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One of the oldest if not the oldest casino game in existence is Keno. It has roots that date back to hundreds of years ago, in China. Played as it is, or as one of its many variations that have evolved over the years it is still a hugely popular way to gambling.

Online keno is just the best version of gambling you can enjoy there is in my opinion. If there ever was a game where you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the interesting web that Lady Luck weaves, then online keno is for you.

Keno is an interesting and fast paced mix between the lottery and bingo. When you play online keno games you will be able to enjoy all of that same fun, just at a much quicker pace. No more need to wait for that draw or wait for that next number to eventually be called out.

Online keno is a very simple game to learn to play. When playing online keno you will be presented with the option of choosing up to 15 numbers. Once you have selected your numbers and your bet size, the online keno machine will draw the winning numbers. Depending on how many matches you get, you will be awarded winnings. This really is why you should play casino keno as it is fast paced and the action never stops. When you are gambling online it also only gets better…

hitting a couple of numbers while playing online kenoI talked to guy the other day that downloaded one of our casinos for him and his wife. They opened some wine, flipped through a few games and then got stuck on the casino keno game. They had loads of fun, and I received a very friendly thank you e-mail from them. It is now one of their favourites and they play on a regular basis.

Now I am not saying that keno is definitely the game for you, but you should definitely give it a try. You can play online keno at any of the online casinos on GamblingCastle. As with all the other casino games on our site, you can enjoy a casino keno game for money or you can play online keno for free.

Didn’t I tell you that Mom never lies? It is just a crazy little game smack bang among all of the other casino games, but definitely worth trying out. Why not get started by playing it for free for a while to see how it works for you?

Play online keno for free

One of the truly great advantages of playing online is the option to play for free. If you would like to just try out keno for example you can easily play online keno for free.

The option of playing games for free at online casinos allows players to do a number of things. First off, they get to test the casino to see if they like playing at the specific casino. Then secondly it is a great way to learn how to play a certain game without losing any money in a silly way, because you are not yet familiar with it.

Lastly you can play online keno for free (or any other casino game) just because you want to. If you like playing, but don’t have any extra money available, you can log on as a guest player and play purely for fun. Be sure to tray a number of the casinos we mention on our site to see what is out there. We hope you have a great time and enjoy every minute of it.

Playing online keno for real money

Playing online keno for money offers you the chance to pocket huge winnings with very small bets. That is honestly the true essences of playing for money. The betting amounts start very small when playing online keno. You will be able to enjoy MANY games with only a small bankroll.

Every time you play the game you will be able to enjoy all the thrills and fun of the lottery and bingo rolled into one. The biggest difference is you don’t need to wait minutes or days between games. The pace of the game is high and ever round is a thrill. When you play casino keno for real money at any of the casinos on our site, you will be eligible for loads of bonus offers to stretch your gambling dollars much further.

the payout take of an online keno game

We must however urge you that you must seriously consider your bankroll management when playing any casino game for real money including online keno. There is no doubt that you will have a ball of a time playing online keno for real money… and we hope that luck runs your way!

Online keno games

Keno has been played for a number of years in casinos all over the world. Online keno games have however come along with the advent of online casino gambling. Online keno games can be found at loads of different online casinos and all of the casinos on our site offer keno. There are not many different varieties of the game, but it does offer some of the best fun you can legally have at a casino.

If you play keno games online it is just as easy to get the hang of as it is in a regular land based casino. Try it out for free or playing for real money. If you are a fan of slots or the lottery or bingo, you would more than likely love playing online keno games.

There is no arguing that Mom was telling the truth. She uncovered another gem! Everyone just thinks that she is an old bat playing bingo all the time. This one is however on steroids, fast pace, exciting and have bits of the lottery thrown into the mix. What else can you want? Thanks Mom!