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Welcome to our main slot machines page. From here we hope we can guide you to where you want to be on your slots journey. The game is still by far the most popular version of casino game in the world, both online and in casinos.

If you have arrived here, you probably find to find out one of the following three things:
I want to learn how to play slot machines
I want to up my skills and become a better slots player
I just want to play online! Where can I play?

Thinking about slot machines there is no sound that encompasses the idea of a casino than the bells and whistles when slot machines are paying out. Slot machines are by far the most popular of all of the casino games in the world. This is true both online and in regular brick and mortar casinos.

The ones I get into more detail about on are the online versions. I have set out on a bit of a challenging adventure attempting to give you reviews and insights into a total 380 different online slot machines!

The online slot machine developers

Although there are huge number of online casinos out there, the most reputable and well known ones often run on one of two types of online casino software. These are from Microgaming and from Realtime Gaming. Both of them have been in business since the 1990’s and there is no denying their credibility or superiority when it comes to the constant development of the best and most entertaining slot machines around.

In total we will be looking at 287 different slot machines from Microgaming as well as 93 from Realtime gaming. Over the years there has been a constant competition between the two to produce the most unique and exciting variations possible. Judging from their global success and popularity it looks like they were definitely to achieve that goal.

There are others out there like the online slots you would find at Club777 or similar online casinos, but I am a much bigger fan of the two mentioned above. Based on these two groups of slot machines I would like to get into a lot more detail to explain to you why these two are the ones I enjoy most and give you a clear idea of what you can expect when playing at the casinos powered by their software.

Microgaming Slot Machines

We have a whole page that looks into these slot machines in a lot more depth. I would however just like to give you a little more background into the company behind it. They started all the way back in 1994 when they starting producing their casino software.

Before the turn of the century they were some of the pioneers that were responsible for bringing online casinos into homes the world over. At a time when the vast majority of the world’s population was still accessing the internet through dial up modems (oh the horror), they had offerings that could be enjoyed from home.

These early developments included a number of table games, but the slot machines were especially popular. They soon realized that there was a buzz around any new slot machines that they released and they started coming up with new concepts and wild ideas on a constant basis.

As a result, you are able to play around 300 different slot machines on quite a number of the online casinos powered by their software. The only problem that they ran into was legislation in the United States which wrongfully claimed that there was a connection between the funding of terrorism and online casinos.

I worked for a group of Microgaming casinos for quite some time and I can honestly tell you that this could not be farther from the truth. In order for them to keep their business safe, they withdrew from the American market and continue to serve many millions of happy gamblers outside of its borders.

Realtime Gaming slot machines

The Realtime Gaming or RTG slot machines as they are also known were started, not long after Microgaming, back in 1998. I am personally a big fan of their software and they also provide an amazing selection of slot machines.

Realtime gaming's three stooges slot machineAlthough they moved their operations from Atlanta where they originated to Costa Rica, they are still serving a large number of American online casino players. The legality around online casino play in the United States has been a bit of a gray area for the past couple of years, but they don’t seem to have any difficulties with their players at all. According to the respective top gambling forums it looks like they have been able to continue with their business as usual and serve players from all corners of the globe.

As the industry has developed over the past couple of years there has been a friendly rivalry between Realtime Gaming and Microgaming to get the rights to slot machines based on movie themes. The result has been a big win for the online slot machine enthusiasts as it has brought out the best in both camps. They have constantly come up with some of the most novel and amazing ideas around new slot machines and the players continue to be the winners at the end of the day.

Reel slot machines

In its most basic form every single slot machine in the world is in fact a slot machine. The reels will spin and make up the combination that determines if you win or not and how much you win.

a reel slot machine
This is what a reel slot machine looks like
The earliest of slot machines that you found in saloons in the 1800’s were actually quite amazing mechanical marvels.

They had a fairly large variety of combinations that could come up if played. The patterns would however repeat themselves after a while and players started waiting for the machines to get “hot”. When these reel slot machines were hot and due to pay out, they would then play for a while and wait for the nice pay-out.

Over the years, the saloons and eventually the casinos found out about what gamblers were doing and started using random number generators on these machines. The reel slot machines have become more and more scarce as they were replaced by more modern video slot machines.

Their popularity however never disappeared completely and they have had a constant following that flowed over into the online world.

