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What are the best tricks you can use to beat casinos?

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Sorry to be the party pooper here… you can’t beat the casino. Well not legally anyway and if you think you have come up with the next best thing, trust me it has probably been done.

Now ain’t that just the worst news ever. Yes and no. You can take my advice and move on or get yourself ready for some serious disappointment and a possible world of hurt.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way

As everyone knows the casinos have the house edge. You won’t see these huge glamorous buildings if they weren’t making their money somewhere. They also don’t just prey on certain individuals. They are nice enough to discriminate across the board and give everyone the short piece of the straw.

All of the casino games have a house edge built in. So for every dollar you bet, you will get a return of a slightly smaller fraction of that on average. You will definitely get lucky some times and with some solid strategies, you might get lucky more often than your friends. All of the strategies however are aimed at cutting down the house edge and not eliminating it.

the sneakiness

To implement these strategies however requires a lot of focus and one wrong decision can mess up your odds horribly.

But let’s say you get adventurous in your quest to beat the casino

That said there are some obvious super blatant ways in which you can cheat. These can however result in a quick loss of teeth as well as a world of hurt, but if you are happy with taking a walk on the wild side, who are we to stop you.

The not so bad version: Card Counting

This one is said a little tongue in cheek as it will definitely not sit well with most casinos. I do however admire those who are willing to apply their maths and concentration skills to count cards. We have a VERY broad section on this under our blackjack strategies page.

This still takes skill and even though you might end up with a black eye at a casino it is still admirable. There are a number of fairly effective card counting strategies you can learn to beat the casino. Although they don’t give you such a huge advantage, there are ways for you to vary your betting sizes to maximize your wins.

The casinos have however come up with a rather simple way of nullifying this. They simple shuffle the cards regularly. After cards are shuffled the count is reset and you need to start all over. Online casinos also shuffle the cards after every hand, so you that one is never going to work for you.

The bad ones…

If you are keen to really get into trouble you can try sneaking in marked cards, loaded dice or magnets to manipulate the roulette wheel. Add a nice dose of colluding and you are bound to wake up in the emergency ward.

The reason casinos frown on these options is plain and simple. It is good old cheating!

Casinos have trained floor staff who can spot most of the tell tale signs from a mile away. Add to this the state of the art surveillance systems and staff they have who monitor it and you are bound to get caught. It is much less a case of if and definitely leans more towards when.

The choice is yours on how badly you want to beat the casino

Although there are ways to do it, you are just looking for trouble. If you want to gamble, then gamble! The excitement comes from that chance to win huge amounts of cash by hitting it lucky. If you are not going to play for fun, they it is often just best to move on. You will be far better off trying to be all sneaky somewhere else.

You can beat the casino with some luck… however if you decide straying from the straight and narrow suits you better you should be willing to get beaten up at the casino.

Top 9 Fantasy-Themed Slots from Microgaming

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Sometimes you just want to escape and play some slots. And that’s ok! When you’ve got the urge to play, you can’t go wrong with one of Microgaming’s awesome fantasy slots. They’ve made a ton of cool games over the years, but these 9 are absolute must-plays. Check out what each of Microgaming’s best fantasy slots has to offer below.

1) Avalon II

The original Avalon was one of Microgaming’s biggest hits when it first debuted, but Avalon II takes medieval adventure to a whole new level. It’s got killer graphics, an immersive story, and tons of winning power: what’s not to love?

When you play Avalon II, you’ll be taken back to the time of King Arthur and his Knights. Your quest? To find the Holy Grail. Every time you get 3 scattered Holy Grail icons, you’ll be taken to a new part of your adventure. You’ll find a new bonus feature along every step of your path. Re-forge the great sword Excalibur, work your way through the wilderness, and finally arrive on the Isle of Avalon where your destiny will be revealed.

9 best fantasy themed Microgaming slots

2) Immortal Romance

In the mood for a dark, twisted love triangle? Immortal Romance should do the trick. It’s become one of Microgaming’s most popular slots for plenty of reasons. Whether you’re looking for a one-night stand with a vampire or just love wild reels, it’s a good pick.

