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The ultimate form of gambling entertainment has to be online casinos with their loads of casino games. With so many choices, where should you start? We would like to suggest a couple that we feel are a cut above the rest.

Two sections of casinos you can play at

The very next section covers online casinos specifically where players from the USA and South Africa are also allowed to play. If you scroll down a little you will find options that I would personally recommend to players outside the US.

Online casinos for everyone…

Online casinos for players from USA and South AfricaThere are countless options available for players these days. I believe however that it makes sense to stick to the ones that you know are not just fair or average, but the real top ones. The casinos we have listed here below in the first section have been around for a couple of years. They have earned good reputations among online players, offer good games and rewarding bonuses.

Black Lotus Online Casino


Club World Online Casino


Hign Noon Online Casino


Lucky Red Online Casino


Slotland Online Casino


Aladdin's Gold Online Casino

Online casinos for Europe, Canada and Australia

Casinos for Europe, Canada and AustraliaThe list of online casinos below are the best in the world. Due to legislation problems in the US back in 2007 they moved out of that market completely. They are however ones that have been around for a long time and offer the widest range of games. The progressive jackpots on offer are also by far the biggest you will find online and they have regular top bonus offers for their players.

Colosseum Online Casino


Golden Tiger Online Casino


Vegas Slot Online Casino


Zodiac Online Casino


All Slots Online Casino


Casino Action Online Casino

Humble beginnings to global phenomenon

Since the early 90’s online casinos have brought the excitement of casino gambling into the homes of people around the world. Online casinos are loads of fun and offer loads of casino games that are just a mere click away. As time has moved on, online casinos have evolved into an exciting and realistic online version of the regular brick and mortar casinos. Although many people love to go to a casino it is not always possible or convenient. This is where online casinos have been great in bring the casinos to the players.

There are many online casinos doing the rounds, some have been along for a long time, some are new and others open their doors only to close down again after a short while. When gambling online you should always pop in here as we know where to play and where to stay away.

We have put together a selection of online casinos that we feel are some of the best around. They are made up of both the old and new. The new casinos all form parts of respected and trusted gaming groups and offer a new fresh version of the classics. There are just so many different casino games available when gambling online.

All of the online casinos offer very secure transactions and huge game variety. Some casinos offer 60 games while others offer as many as 500 different online casino games. That is part of what makes playing for money such an exciting option.

We have listed all of the online casinos featured on our site here. They are in no particular order of popularity of how we rate them. There are no endless lists of casinos, because we believe these are some of the best the internet has to offer.

online casinos with great bonus offers
The online casinos offer a very realistic gaming experience online

Playing at Online Casinos for free or real money

There are a couple of amazing online casinos out there and so many ways to enjoy. As technology has progressed, so has the ways in which you can play. Just to start off with you can play either for real money or for free. I will start with the option of playing for free first as it is often overlooked by players.

The option of playing for free is really something that players should consider more option. Whenever you have a couple of online casinos to choose from you would only be able to go on what others have written in reviews and on forums. However the proof is in the pudding when it comes to online casinos and in my opinion it is a much better idea to try it out. By playing for free you can try out the casino and its casino games and see if it what you were looking for or not.

In this way you can weed out the ones you don’t like as much and only play where you feel comfortable and where the casino games are to your liking. When playing for free at online casinos it is also a great way to learn how to play games you are not familiar with. It is actually how I learned to play blackjack, craps and video poker. There is also no better way to try out strategies than playing at online casinos for free.

The advantages of playing for real money are a bit more obvious. The chance to get your hands on some of the online casinos money is always very inviting, but the online casino bonuses are the really attractive part. You will be able to get your hands on so much more in terms of casino chips when you take advantage of the generous bonus offers out there.

classically themed online casino
There are many different types of online casinos and some offer a very classic look and feel

Convenience is what it’s all about with online casinos

The main goal of online casinos is to bring the gambling to you. They want to make it possible for you to play whenever you are online. That is not an understatement; they actually want to enable you to play at any time when you are on the net.

There is of course the most obvious of ways to play and that is by downloading the online casino software. This is always free and in many instances you will be able to play hundreds of different casino games. When you play on the downloaded casino software you will be playing the best possible version of the casino. You will have access to the most games with the best graphics and the most realistic sound effects.

One step on from that is to play through the flash version of the casino. This version can be played directly from the casino’s website in your browser. Although there are fewer games the action is definitely not watered down.

If you are always on the run, you can also enjoy your online casinos through your mobile phone. These days many of the top online casinos have the option to play on your mobile phone. As a result you can play a bit of slots or go for that Royal Flush when playing Jacks or Better when you have a couple of minutes to kill.

The coolest version of the online casinos at the moment I think must be through the live dealers. The live dealers allow you to have a very authentic casino experience and you can play roulette, craps, baccarat and blackjack in this way.

Other themed casinos
Although there are many classically themed casinos, there are quite a few that totally break away from the norm.

Online casinos are definitely the way to gamble…

There would probably be a couple of people who would want to protest when I say this. I must say that I understand their position on this. It is definitely great going to the casino and enjoying the ambiance of the casino. That whole casino experience can’t be replaced.

However it is very difficult for most people to get the time and opportunity to go to casinos as often as they would want to. The option of playing at online casinos therefore is definitely a great option for most people who enjoy gambling. The online casinos just bring gambling into the player’s homes to be enjoyed whenever they want to.