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Is Pennsylvania ready for Online Gambling?

The state is currently finding itself in an interesting situation where it is quite possible it could become the fourth state to enter the world of regulated online gambling along with Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. Currently they have a huge problem staring them in the face in the form of a $2.3 billion deficit for the state.

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They are however staring down the barrel of some concerns, but these are concerns that have been addressed globally by online casino operators for years. Rightfully they want to make sure that both underage gambling is not allowed and that the bad apples of the online casino world don’t come to their pond and make things difficult.

Another pressing issue is whether or not the option to allow gambling online and through mobile devices would help the state to the extent they hope it would. In the other states there has been revenue generated and it keeps growing, however it has fallen short of initial expectations.

The industry is however bound to both help in cutting back that huge deficit while also creating a huge number of jobs. With this kept in mind the arguments in favor of regulated online gambling become a lot more enticing.

They have taken the first steps however to seriously look at it as an option and would take it further at a second hearing that would be held in May to discuss the matter further.

The online gaming industry has matured substantially over the past two decades and there are numerous experts that can be counted on to lend their expert voices to the conversations about regulated gambling. We will wait with baited breath to see what the May hearings bring.