The main bonus features in Immortal Romance are based off of the game’s characters. Each one has a different free spins reward. You’ll start with Amber’s bonus of 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier, but you’ll unlock more choices as you get more familiar with the game.

Any spin can turn into true passion with the random Wild Desire feature. When you activate it, some of the reels will turn completely wild. If the mood is right, you might even become one of the lucky few to get the full Wild Desire experience on all 5 reels.

3) Path of the Wizard

Who needs lucky spells when you can become a wizard yourself? Microgaming’s Path of the Wizard slot is a good choice if you like playing with magic, or something even better: free spins.

Path of the Wizard is filled with all sorts of powerful magic goodness, from fairies and dragons to wizards and their trinkets. The game is capable of some shocking payouts even in normal mode, but your best odds of winning big are in the free spins bonus. Get all 3 Wizard’s Insignia scatters and the Wizard himself will take you to his chamber. Try to rack up as many spins as you can and kick some butt with the wizard’s 2x multiplier!

4) Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life

One of the most fascinating slots in Microgaming’s line-up is based off actual Norse mythology. Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life takes you to the only place on earth where you could find Odin, Thor, and all the other Norse gods hanging out together. You probably won’t run into them when you play, but this slot does have some godly potential.

You’ll get to explore the tree fully when you activate the bonus feature. Each part of the tree will give you some of the gods’ treasures. (Turns out money really does grow on trees!) Just try to stay in each section for as long as possible without hitting the “Collect” symbol.

5) Game of Thrones

If we had to choose the most badass slot around, our pick would be Game of Thrones. This hit slot is one of Microgaming’s most ambitious titles yet, featuring real elements from the hit HBO series and a bonus feature that puts you in the centre of the Iron Throne drama.

Once you activate the bonus round, you’ll have to choose which side you will fight for. The Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen houses each have their own special free spins offer. Some give out more free spins, but others will help you with a much better multiplier. So choose your house wisely! The right pick can be the difference between glory and disappointment.

6) Lucky Leprechaun’s Loot

Ever wanted your own personal pot of gold? Well, Lucky Leprechaun’s Loot might just make that dream come true. This game takes you to the rolling green hills of old Irish folktales where a little magic man can take you to the end of the rainbow. You’ll even find Wild Four-Leaf Clovers that double your win!

One of the coolest things about Lucky Leprechaun’s Loot is the fact that you’re in control. The bonus feature gives you 15, 20, or 25 free spins with a 3x multiplier. Once the feature is over, you get 3 choices: keep your free spin winnings, take a “mystery prize” of up to 500x your bet, or try the free spins again.

7) Hot as Hades

Even the Greek gods have a sense of humour. In Hot as Hades, you get to see Zeus, Medusa, Hades, and Poseidon like you’ve never seen them before. They might look friendlier than ever, but don’t be fooled: these guys are still powerful enough to make you a winner.

Your goal is to complete the Quest for the Crystal Helm. This starts after you get just 3 scatters. You’ll progress through the Gods’ realm, starting in the Pillars of Awesomeness and working your way up to Zeus’ Stairway. Just don’t get Blocked! At the end of your journey, you’ll collect all the cash you found.

You don’t need to activate the bonus to get a big win, though. If Zeus is in a good mood, he’ll power up your game with Super Free Spins, giving you 5 free games with 3 locked wilds!

8) Ariana

Need to cool down after a hard day at work? Well, you can always dive underwater and get to know Ariana, Microgaming’s very own mermaid. And she’s got quite a few treasures to offer you.

The most unique thing about Ariana is its expanding symbols feature. If you fill the first reel with one symbol and hit a line win, the rest of those symbols will expand on their reels. It’s pretty awesome to see a single payout turn into a game changer like that.

Ariana also has a traditional free spins feature that you can get with 3 or more scattered Starfish. This is one feature you have to work for, but it’s worth it. Every free spin starts with the first reel filled with wilds! The expanding symbols feature is still active too, and you can even re-trigger the bonus during your spins.

9) Orcs Battle

Orcs aren’t exactly known for being nice, but they might just become your best friends in Orcs Battle. This high-action slot isn’t for the weak of heart: it’s a fiery, bloody game filled with weapons and warriors. But if you’re brave enough, the rewards can be awesome.

