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Video Poker is a variation on the very enjoyable draw poker that people have played the world over for years. There are quite a few different varieties of the game and it offers loads of fun and excitement for any poker enthusiast. You would not always be able to play all of the varieties of video poker at land based casinos, but all of them are always just a click away when you play online video poker.

When playing any of these varieties it would be a good idea to make sure that you understand the basics of draw poker. It will also help to look at some of our suggestions for the varieties of online video poker available. When playing online you will be able to enjoy so many varieties of video poker.

Whereas most casino games run purely on luck, video poker is one that also requires a certain degree of skill. If you are new to playing online video poker, read on… We will give you a quick run-down of how the game is played.

How to play online video poker for money or for free

Playing a video poker game is the same a playing any other poker game for that matter. You aim to get the highest hand combination based on the cards dealt to you.

In simple terms, an online video poker game is played as follows:

  • First a hand of five cards is dealt to the player
  • From this hand the player must decide which cards he wants to keep and which hands he wants to throw in
  • New cards are dealt to replace the ones you threw in and this makes up your final hand
  • The pay-out on your hand is then decided on based on how it ranks on the pay-table of that particular video poker game
  • The winning hands, ranked from best to worst, can be seen on our poker winning hands page.

    Something to remember when playing a video poker game is that you need to make sure of the rules of the particular variation of the video poker game. You would be able to see the rules when playing the game in the online casino. When gambling online at the casinos on our site you will always be able to find the information on the site if it is not available in the game while you are playing.

    You need to remember that you can play a video poker game for free or for real money. Playing for free allows you to practice playing without spending a cent and then once you have the hang of it, you can switch to playing at an online casino for money.

    Different varieties of online video poker

    There are a number of main varieties of online video poker games you will find. There are sometimes small variations on these, but the following are the main variations.

    Jacks or better is the most commonly played variation of online video poker and is often referred to as draw poker. The poker winning hands start at a pair of Jacks and then work their way up.

    There are more variations on Jacks or better poker and one called 6/5 Jacks or better is more commonly known as Tens or Better online video poker. The main difference here is that the winning hands start at a pair of tens.

    The most popular version of online video poker using wild cards is Deuces Wild, where the deuces are wild cards. These wild cards can be substituted to make winning hand combinations when playing this version of video poker online.
    Bonus poker is a variation of Jacks or better poker with a higher pay-out when you hit four of a kind.

    With Double bonus poker you will receive an extra bonus if you manage to hit four aces. The last common variety is Double double bonus poker that offers larger pay-outs for certain four of a kinds.

    Strategy for playing online video poker

    There are certain varieties of these video poker games that give you a small percentage chance of having a house edge. In order for you to achieve this however you need to play with a perfect strategy. These specific pay-outs are also only available at certain casinos in Vegas and not at any other in the world to my knowledge.

    I am not aware of any variation of online video poker that offers you the opportunity to have a house edge. Online video poker is however a game which combines luck and strategy and you can make some money from it with a bit of luck. For more information about how to play real money online video poker properly, click on the variations of the games above and read more.

    Jacks or Better Poker

    Jacks or better poker is the most commonly known and regular played version of online video poker. There are many variations to the game, all of whom are played in casinos the world over.

    When gambling online you can play it in the comfort of your home.

    Jacks or Better Poker theory

    The game of Jacks or Better poker is played on a video poker machine and the poker winning hands start at a pair of jacks. The higher the hands get, the higher your pay-outs would be. There is nothing strange or tricky to Jacks or Better video poker.

    Many people also refer to Jacks or Better as draw poker and having a good understanding of how to play draw poker will stand you in good stead when playing Jacks or Better. Pay-out tables for the game vary vastly depending on the casinos you play at. Full pay machines are still available in a few casinos in Vegas, but these machines you will not find anywhere else.

    There are some common mistakes you can avoid when playing Jacks or Better poker and the most common mistake is drawing to a stronger hand that is unlikely to hit. If you already have a winning hand, don’t break it up. Just try to improve on this hand.

    Jacks or Better poker can be played at all of the online casinos for money on our website and you can have a look at our online casinos page for options or just have a look at the chosen options to the right of this page.

    Different varieties of Jacks or Better poker

    The standard version of Jacks or Better poker is played using a full pay-table. The other varieties will not always be mentioned by name in the casinos you play at, but their pay-outs are slightly worse. Any pay-outs mentioned below should only be seen as the maximum mathematical possible pay-out. It doesn’t mean that you will definitely receive it, but you can reach this level.

    The other full pay-table versions of Jacks or better you will play are:
    Tens or Better poker – a variation of 6/5 Jacks or Better, Bonus poker, double bonus poker and double double bonus poker all variations of Jacks or Better with the only changes being how the pay-outs are made on four of a kinds.