Video slot machines

The evolution of slot machines moved on to more advanced interfaces with the birth of video slot machines. The way these machines are programmed result in a graphic display of spinning reels in exactly the same way as with reel slots, but just on a monitor. It is very similar to watching it happen on a television.

What has really been the positive growth point when it came to video slot machines was the fact that they were almost limitless. No longer was it necessary to try and build everything into a single mechanical machine. The video slot machines these days are multi-featured machines of varying levels of complexity.

The result of this flexibility has been that we have been able to compile reviews on a total of 380 different slot machines on here. They all have interesting differences that really makes it fit with just about every gambler in the world’s unique taste and preferences. You can play all of these amazing machines on the online casinos mentioned here on this page and all throughout out site.

Apart from the regular spinning reels and the pay-outs that come with them, there are also extras built into them in the form of bonuses and features, which we will touch on below.

Bonus slot machines

The bonus slot machines just flowed from the video slot machines and their flexibility. There are a few ways to look at the bonus slots as the “bonus” part of the name can be interpreted in one of two ways:

  • a bonus feature within the machine offering an extra mini-game
  • bonus money you can win on certain combinations
  • Both of them are 100% spot on and some of the slot machines actually have both of them rolled into one. Based on the combinations you hit while playing you will be redirected to a bonus screen. On the screen you can be presented with any number of different mini games, which then will result in even more coins going your way. So it is basically a win within a win.

    Certain combinations will also trigger bonus features which will start things like multipliers and instant cash prizes, but you can read a lot more about that on our bonus slot machines page (the link is above and on the menu to the right).

    Feature slot machines

    As I mentioned earlier the different casino software providers often get friendly rivalries going to try and secure the rights to certain slot machine themes. These range from movies, to television series, to pop stars and bands.

    There are also many other themes that get explored that either speak to certain cultures or exotic destinations. Some of them are honestly quite magical. I can’t say I enjoy all of them, but there are a couple that have gotten quite a few hours of game play out of me. I guess it is all a matter of taste when it comes to the feature slot machines.

    You should definitely have a look through the different casinos and see for yourself. I think it is just about impossible not to find a slot machine you absolutely love out of the huge selection.

    Progressive jackpot slot machines

    There are so many weird and wonderful options that you will find online these days, but there are very few as enchanting as the progressive jackpots.

    When I first started working at online casinos I was amazed to see the sizes of some of the jackpots you could win. At the time (the early 2000’s) the jackpots were in the tens of thousands and soon went up to the hundreds of thousands. It wasn’t long before I first saw someone take down a $1 000 000 jackpot.

    This one we were just waiting to get hit all the time and it just kept growing and growing. I was sure that I wouldn’t see one like that for some time. Just a month later, one of their sister casinos (actually Captain Cooks, which you will also find advertised here) had a winner that own just over $1 500 000.

    Major Millions progressive jackpot
    A player winning a huge jackpot!
    From there it became a frenzy and people started playing these online progressive jackpot machines a lot! The once rare million dollar mark then started to become a much more regular occurrence. You can just have a look at the different casinos shown on here and you will find that there are constantly amazing jackpots just waiting to be won.

    A prime example is the Microgaming slot machine Major Millions shown to the right. It’s jackpot counter starts on $500 000 every time after it is won, so no matter when you hit it, you will always walk away a lot richer…

    Online pokies

    Of course our friends from Down Under had to be different. Being a South African and often not being to happy with either Australian or New Zealand competition on the sports field it is a bit odd talking about this. They have a unique affair with slot machines and video poker machines and as they do with most things, they have their own slang to describe it. They call it (add best Australian accent here) online pokies.

    The machines are available all over the place and are an institution these days. If you look at the global gambling community, you will find that the people from Australia and New Zealand are some of the most avid gamblers. They enjoy a bet whenever it is on offer and this goes for all of the respective online casino games out there as well.

    I know there are a couple of online pokies that they really favor and we will be looking at some of the most popular options on this page.

    How to play slot machines

    I can understand that people who don’t play games on a regular basis or who are totally new to casinos might get a little lost with some of the casino games. It is however somewhat strange that there would still be people out there who don’t know how to play slot machines.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I am not implying in any way that these people are stupid or anything like that. It is just strange based on the sheer volume of people who play slots on a regular basis either online or at a regular casino. This combined with the number of times it is part of films and television shows just makes it a bit strange.