Orcs Battle has a unique square shape that boosts your odds of hitting a line pay. But that’s just the beginning. The real fun starts when you activate the Orc’s Battle bonus. You’ll get 10 free spins with a twist: every wild Weapon you see will stick to the reels for the rest of the games. Bring on the warfare!

Escape to Your Fantasy Today

Whether you’re looking for fairy tale fun or an all-out bloody brawl, Microgaming has a fantasy slot for you. If any of the games we’ve mentioned sound like a good time to you, you can try them out for free right now. Just stop by AskGamblers and start spinning on their free online slots. You don’t even need an account. Have fun!

Is Pennsylvania ready for Online Gambling? - your home is your online gambling castle

The state is currently finding itself in an interesting situation where it is quite possible it could become the fourth state to enter the world of regulated online gambling along with Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. Currently they have a huge problem staring them in the face in the form of a $2.3 billion deficit for the state.

Pennsylvania State Flag

They are however staring down the barrel of some concerns, but these are concerns that have been addressed globally by online casino operators for years. Rightfully they want to make sure that both underage gambling is not allowed and that the bad apples of the online casino world don’t come to their pond and make things difficult.

Another pressing issue is whether or not the option to allow gambling online and through mobile devices would help the state to the extent they hope it would. In the other states there has been revenue generated and it keeps growing, however it has fallen short of initial expectations.

The industry is however bound to both help in cutting back that huge deficit while also creating a huge number of jobs. With this kept in mind the arguments in favor of regulated online gambling become a lot more enticing.

They have taken the first steps however to seriously look at it as an option and would take it further at a second hearing that would be held in May to discuss the matter further.

The online gaming industry has matured substantially over the past two decades and there are numerous experts that can be counted on to lend their expert voices to the conversations about regulated gambling. We will wait with baited breath to see what the May hearings bring.

New Jersey will be a focal point at GiGse - your home is your online gambling castle

There would be an interesting focus at GiGse this year: New Jersey. They have been playing a pioneering role in their online gambling adaptation and they have seen past the naysayers to realize the benefits for the state in the industry.

GiGse 2015 in San Francisco

They are also not oblivious to the attention they are getting from the iGaming industry. It would definitely be their aim to stay at the forefront of online gaming innovation in the USA and it will be bolstered by GiGse happening in San Francisco from April 20-22

A huge part was played by Eric Weiss, who is the chief of technical services bureau and slot laboratory at the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). He has been a key part of the team that has been overseeing the launch of online gaming in New Jersey over the last 18 months. It has allowed him to monitor both development as well as overseeing the regulatory adaption that other states are working through currently as they are considering the legalizing of online gambling.

The New Jersey pioneers

They started off back in November 2013 when they allowed 6 online casinos to start operating in the state. This number has grown over the past few months to 10. One of the main reasons they have been able to ensure that they stay ahead of the other states is the fact that the NJDGE adopted a “New Jersey First” approach. This has ensured that they stay at the forefront of developments in the online gambling industry and that other states could merely follow.

The benefits that the state has gotten thus far from this has been in the region of $122.9 million in online gaming revenues. This is also not for the whole 18 months, but rather only for the year of 2014!

Segmentation of the market: the next step

Weiss points out that it is the next step in the process despite the success seen thus far. To date they have found that the millennials currently prefer bars and nightclubs over the casino floors.

The path that they foresee for adaption for the millennials is through mobile devices. Unlike a slightly older generation, they have grown up using and relying on these devices. If the gaming options are not available on there in the form of very engaging content, it would not be possible to win them over.

Weiss and the deputy directory of the NJDGE are however looking at a pro-active approach to this problem at GiGse. They will be hosting a number of interested parted to discuss what they have found works well and what doesn’t. This in turn will then help those parties in how they adapt their offerings to this segment of the gambling industry.

Plans for restructured online gambling in the Netherlands - your home is your online gambling castle

Back in 2013 a plan was drafted for the Netherlands to open their market for online games of chance. The only requirement for this was that the operator should retain a license to do so. This means online gambling in the Netherlands could be a reality sooner rather than later!