    Some of the other varieties, which provide a lower pay-out are:
    In 9/5 Jacks or Better the pay-out for making a flush is cut from six times your bet to five times your bet. This reduces your maximum pay-out to 98.45% if you play the maximum amount of coins.

    When playing 8/6 Jacks or Better the pay-out for making a full house is changed from nine times your bet to eight times. The result is that your pay-out percentage will drop a little more to 98.39% if you play the maximum amount of coins.

    In 8/5 Jacks or Better there are two changes made with a flush changing from nine times to eight times your bet and a flush goes down to five times your bet from six times. The impact on your possible pay-out percentage is that the maximum changes to 97.3% only when playing the full five possible coins.

    When you get to 7/5 Jacks or Better the full house is cut down even further to seven times your bet from nine times your bet and you will only get five times your bet instead of six times. The result on your maximum possible pay-out is that it drops to 96.15%.

    6/5 Jacks or Better poker sees the biggest change in pay-outs as you will only receive six times your bet for a full house instead of nine times. You will also online receive five times your bet instead of six times on a flush. The result is that you will see a maximum pay-out of 95% when playing the maximum coins.

    Which Jacks or Better machine to play at

    Forget about the myths and legends of machines being due as it is just not true. When you find a Jacks and Better machine, first see what the pay-outs are for full houses and flushes. If the full houses pay nine times or at the lowest eight times your bet, you are halfway there. Then you must make sure that flushes are paid at six times or at the lowest five times your bet.

    To go with this, you need to always play the maximum amount of coins available as the biggest difference in pay-out percentages in Jacks or Better comes when you hit the Royal Flush. This paid at a much higher level if you play the maximum amount of coins. All of these suggestions work as well when gambling online as when you are playing at a regular casino as both versions work 100% the same.

    Tens or Better poker

    In a game of Tens or Better poker the name says it all. It is a video poker that pays out when the winning poker hand is a pair of Tens or better. When playing Tens or Better you will play with a standard 52-card deck which gets shuffled after every hand. There are no wild cards in a game of Tens or Better.

    To play Tens or Better poker you only need a very basic understanding of the game of poker. You need to understand the different winning poker hands and you are halfway there.

    The way the game is played is fairly simple. Regardless of whether you will be playing for money or for free, the game stays the same. Actually playing for free is a great way to learn before moving on to playing for real money. You can only learn in this way when gambling online.

    How Tens or Better poker is played

    Let’s give you a quick rundown of how the game is played. First you choose your bet size and then press the DEAL button to get your first set of cards. You will then have a chance of keeping some cards and letting others go. What makes things a lot easier in Tens or Better is that you will be shown if you have a qualifying hand already.

    If you already have a straight, flush, full house or four of a kind, just leave it as is. If you have a pair, higher than a pair of tens or three of a kind you need to keep those cards. Don’t try to hit a huge hand by letting a winning hand go.

    playing tens or better video poker online

    To ensure that you have the best odds when playing Tens or Better you would need to be playing the maximum amount of coins. This changes your pay-outs to the best possible as the pay-out for a royal flush is much higher. You will be offered the opportunity of doubling. In all honesty this is not a bet to take. If you enjoy gambling this would really be a bet to take, but if you would like to get the best possible odds, you need to stay away.

    Tens or Better poker is an enjoyable version of online video poker. It has a lot in common with Jacks or Better poker and you will definitely have loads of playing. We wish you the best of luck and that you get dealt the top hands.

    Why tens or better video poker online will always be a favourite

    When first introduced to online casinos tens or better video poker was already a well established version of video poker at land based casinos. It is one of the no thrills versions of video poker that could be played basically with the same strategy you would employ when playing 5 card stud.

    The thing that really appeals to me most about tens or better video poker online is that you can play where and when you want to. So if you are sitting watching tv and your partner or kids are watching a show you are not interested, then you can play a couple of hands of video poker. I do exactly the same with some of the online poker tournaments. I still sit with them, but continue with what I actually prefer to do.

    Otherwise you can just as well be lying in bed and play a couple of hands or at the office as you are waiting for a next meeting to start.

    The game and the way it is played is what made tens or better poker popular in the first place. The fact that the casino now comes to you just makes it so much more convenient. The advantage of being able to play when and where you want to just fits so well into the hectic way of life we all experience these days.

    When you play tens or better video poker online at any of these online you see on you are ensured of a great time. They have a wide variety of casino games including the very popular tens or better poker.

    Just by the way as you get into it and feel your way around, you can play for free at these casinos. What I mean by that is that you can set up a guest or free play account. This grants you a unique opportunity to try it out and see if you like the way it plays.