    I believe we should however be able to shed a little light on that and hopefully demystify some of the questions you might have around slot machines. Gone are the days of simply dropping a coin in the slot and pulling the arm. Things have gotten a lot more interesting and that makes it a very interesting time to be playing slot machines.

    The different types of slot games

    As mentioned earlier I am looking to give you information on a total of 380 different slot machine games. Getting lost in all of the noise would be extremely easy to do and we would be looking at a number of specific slot machines, which I believe are some of the most iconic and interesting you will find online.

    By no means are these the absolute best, but rather just the ones I like. They are however a great starting point that you can use to start exploring what the world of online slot machines has to offer.

    Having such a ridiculous amount of variety at your fingertips is a little mind blowing. You will not be walking to feet to the bone trying to get to any of them either. It is as simple as a couple of clicks and nobody would ever be in your favourite seat at your favourite machine.

    A short history of slot machines

    From it’s very humble beginnings in the 1800’s the slot machines quickly rose to popularity in the Wild West and across Europe. It exploded in popularity over the past few years and is still enjoyed by loads of people in casinos from Las Vegas to Hong Kong … from London to Johannesburg.

    It has also made the crossover to the web where casinos literally offer hundreds of different online slot machines to play. We tried to cover most of what the internet offers these days above, but these days things are moving so fast that things that happened a year ago look like ancient history.

    The original slot machines were however very crude machines even though they were mechanical works of art for the time. The limitations that these machines had were eventually used by shrewd gamblers who started picking up patterns in the results that these machines were delivering. To the vast majority however the first slot machines offered a world of wonder and amazement.

    It was a game you could play for a few measly coins that could result in you walking away a much richer man. The fascination that it had back then was quite amazing. The popularity it would gain in the next hundred years no one could ever guess however.

    Slots become a main stream attraction

    In the 1900’s, especially after World War II, casinos started springing up. At first the dominance was on the side of the table games with blackjack, roulette and craps stealing the lime light. The slot machines were however always popular and there were rarely empty seats in front of any of the machines.

    The result was that more and more slot machines were added to the casinos and they became the biggest part of just about any casino out there. The instant wins you could get from these machines and the shimmering lights depicting the jackpots on offer drew players in the same way as a shiny trinket would draw a crow.

    During the 1980’s there was however a very interesting twist in the story of slot machines: personal computers. Some of the earliest games you could play on computers were card games. At first it was just solitaire, but soon there were blackjack and video poker varieties available. It wasn’t long before you could buy a whole set of casino games to play for fun on a computer.

    It finds a new market through the internet

    The internet was however the perfect match for online casinos and especially the explosive growth of slot machines. From the earliest online casinos back in the 1990’s through to present day, the popularity of slot machines have just continued to grow enormously.

    These days there are so many different slot machines to play online, both for free as well as for real hard cash, that it would be impossible to cover all of them. If you have a look back up the page at all of the different variations available, you can find out more about the online slots we decided to have a look at.

    It is quite a bit of work that has gone into building up the information about this group of amazing slot machines, but is definitely worth every minute of it. The ones we are looking at number just short of 400 and we would leave it at that for quite some time.

    If history has taught us anything it is that people are in awe of new and interesting things. We are busy riding this exact wave by looking at this huge range of slots. It would be impossible for me to write about every online slot machine you can find out there as I can physically only type that fast.

    We know what history has brought us, but we have no way of knowing for certain where it will take us next. Where we are now however with all of these amazing different playing options is a great place to be. It is convenient… It is diverse… It is exciting… and it is just wonderful to have it all at your fingertips.

    Get on the wave and ride it with me as we look at this vast collection of gambling glory. There is lots of fun to be had and lots of luck on the line…

    What lures people to play slot machines?

    If you enjoy gambling online then you probably love to play slot machines. At online casinos you can play slot machines 24 hours a day and it is just a few clicks away. The option to play slot machines online is the most convenient way to enjoy the most popular of all casino games. It is a fact that people play slot machines more than they do any other casino game. Over the years there have been many different casino games that have come and gone. There are also others that have become very popular, but none more so than slot machines.