This resulted in an increasing number of people in the Netherlands taking an interest in gambling online. Although the interest and the pool of players grew, the country still remained one of the few that were actually not actively being regulated. The government is however looking into setting up some guidelines for both online operators and players withing the online gambling market.

There would be no hard limit on the number of licenses available; according to the national gambling regulator, the Kansspelautoriteit, more than 200 online gambling businesses have already inquired about the possibility of getting licensed.

netherlands flag
Interest and participation in online gambling is growing in the Netherlands

Something that has been a talking point globally is the regulation of the industry and in some countries they have been able to get a firm grasp on the situation. This is however not the case yet in the Netherlands. There are a number of illegal and unlicensed operators taking advantage of players, but the government is pushing for reforms regarding this. The new State Secretary for Security and Justice, Klaas Dijkhoff, plans to work towards modernizing all of the legal regulations in the country to also include online gambling.

Dijkhoff states that both the maintenance and enforcement of any current bans is not possible in reality due to the huge online offering out there and its cross-border nature. With the current system or rather the lack of one at the moment, it is very difficult to proactively look out for the safety of the Dutch gambling community.

The plan that Dijkhoff envisages is for each online gambling operator to obtain a gaming license which would allow them to operate in the Netherlands for a total of 5 years. This is crucial for the industry to grow stronger as well as allow the government to benefit from it through a new revenue stream.

The current spend on unregulated online gambling is estimated to be in the region of around €800 million annually. The whole of Europe is fond of gambling and the opportunities for players to enjoy themselves online opens up a huge number of opportunities. There should however be swift action from all those involved to ensure that all the measures are in place so that players can safely and securely enjoy playing on the internet.

Santa Ysabel contesting state of California’s jurisdiction

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A white paper has been published by the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel to highlight the core points behind their ongoing battle regarding online gaming in California. This comes in the wake of their online gambling offering that wen live for a short time towards the end of 2014. It was however shut down quickly after California and the US Federal Authorities obtained injunctions to stop operations.

Iipay Nation of Santa YsabelIn their short six page pager, coming a few weeks before the next GIGse (Global iGaming Summit & Expo) in San Francisco, they start out by pointing out that the state of California has stepped outside of its legal dominion. As a result they have not be able to offer either of their online gaming offerings, bingo or poker, to the people of California.

Legal Internet Poker is at stake in a watershed case as the State of California steps outside of their legal dominion in an attempt to curtail the Santa Ysabel Tribe’s interactive gaming plans.

– Tribal Internet Gaming / Santa Ysabel Interactive: A Case Study in Changing Paradigms

The authors of the paper are David Chalette who is the president of Santa Ysabel Interactive (SYI) and David Vialpando who is the chairman of the Santa Ysabel Tribal Gaming Commission. They are two of the six individual tribal offers along with a number of Santa Ysabel corporate entities named in the lawsuit to stop the tribe’s online gambling offerings.

SYI launched the tribes offerings in November 2014 after announcing it back in July 2014. They bingo offering is called, while their online poker offering is called

The big problem in the debate is as a result of these operations being declared Class II or Class III gaming. It is being defined under the terms of the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). The same act has resulted in hundreds of tribal owned and operated casinos opening their doors across the US legally.

The difficulty with IGRA is that lawmakers are trying to determine whether or not the poker and bingo operations, normally Class II gambling operations, becomes Class III because it is done remotely. The wording however is from a pre-internet area and is therefore open for interpretation lending credibility to both sides of the argument.

Although we at support the rights of everyone to gamble online, this is a tricky situation. Should the Santa Ysabel officials be victorious in the verdict it would be another important step towards making online gambling available to all of the citizens in the United States.

The legalization and proper taxation of online gaming activities is something that has proven to be a great source of income in the UK. A page should definitely be taken from their book. The current economic conditions make it extremely difficult to be picky about your revenue streams and this could definitely benefit all of the residents of California.

It is also a double edged sword. Should the state of California win the case it has legal implications for many of the existing casino compacts with California tribal nations. This would result in the loss of literally hundreds of millions of dollars in state revenue.

We will continue to monitor this case closely.

Shopping Spree 2 – Progressive Jackpot

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Yes, it is a little girly… Ok, so it is VERY girly, but I do like Shopping Spree 2! There. I said it. It is an absolutely stunning progressive jackpot slot machine often offering players a huge jackpot in excess of $100 000.

