands of games you can join at any time of the day and night.

    When you play Texas Holdem poker online there is a lot of extra chips you can get added to your stock. I am not referring to beating other players just yet though. When you play regularly at the online poker rooms you will receive bonus offers that give you loads of extra chips in your account to play with. These chips can really come in handy in turning good hands into really profitable hands.

    At these online poker rooms there are loads of different Texas Holdem poker games you can play online. You can play cash games at different levels starting with very small up to fairly large blinds. There are also a number of sit and go tournaments as well as regular larger tournaments.

    It is definitely also one of the best ways to learn how to play poker and will help you to avoid many of the pitfalls along the way. It is the best possible way to learn how the game work and is played. The speed of the action is also a lot faster than when playing a live poker game, so you will be able to pick up on a lot more a lot faster.

    If you play sensibly you would be able to generate a nice income from your play. As you keep learning your skills will improve and so will your winnings. When you have mastered the art of playing you will have the world at your fingertips as you take down player after player. Whenever you play Texas Holdem poker online you will play one of the most thrilling games on the net.

    Heads Up Poker Strategy

    A sound heads up poker strategy differs quite a lot from a strategy you would use at a full table. The dynamics of the table and the odds on different hands just changes totally. The regular poker starting hands and their strength changes dramatically as the numbers at a table dwindle and the power of position disappears almost totally with a heads up poker strategy.

    First I would like to tell you want a heads up poker strategy should not be. When playing heads up it is not wise to try and wait around for one of the classical strong hands. This is the worst possible thing you can do. When you get to a heads up situation if you wait it out and lose five or six hands in a row by folding, the amount that you would lose would be huge as the blinds would be at a very high level. It is therefore important to try and keep a balance while not over committing yourself on absolute rubbish.

    All of the normal hand values would increase and the way you take it on when playing online would be the same as when playing in a land based tournament. The action is just a lot faster so it would require a lot of focus from you in an intense fight that might end fairly quickly. The obvious hands that are good to play would be the top pairs from Aces down to 10’s, however pairs like 9’s down to 6’s even hold some respectable value. Any high cards, suited or unsuited are worth playing for example a K 10. Any connectors from a 5,6 and up or suited cards with one high card of J or up are worth playing as well.

    To stay in the game you would need to try and take down a couple of blinds in heads up poker. It is a crucial part of a sound heads up poker strategy as it would help you to stay in the game. So when you are in the small blind and have one of the playable hands, you should make a decent raise of something like 3 or 4 times the big blind. In most cases your opponent would have absolute rubbish and fold. If they play back at you it would not have been such a massive risk to take though.

    When you get dealt a really big starting hand you should try your best in pulling your opponent into the hand so that you could punish them. If the flop comes with cards that couldn’t possible have turned your opponent’s hand into a powerhouse hand, you should strike and take some cash of them. This would be especially effective if they paired the board and you have an over-pair.

    Playing heads up is a little like gambling online, but your sound judgement would help you in winning more of these battles. If you get your timing right you will come away with many huge wins.

    Online Poker Strategy

    $600 Bonus
    $750 Bonus
    $600 Bonus

    The world of online poker has exploded over the last couple of years. This has been the case since more tournaments started getting television airtime, backed by the online poker rooms. The strategies used for playing in tournaments on television differ quite a bit however from a good solid online poker strategy.

    When playing in a live tournament or cash game the pace of the game is relatively slow. What happens is that players then start basing their playing strategy on a number of other factors to win. When learning how to play poker, I suggest however that you start off by playing online. Playing online and using a solid online poker strategy will also give you a steady basis for playing at a higher level.

    I am still to meet someone who plays poker who doesn’t get a glitter in their eyes when you talk about playing in the WSOP. Stepping onto the biggest stage in poker is a matter of baby steps at first. If you start running before you can properly walk you will come crashing down hard.

    The action in online poker rooms is a lot faster however and you can use this to your advantage when using your online poker strategy. In a regular cash game offline you might play 20 or 25 hands in an hour. When playing online, you are more than likely going to be playing 4 times that. What this allows you to do is to play with a very conservative strategy and come out the winner more often than not.

    Playing overly aggressive in the cash games online is a mistake that many poker players make. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of room to play aggressively in the poker rooms online, but there is a time and place for that. A conservative online poker strategy is however the best way to string together a number of wins when playing cash games online.

    Such an online poker strategy is based on playing only with very strong starting hands most of the time. If you want to play slightly weaker hands it is only advisable if you are on the button or just before the button. This gives you time to assess the strength of your opponents before committing your money. If you are able to see a couple of flops with weaker hands and your hands improve on the flop, you will be able to turn it into a very profitable hand.

    Online poker tournaments also run fairly quickly when compared to a tournament held offline. When playing online your online poker strategy should basically be broken down into a number of parts. During the first few hours of play it is advisable to play very conservatively and slowly build up your chips. As the tournament starts progressive towards the money you can pick your spots to play more aggressively. This pays off often as it is worth picking up a couple of larger blinds and the small pots also hold decent value.

    As you get into the money you need to find a balance between playing really aggressively and conservatively. Every spot you move up in the money would result in you getting more money. So if you are short stacked and there are others that are short stacked as well your online poker strategy should be to hold out for a strong hand. This might result in some of the other short stacks being knocked out. If you only play with a strong hand many of the other players would see your move as one of desperation and not give you any credit. They will often play along and this might result in you doubling up and getting right back into the tournament.

    There are a number of ways to approach your online poker strategy, but the best is to start conservatively. By playing regularly and paying attention to what other players do, you would be able to pick up a lot. The best starting point for a successful online poker strategy lies in two parts. First make sure that you play with strong starting hands and secondly make sure that if you aren’t holding them… you are folding them. No use in flogging a dead horse.