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What are the best tricks you can use to beat casinos?

Sorry to be the party pooper here… you can’t beat the casino. Well not legally anyway and if you think you have come up with the next best thing, trust me it has probably been done.

Now ain’t that just the worst news ever. Yes and no. You can take my advice and move on or get yourself ready for some serious disappointment and a possible world of hurt.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way

As everyone knows the casinos have the house edge. You won’t see these huge glamorous buildings if they weren’t making their money somewhere. They also don’t just prey on certain individuals. They are nice enough to discriminate across the board and give everyone the short piece of the straw.

All of the casino games have a house edge built in. So for every dollar you bet, you will get a return of a slightly smaller fraction of that on average. You will definitely get lucky some times and with some solid strategies, you might get lucky more often than your friends. All of the strategies however are aimed at cutting down the house edge and not eliminating it.

the sneakiness

To implement these strategies however requires a lot of focus and one wrong decision can mess up your odds horribly.

But let’s say you get adventurous in your quest to beat the casino

That said there are some obvious super blatant ways in which you can cheat. These can however result in a quick loss of teeth as well as a world of hurt, but if you are happy with taking a walk on the wild side, who are we to stop you.

The not so bad version: Card Counting

This one is said a little tongue in cheek as it will definitely not sit well with most casinos. I do however admire those who are willing to apply their maths and concentration skills to count cards. We have a VERY broad section on this under our blackjack strategies page.

This still takes skill and even though you might end up with a black eye at a casino it is still admirable. There are a number of fairly effective card counting strategies you can learn to beat the casino. Although they don’t give you such a huge advantage, there are ways for you to vary your betting sizes to maximize your wins.

The casinos have however come up with a rather simple way of nullifying this. They simple shuffle the cards regularly. After cards are shuffled the count is reset and you need to start all over. Online casinos also shuffle the cards after every hand, so you that one is never going to work for you.

The bad ones…

If you are keen to really get into trouble you can try sneaking in marked cards, loaded dice or magnets to manipulate the roulette wheel. Add a nice dose of colluding and you are bound to wake up in the emergency ward.

The reason casinos frown on these options is plain and simple. It is good old cheating!

Casinos have trained floor staff who can spot most of the tell tale signs from a mile away. Add to this the state of the art surveillance systems and staff they have who monitor it and you are bound to get caught. It is much less a case of if and definitely leans more towards when.

The choice is yours on how badly you want to beat the casino

Although there are ways to do it, you are just looking for trouble. If you want to gamble, then gamble! The excitement comes from that chance to win huge amounts of cash by hitting it lucky. If you are not going to play for fun, they it is often just best to move on. You will be far better off trying to be all sneaky somewhere else.

You can beat the casino with some luck… however if you decide straying from the straight and narrow suits you better you should be willing to get beaten up at the casino.