IF YOU WERE WONDERING: You will find this great slot machine at the following casinos on our online casinos page:
– Club World
– High Noon
– Lucky Red
– Aladdin’s Gold

It is however not just that, it is a lot more. It is also a great video slot machine, but we will get into the details shortly

Shopping Spree 2 progressive jackpot slot machine
Shopping Spree 2: the very girly and all over the place progressive slot machine

It is an online slot that offers quite a bit and in fact the only thing it doesn’t have is a bonus game thrown into the mix. The Shopping Spree 2 slot machine is one of the slots that cater to the vast majority of slot players out there. There are no different bet sizes and it is stuck on $2.25. You can also not select to play more or less lines than the standard 9 pay-lines.

This ensures that you will never miss out on any of the many winning combinations you can hit. To get an idea of how many different ways you can win, you just need to look at the pay out tables for Shopping Spree 2 below:

Shopping Spree 2 slot machine payout table 1
Shopping Spree 2: the first payout table
Shopping Spree 2 slot machine payout table 2
Shopping Spree 2: the second payout table

On the first payout table you will see that the different pay lines can make you a winner in quite a few ways. The “Sale” symbol acts as a wild symbol, which can substitute for any card to make a winning combination, except for giving you a winning combination for the progressive jackpot. On top of this it also acts as a multiplier. If you hit one as part of a winning combination, your win is multiplied by 2. If you hit more, the multiplier just gets bigger and bigger.

What really turns Shopping Spree 2 into a great online bonus slot machine are the free spins you can win while playing. If you hit 3 or more “Shopping Spree” symbols anywhere on the screen, you will start to get bonus spins. This scatter symbol really can give you huge wins in the process bringing loads of smiles for everyone. Below are a few screenshots showing how I got to the free spins and then the subsequent wins from it. They weren’t huge, but decent nonetheless. Not bad for a $2.25 bet.

Shopping Spree 2 slot machine free spins
Shopping Spree 2: the result of winning 9 free spins and some more cash!

Why you should play Shopping Spree 2

The game is crazy, colorful and all over the place. Even though the theme might not resonate with everyone out there, it is a lot of fun. Shopping Spree 2 is a result of the online casino software developers Realtime Gaming once again producing a total slot machine masterpiece.

They once again covered themselves in praise with the development of Shopping Spree 2 because:

  • it offers a huge progressive jackpot
  • it is a 5 reel, 9 pay-line video slot machine
  • it can be played by players from the whole world, including the United States
  • it has loads of bonus features like wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers and free spins
  • it just looks cool
  • Okay so that last one is a bit of a silly reason, but definitely not one you can argue with. At only $2.25 just about every online gambler would be able to play loads of spins without the need to break the bank in the process. With all of the interesting and entertaining ways in which you can win, the Shopping Spree 2 slot machines is definitely one that is worth checking out!

    Sevens and Stripes slot machine

    Slot Machines at

    There are average reel slot machines and then what I would like to call the real reel slot machines. Sevens and Stripes fits into that category. It is oozing with classic slot machine features and is the one I would personally first recommend to anyone who is a fan of gambling in the style of yesteryear.

    4 of our online casinos feature Sevens and Stripes:
    – Club World
    – High Noon
    – Lucky Red
    – Aladdin’s Gold

    You can find these top online casinosSevens and Stripes slot machine

    The charm of this slot machine for me lies in that it offers online casino enthusiasts a very authentic reel slot experience. The “Bar” and “7” theme that runs throughout Sevens and Stripes is the basis on which most slot machines were built!

    By the way, if you have a look at the pay table you will also notice that there literally is no other way to win then by hitting combinations of these symbols.

    Sevens and Stripes slot machine payout table
    Sevens and Stripes: the payout table

    Making the most of your bets when playing Sevens and Stripes

    This online slot machine is definitely one that everyone can enjoy playing. You have the option from playing in coin sizes from 5c all the way up to $5. If you play the max bet of 3 coins, this max bet will jump up to $15

    There are 3 classic combinations you have with slot machines and two of them dominate this slot machine. The sevens and the “Bar” symbols are in this game and the only missing one is the cherries.

