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The bonus slot machines make things extremely interesting. Out of all the slot machines you will come across the most exciting ones are probably the bonus slot machines. These slot machines are exciting versions of video slot machines that offer some of the most interesting ways of winning. When gambling online you will find loads of these amazing bonus slot machines to play.

Bonus slot machines offer players the chance to play a small extra mini game inside a video slot machine. These bonuses are usually activated by the scatter symbols. If you hit a certain number of them you will be able to increase your winnings substantially. They bonus slot machines that I like best are the ones where you can go both to a mini game and you can earn bonus free spins.

Microgaming bonus slot machines

I have to admit, I have been a bit bad in updating the slot machines from the Microgaming side. It will happen in the very near future and then this part would not be so empty and sad…

Realtime bonus slot machines

Bonkers – 3 reel slot machine, Food Fight – video slot machine, Jackpot Cleopatras Gold – progressive slot machine, Jackpot Pinatas – progressive slot machine, Jazz Time – online video slot machine, Shopping Spree 2 – progressive jackpot

bonus slot machine win free spins
On some of the bonus slot machines you can win free spins along with extra chips

The bonus slot machines are definitely some of the most exciting of all slot machines. What makes it interesting is that you will be able to play extra games within the game and have many more interesting ways to rack up the wins.
The casinos featured on GamblingCastle feature a number of amazing bonus slot machines that will amaze you in how much they actually offer. Seeing is believing though and we recommend that you at least download the casinos to check out the slot machines for yourself. If for some reason you are not sure about the slots you can play them for free at first of course. This will also give you the opportunity to uncover all of the amazing casino games without having to risk anything.

You would want to get in as much action as you can and thoroughly explore these casinos so that you can really enjoy all that they have to offer. The bonus slot machines are also just a part of the total package with a wide array of other amazing casino games as well.

Mini games offer you the opportunity to get your hands on extra casino credits without having to pay a cent. Only when you are gambling online would you be able to do something like that.

On the other hand the free bonus spins offer players the opportunity to get in a few more spins at no cost. The free spins usually also go hand in hand with a multiplying of your wins during the free spins. This is the case when you play for free or enjoy the slot machines for money.

You need to definitely try some of the online casinos on our site, if only to try out the bonus slot machines. We know you will have a great time and enjoy every second of it.In the past it was only casinos based on the Microgaming casino software that offered a number of bonus slot machines. Things have however changed in recent years, which is a great thing for everyone who loves playing online. These days the online casinos all offer a variety of bonus slot machines you can play and their various amazing features just keep expanding. It makes these slot machines truly amazing and you can only wonder what they will come up with next!

nice win on bonus slot machine
The bonus slot machine features often lead to a nice bunch of extra chips…

So in essence you just have no reason to limit yourself in the entertainment department if you like playing slots. With all of the bonus features you will run across and weird and wonderful ways to win it really does make it interesting.

As the rest of the casino games have evolved slot machines needed to evolve to stay relevant, interesting and just keep their standing at the top of the popularity food chain at casinos.

Bonus slot machines was a big part of the answer to this challenge and now they still sit proudly at the top of the food chain.