    With the huge variety of options available you also don’t have to stick just to tens or better video poker. You can try the other versions of video poker, the slots, blackjack, roulette… I assume you get where I am going with this. Just enjoy it!

    Deuces Wild poker

    In a game of Deuces Wild poker things change quite a lot from other video pokers like Jacks or Better. To play Deuces Wild video poker you need a very basic understanding of winning poker hands. The poker hands that qualify in a game of Deuces Wild start off with 3 of a kind.

    The game is the only version of video poker where wild cards come into the equation. This changes the way that this version of video poker is approached. Your approach should however not change if you are gambling online, you actually just need to focus a little more as the games are played very fast.

    The pay-outs are greatly affected by how you approach a game of Deuces Wild and there are a number of things you can do, which will increase your chances of winning. There are some common pitfalls that players stumble into when playing Deuces Wild, which would make perfect sense when playing other versions of video poker.

    Some sensible tips to take into account when playing Deuces Wild poker

    When you get dealt your cards there are many things to consider, but there are a few crucial points that you need to make sure of when playing Deuces Wild. First rule to remember is that you NEVER DISCARD A DEUCE. This is the first and golden rule of playing Deuces Wild. If you have nothing else, then at least keep the deuce.

    deuces wild video pokerWhere it makes sense to keep 2 pair in other games, it is a very stupid move in Deuces Wild. The only way to improve this hand is to hit a full house. The odds are minute whereas you stand a much better chance to hit three of a kind if you keep only one pair or even hit four of a kind.

    It is always a better idea to keep a pair instead of keeping four cards that you have for a straight or flush draw.

    The last suggestion is that you make sure of the machines you play at. In order for you to get the best possible odds when playing Deuces Wild is to make sure that the payment for four of a kind is at least 5 to 1.

    Why Deuces Wild video poker is ideal to play online

    I really love playing for money when playing something like Deuces Wild. It is such a wonderfully balanced game of chance and skill. That is where the REAL fun comes into the picture for me.

    Before you start whipping out your credit card, you need to remember that you can also practice playing Deuces Wild video poker at no cost. That is definitely something your local casino will laugh at. With all of the casino games except for blackjack and slots, I had to learn to play online.

    It is just a lot easier as you don’t need any other equipment or people to help you out. You can learn to play Deuces wild video poker online whenever you have time to do so. Then once you are good to go, you can take the step up and start playing for cash.

    The bonus offers you can get from the casinos will give you an option to play a lot more Deuces Wild and other video poker games. At some of the casinos you can also get bonus offers that are specific to video poker, so keep your eyes open for these ones.

    Wild is definitely a wonderful variety of video poker and a great variation on the regular versions of video poker you will find played most often. Gambling online is loads of fun and the best game to play in my opinion is video poker.

    Bonus poker

    Bonus poker is a version of video poker which is based on Jacks or Better with only a slight difference. The difference with Bonus poker comes in when it comes to the pay-outs for four of a kind. The pay-outs are higher than it would be when playing a regular game of Jacks or Better.

    It might not sound like much at first, but the more you play casino games the more you will see that the small margins are the ones that actually make the biggest differences in the long run. This is really one of those opportunities that don’t come along that often.

    A few quick tips on bonus poker

    There are however a number things we would like to suggest you do when playing Bonus poker. It can become very easy to lose sight of the many other different possible winning hands when aiming to hit the four of a kind. This actually hurt your chances when playing bonus poker.

    First of you should hold and four cards that you have for a straight flush and hold any three cards to a royal flush. If you have any four cards to a flush you should discard only the fifth.

    When it comes to straights in a game of Bonus poker you should look at keeping open ended straight draws. If you have a 4,5,6,7 for example you keep them and drop the other card hoping to hit one of the possible 3’s or 8’s.

    Keep any low pairs of tens or lower in Bonus poker with the goal to improve them to three of a kind or even four of a kind.

    If you hold any K,Q or J of different suits or the same suits, keep them and drop the others. If you hold two of these cards also keep them. If you hold one high card namely J,Q or K you should keep them.
    If you have missed all of these rather draw five new cards in a game of Bonus Poker. Remember this as it is very important when gambling online.

    Bonus Poker offers one of the highest possible pay-outs for video poker and you should make sure that you always play the maximum number of coins to make sure that your possible pay-out percentages are at its highest.

    the real difference in bonus poker is in the higher payouts of getting four of a kind

    Apart from that we hope you have a lot of fun playing Bonus poker. Playing for money or just playing for free both offers loads of fun. You might want to consider first trying out the casinos for free and then moving on to playing for real money.

    There is a definite case to be made for bonus poker as an option to play online. Take the tips we have given in this article and try them out. You can try them out without spending any of your own money. Just play with the free chips first. If it works for you, then play for money if you want to. There is absolutely no risk in it for you.

