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video slot machine bonus screen win
The bonus screen was triggered after this win on the Food Fight video slot machine
We like video slot machines and we like them a lot. The first slot machines were however mechanical reel slot machines, but over the past couple of years the majority of these relics have been replaced with video slot machines.

The biggest different between reel and video slot machines are the graphics. The video slot machines offer riches and more entertaining graphics.

On to the exciting stuff… The reel slot machines are the good old classics, but video slot machines are just an amazing step up. Over the past few years there have been a number of stunning video slot machines that have seen the light of day.

Many of them are filled with features that turn them into the transformers of the online gambling world. Not only are they slot machines, but often have bonus games that can be triggered. Through these bonus screens another whole set of winning options become available.

Realtime Gaming Video Slot Machines

Aztec’s Millions, Food Fight, Jackpot Cleopatras Gold, Jackpot Pinatas, Jazz Time, Shopping Spree 2

Microgaming Video Slot Machines

All of the best video slot machines used to be developed by Microgaming systems. They have not gone backward and are still popping out amazing titles like the Lord of the Rings slot machine and the Thunderstruck 2 slot machine. The other casino software developers have however also seriously come to the party.

These days video slots have however just started to edge on the brink of the totally ridiculous, but in a good way. They are fraught with bonus games, wild symbols, scatter symbols that trigger free spins and a whole lot more. We have put together some of the best casinos in terms of the amount of games and especially the quality of their slots.

You would be able to jump into this world of amazing entertainment right here at any of the casinos we have listed on our site. The only problem… you can only play at one casino at a time.

More on Video Slot Machines

With them being digital slot machines instead of rigid reel slot machines, they can offer so much more.
With the advent of video slot machines many interesting slot machines started to pop up. These video slot machines first of all allow a huge range of coin sizes to be played. With the older machines you would have been limited to a specific coin size on all bets. Things are however much different with the video slot machines. Many of the machines can be played as either penny machines or as high as $25 machines. There are even larger ones than that.

The other major advantage is that all kinds of interesting and fun features have been worked in. With many of the video slot machines for money there are wild and scatter symbols. These help to either complete winning combinations or they give you access to bonus screens.

On many of the video slot machines you can also play as many or as few pay-lines as you like. This means that on some machines you can play 1 pay-line or up to 40 pay-lines! That is what gambling online is all about.

The bonus slot machines offer a truly unique online gambling experience as you will be treated to a mini game inside the slot machine. Through these mini games you can then get your hands on even more of the casinos money. The shear variety of video slot machines that you can play at the casinos on our site is enough to get you all excited. You should definitely have a look through some of these casinos and try your luck on some of these state of the art video slot machines.

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