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Who Really Plays Feature Slot Machines?

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The people who play feature slot machines are those who are looking for a little something more when they play slots. There really isn’t a better option then! The internet has really written a whole new chapter in the world of slots with these new features added. Although we will touch on it here, we can’t possibly talk about everything as it is so diverse between the different slot machines available.

The feature slot machines are definitely the most entertaining out of all of the different variations. They have the best of all aspects rolled into one.

On the one hand they are video slot machines… on the other they are bonus slot machines… and then to round things off they are usually based on a very popular movie, character or television program.

The fun that they bring can’t realistically be matched by any of the other versions of slots you can play in any casino. Regardless of the ones that are progressive jackpots to boot, they just offer so much more than many of the standard reel slot machines.

I am not trying to bash the classics and if they are the ones you enjoy I can understand the charm they offer. The feature slot machines are just the sought after sports cars in the world of slot machines.

There are a couple of really amazing feature slot machines out there that we would like to have a look at. They come from either Microgaming or Realtime Gaming and the choice is yours on which ones you want to try out (and of course the small little consideration of jurisdiction).

many variations on feature slot machines
The feature slot machines offer huge variety in both ways to win and extra games

Realtime Gaming Feature Slot Machines

Aztec’s Millions
Jackpot Cleopatras Gold

feature slot machines with multiple paylines
All feature slot machines offer multiple paylines and sometimes even progressive jackpots

Then where should I start with them?

That is a question that is luckily easy to answer: at the top. On each of the casinos that we have on you will find a lot of feature slot machines. When you first visit a casino I always feel it is the best idea to only register a guest account and play just for fun. It gives you the opportunity to really get stuck into all of the different games that they offer.

It also gives you a chance to play each of the feature slot machines for some time with absolutely no risk. Should there be a couple that you like, you can always switch over to real money. If not, you didn’t lose a cent and you just did some “window shopping”. Nothing wrong with that.

In fact that is one of the best features about the casinos on the net. You can explore them for free. You can try out the games, learn how to play new ones and just basically judge their selection for yourself. But I am getting a bit of course here.

The casinos you will find on here have dozens of feature slot machines for you to try out and the extras in each of these games really make it possible for you to find a new appreciation for slots. I bet you that as soon as you get stuck into them you will be on there for quite some time. Hope you have a great time!