    If you have a look at my results below however you will be able to see why you should always play the max bet. The max bet just simply means that you will be playing 3 coins at a time. While I was playing the max bet I had two totally different wins in quick succession…

    Small win on Sevens and Stripes slot machine
    Picking up a small win on Sevens and Stripes

    Granted the first one was a very small win, but a win nonetheless. However just a few spins later I won this one playing with $5 coins…

    Sevens and Stripes nice win
    Sevens and Stripes: now that is more like it!

    That win came was 60 coins @ $5 per coin, so a quick $300!

    If you have a quick look back at the payout table you will however see that there isn’t any real increase in the amounts you win when playing the max bet. That is if you judge it on that last win of mine. However, if you look up the payout table at the top you will see the clear difference. There is a BIG jump when you win with the jackpot combination.

    In Conclusion

    So you might ask why you should spend time on this Realtime Gaming slot machine and the answer is quite straight-forward: It is a classic.

    It may be online gambling, but they have really done a good job of making a classic a digital masterpiece. With the variety in bet sizes and the fact that US players can also join in the fun, it literally means that everyone around the globe can enjoy playing Sevens and Stripes.

    Pharaoh’s Gold reel slot machine

    The Pharaoh’s Gold slot machine is a basic 3 reel slot machine. It offers a very standard form of online gambling with none of the extra features you will see in video slot machines.

    You can play the Pharaoh’s Gold slot machine at: High Noon & Club World when clicking here

    It is exactly up the alley of any person who likes gambling on the slots, but is a bit nostalgic about “the way slot machines used to work”. I know I said there is nothing funny to this slot machine and at first glance you will definitely agree. You will find 3 reels with 3 pay-lines on this slot machine.

    Pharaoh's Gold slot machine wild symbol
    Pharaoh’s Gold: hitting 2 wild symbols
    The nice extra feature that it has is the Eye of Ra, which acts as a wild symbol. If will allow you to win in a number of ways. It can either complete a winning combination or give you a small win just by two appearing on a single pay-line.

    I really like the bit of animation they brought into the wild symbol as well, just to make it a bit cooler. I have hit quite a few winning combinations with these and I am very thankful for their contribution.

    The amounts you can win are based on the payout you hit the win on. If you hit the combinations on either pay-line 1 or 2, the win sizes are smaller than hitting it on pay line 3. To win the biggest amounts possible, if you get lucky on pay-line 3, you need to be playing the max bet of 3 coins.

    Pharaoh's Gold payout table
    Pharaoh’s Gold: Payout table

    winning a small amount on Pharaoh's Gold
    Pharaoh’s Gold: small win
    The size of the wins you can pick up vary dramatically and I have included screenshots of two of the wins I pick up while playing Pharaoh’s Gold. The one was a small win, while the other was a fairly nice sized one.

    As it goes with slot machines, every new spin takes you on a whole new gambling journey and you never know what will come next. That is very evident from these two totally different results. I think I actually hit them about 4 or 5 spins apart.

    Big win on Pharaoh's Gold slot machine
    Pharaoh’s Gold: big win

    I can’t complain about that win at all. However had I been a bit luckier on this spin, I would have gotten away with a lot more of Pharaoh’s Gold.

    The Pharaoh’s Gold slot machine is definitely a nice throwback to a few decades ago and has the classic look and feel of the slot machines of the time. The Realtime Gaming guys decided however to add a little something extra to your gambling experience by adding the wild symbol into the mix… just to spice things up a bit.

    Operation M.Y.O.W slot machine

    This is definitely the strangest of reel slot machines I have seen in quite some time. Don’t understand me wrong, I actually enjoy Operation M.Y.O.W (make your own win) quite a bit. It is just not the way reel slot machines usually work. Then again I do like a bit of surprise now and then and this one definitely delivered.

    You can play the Operation M.Y.O.W slot machine at: Lucky Red, Club World or High Noon. Click here to get to all three casinos.

    Operation M.Y.O.W is a very entertaining variation on the regular reel slot machines. The one thing that doesn’t change is that it is a 3 reel slot machine with a single pay line. As you have a look through the pay tables (yes I did say pay tables – plural) you will see that there is always one winning amount that stands out. When you play Operation M.Y.O.W it is always the best idea to play the max bet.