    Double bonus poker

    Double Bonus poker is an interesting variation on Bonus poker and it is based on Jacks or Better poker. The major difference is that you will receive a bonus pay-out for four aces. When you play Double Bonus video poker the theoretical return is 100.2% if you play it with a perfect strategy.

    Now the only real problem is that you would probably not be able to play perfect strategy constantly. When you are gambling online the pace is very fast so you need to make sure you don’t lose focus. The online casinos on our site all offer Double Bonus poker and we would like to help by pointing you in the right direction with your approach to the game.

    It is sometimes easy to lose focus when playing Double Bonus poker by concentrating on getting those four aces. The four aces do pay a premium, but there are loads of other hands that will also bring in the money. A balanced approach to Double Bonus poker is therefore a much better idea. If you are looking for some real online gambling where you can work in an edge, this is your opportunity.

    A quick rant on why you should try double bonus poker

    The small mathematical advantage that you should have if you were to play the perfect strategy is something that will make most serious gamblers salivate.

    double bonus pokerThat is however not what we are trying to tell you about. Double bonus poker is one of the coolest versions of video poker you can play and being able to play online brings all of the fun right to your computer. We are not going to get stuck into strategy too in depth, but can definitely recommend this as one of the best options on the web to play.

    A few tips for Double Bonus poker

    Here are a few things we would like to remind you off when playing Double Bonus poker. It is always sensible to keep four cards or three cards to a straight flush and three cards to a royal flush. If you make either of these two hands you they will pay a premium.

    This is however not the only thing to be on the lookout for. You need to focus on the hands you play and make sure that you play with an optimal Double Bonus poker strategy.

    It is however critical that you play the maximum number of coins as this is crucial to achieving the highest possible pay-out percentage.

    If you get a low pair you should hold on to it, even if it is below the qualifying paying pair of Jacks or Better. If you draw it can become a far stronger hand.

    If you hold either a J,Q or K of any suit you should hold all of them. If you complete a pair with any of them you will have a paying hand.

    You should also keep any 10, J, Q or K of the same suit that you hold in your hand as any of these cards can draw to a far stronger combination.

    If you have only one high card, keep this card. Otherwise it is always best to just draw five new cards.
    Double Bonus poker is an interesting variation on Jacks or Better poker and is bound to give you loads of fun, thrills and spills.

    Double Double Bonus poke

    I wouldn’t be able to honestly tell you who first invented video poker, but they were obviously mad geniuses. The evolution in poker as a result of electronics resulted in video poker and ultimately this exciting monster: Double Double Bonus poker.

    When you play a game of Double Double Bonus poker you would be getting involved in a very interesting version of Jacks or Better poker. The game offers better pay-outs on an interesting variety of four of kinds. The way this happens at a specific online casino varies from one to the other and I would suggest you have a look at their respective pay-out tables to see how you could win.

    There are some stumble blocks that you might come across when playing the game and most of it would have to do with the chase of those elusive four of a kind. The way you play should not differ if you are gambling online though.

    If you manage to keep a cool head, you can work towards a theoretical pay-out percentage of just over 100%. This would require you to play perfect strategy and it would be difficult as human error is bound to creep into it. There are a number of tips that we would like to offer you for playing Double Double Bonus poker.

    double double bonus poker is crazy, but good fun

    When you play, you need to keep your eyes squarely on all of the winning hands and you should not be blinded by the extra incentives of the different four of a kind combinations. You would be able to play Double Double Bonus poker at any of the online casinos on as well as a number of other popular versions of online video poker.

    Now getting back to the tips for playing Double Double Bonus poker

    It always makes sense to keep four cards or three cards to a straight flush. It also makes sense to keep three cards to a royal flush even.

    This goes hand in hand with the maximum number of coins you can bet. In order to get the best possible pay-outs you always need to be playing the maximum number of coins.

    You should also keep four cards to a flush and open ended straight draws. Low pairs (tens or lower) should also be kept as they can increase in strength to a much stronger and more profitable hand.

    When it comes to suited cards you should hold on to suited connectors or any combination of two high cards of the same suit, be it a 10, J, Q or a K. These combinations can just increase in strength substantially.

    You should also hold on to any J, Q or K even if it is not of the same suit because if you pair it, you have a winning hand. If you don’t manage to hit one of these hands, I would advise that you just drop the hand all together and draw five new cards.

    Double Double bonus poker definitely is definitely an exciting video poker prospect and you will have great fun playing it. It is one of my personal favourites when gambling online.

    Whoever was responsible for dreaming up this one is a friend of mine. The internet has just brought all of these brilliant and slightly crazy variations together for us to enjoy. So let’s dig in!