    The people who play slot machines vary greatly in age and both men and women love playing the game. It is however true that many men like to play online blackjack as well and as a result it is the second most popular casino game. There are a couple of ways in which you can enjoy slots on the net, which makes things quite interesting. The first option when you play slot machines is to play for free. Now you might ask what the sense is in that, so let’s talk about that. Online casinos have an amazing selection of slot machines you can play. When you get to an online casino for the first time you can then play their games at no cost. This enables you to test the casino first and see if it is the kind of casino you like.

    Playing for real money is where things get interesting. There are the classic slot machines that have 3 reels and between 1 and 5 pay-lines. Then there are the options where you can play video slots. The video slots have multiple reels, multiple pay-lines, bonus games, free spins, wild symbols… You get the picture. Then you can play the amazing jackpot slot machines. These slots often pay in the millions if you hit the jackpot and over the years there have been a huge number of instant millionaires.

    When you play slot machines you can play the regular version, which is by downloading the casino software and playing it on a computer. This version usually has the full selection of casino games and the best graphics and sound quality. Then there is the flash version of the casino where you can play slot machines through the browser window, which makes it possible for you to play whenever you are online. This is also possible through a tablet pc.

    Last but not least, many of the casinos these days offer mobile casino gambling, which makes it possible for players to play slot machines when they have a couple of minutes to spare through their smartphones. If you want to play slot machines on the internet you just need to follow a few simple steps. First you need to download the free software of any of the casinos on our site. Then you need to install the software and register an account.

    You can then play slot machines for free right away or fund your account and play slot machines for real money. It doesn’t matter, which you prefer as you will be treated to a huge variety of different real online slot machines to play.

    play slot machines online
    You can play slot machines whenever you want to. They are available around the clock

    These slot machines can all be accessed from the online casino lobby. You never need to walk from one machine to another or wait for a machine that you like. All of the slot machines are always available to play on the internet. That is probably the biggest advantage of online gambling. You should definitely be playing the slot machines at the online casinos mentioned on our site. They are some of the best slot machines you will ever play on the net and we know you will have loads of fun.

    There are so many amazing casino games that you can enjoy online, but when you play slot machines you will be enjoying the best of what casinos have to offer. A number of the casinos offer a few hundred different slot machines to play.

    When you are online and you like the casinos, then you would be doing yourself an injustice in you don’t play slot machines at the online casinos. It is just so convenient to play online, so there is no reason why not to.

    Slot games now offer a wealth of entertainment

    There many casino games that you can play but the slot games will always remain the most popular. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world and whether it is on the internet or at a local casino, the slot games always pull the majority of the crowds. Over the years the slot games are some of the casino games that have seen the biggest evolution. They have grown from very simple reel slot games to where they are now as real online slot machines.

    These days you can play slot machines in so many different colours, flavours, coin sizes, tastes, smells… okay so the last two are not true, but you know what I am getting at. The huge variety of slot games online is definitely something to explore. At a regular casino you might not always get a seat at that favourite slot game, but online that is never a problem. You can play all of these amazing slot games whenever you actually want to. You can play for free or for money, play on your computer or mobile phone. It has just become so convenient to play online and there is absolutely no reason not to play on the internet. The casinos we have chosen to promote will offer you an abundance of different casino games.

    The slot games you can play at a land based casino has been developed for online casinos so that there is very little difference. The major difference of course is that you don’t have to drive to an online casino… or take time off from work… or book yourself into a hotel. As a result, slot games on the internet have become a very popular destination for gamblers who don’t have a land based casino nearby. The slot games that you will find at online casinos offer you the opportunity to try the games for free at first. If you want to continue to play for free, you can do so and you never need to play for real money.

    definitely the best slot machine tip

    If you want your chance to get your hands on some of the casinos money, you would need to play slot games for real money. That after all is what gambling online is all about. The biggest advantage to online casinos is that everyone gets treated like a VIP from the time that they start playing at the casino. You will be eligible for bonus dollars from your very first deposit and this really makes your gambling dollars stretch a lot further.

    Regular bonuses are also offered to players who visit the casinos frequently. Apart from the bonuses you will also have support staff on hand 24 hours a day to help you with any problems that you might experience. Getting back to the important part… Slot games on the internet are loads of fun and there are so many different slots to choose from. To get started, just download one of the online casinos on our site and work through the easy-to-follow instructions. Good luck!