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Poker Strategy

Going to war without a strategy would get you killed very quickly and playing poker with no plan is a sure way to lose money at an alarming rate. Well you might get lucky, but why rely on luck? Poker offers you the chance to continually improve your skills and having a sound poker strategy that you follow can ensure constant wins for you.

Even though multiplayer poker shares many similarities in as far as the winning hands go, the paths split from there. Online video poker and its varieties is a casino game with a combination of luck and sound strategy. However with multiplayer poker you get the chance to play almost totally on skill. There will always be some 50/50 situations, but in the long run you will be a winning player if you incorporate the theories and strategies we will present to you in this section.

We will be focusing on Texas holdem poker strategy as it is the game played by 90% of poker players around the globe.It would only benefit you to add this page to your bookmarks and check back regularly. Take the information we give to you, try it out at our online poker rooms and start taking some cash of the other guys (and girls).

A very basic poker strategy for beginners

There are some very easy rules to follow to start off with and these are good principles to follow whenever you play poker. If you are relatively new to poker it is always best to play at very low limits. The reason for this is that your risk would be very low. If you are still not very proficient you will only lose a very small amount. If you win, you will get in good practice without ever having had to risk too much.

Secondly it is never a good idea to play at limits where you would be risking too much of your bankroll. For example if you buy in for $100 at a poker room. It doesn’t make sense sitting down at a $5/$10 table. You might get lucky, but if the cards don’t come quickly, you will lose your $100 very quickly. Therefore sit down at a $0.10/$0.25 table where the risk to your total stack is very small.

DON’T BLUFF!!! It always looks spectacular in the movies and in the televised tournaments. What we see on television is however only a small part of possibly a long day of playing. It is a calculated move made by seasoned players at specific times. It doesn’t serve any purpose in building a solid poker strategy foundation.

Make sure of the hands you play and fold pre-flop. Playing to many hands would result in you losing your stack quickly (most of the times). Have a look at our poker starting hands section for more information on the hands that make sense to play.

Now this might sound silly, but you need to know which hands beat which hands. I have come across many players who are extremely happy with pairing their Ace only to lose out against someone with a straight. Have a look at our winning poker hands section to just make sure. This should give you a good start and push you in the right direction. Bookmark this page and check back regularly to make sure you constantly improve your playing skills.