    Playing the max bet will however not break your back as it simply means that you will have to bet 3 coins at a time. This slot machine is also one that is very affordable as you can set the coin sizes to levels that work for you. When playing Operation M.Y.O.W you can place bets from as little as 5c.

    The different payout tables of Operation M.Y.O.W

    This is where things get interesting however on this slot machine. I must honestly say that I have never seen reel slot machines that are anything but one dimensional. This one has an interesting twist in that it offers 5 different payout tables.

    If you don’t like the one, you switch to another. All of them are based on an interesting cast of cats and the payouts differ noticeable. There are payout screens for “Bat Cat”, “Catzilla”, “The King”, “Kung-Fu Kitty” and “Lucky Cat”.

    operation m.y.o.w slot machine payout table 1
    Operation M.Y.O.W: Bat Cat payout table
    Operation M.Y.O.W slot machine payout table 2
    Operation M.Y.O.W: Catzilla payout table
    Operation M.Y.O.W slot machine payout table 3
    Operation M.Y.O.W: Kung Fu Kitty payout table
    Operation M.Y.O.W slot machine payout table 4
    Operation M.Y.O.W: Lucky Cat payout table
    Operation M.Y.O.W slot machine payout table 5
    Operation M.Y.O.W: The King payout table

    There are huge differences between the different combinations you can hit when playing Operation M.Y.O.W on all of these interesting payout tables.

    In Conclusion

    I guess in the end it is up to you probably which of the cats you like the best. When software developers put in a little extra effort into especially their reel slot machines you know that they offer great games. The reel slot machines usually don’t get the most attention of the different slot machines, but Realtime Gaming definitely did a great job on this one to add a very interesting twist to a classic type of slot.

    By bringing it online, this slot machine makes the online gambling world a lot more interesting as it definitely enhances reel slot machines in general. The wide range of betting options, the clean design and of course the totally weird 5 different payout tables, makes the Operation M.Y.O.W slot machine one of my favorite reel slot machines.

    Lucky Lightnin slot machine

    The Lucky Lightnin slot machine is one of the classic 3 reel slot machines. It has none of the thrills and spills that you would find with the video slot machines, but this is one of the nicest reel slot machines from Realtime Gaming.

    Win on Lucky Lightnin slot machine
    Picking up a nice win on the Lucky Lightnin slot machine

    I have seen so many reel slot machines that get the sloppy treatment from the casino software developers. Realtime Gaming have however done a really good job on this one and created a great looking online slot machine.

    Often they are not designed well and look crappy. I like the look of this one however as it is a classic look, but really nicely put together. It caters to all gamblers with a wide range of betting sizes that range from nice and small bets of only 5c and up to bets of $5.

    Where to play - USA players welcome
    High Noon - $60 Free, 200% bonus
    Lucky Red - 400% up to $4,000 bonus
    Club World - 100% up to $777
    Aladdin's Gold - 200% offer x 7 days
    All Star Slots - 100% up to $787

    The slot machine only works on a single pay-line across the 3 reels and it is an absolute treat for those who love the good old reel slots.

    The payout table on Lucky Lightnin slot machine

    Lucky Lightnin payout table
    The payout table
    It offers a number of ways to pick up wins. If you have a look at the payout table you will see that there is one combination that pays out especially well. It is when you hit three 7’s when playing the max bet of 3 coins.

    If there is one thing that you should always remember when playing slots, it is that the max bet offers you the best possible odds. The only reason why this is the case is because of the payout when you hit the jackpot. It offers a lot more in terms of wins than any of the other payouts.

    Getting started on Lucky Lightnin is also quite easy, as is the case with most of the reel slot machines. To get started there are a number of different chip sizes you can select to deposit.

    Playing with different chip sizes
    Playing with different chip sizes
    This is one of the easiest parts of the Lucky Lightnin slot. You simply choose between the different chip sizes to deposit and click on it. You can deposit more than one chip if you want to as well. With the money you put in the machine you can then select the coin sizes you want to play with as you like. It is also a great way to manage your money a lot better when playing this slot machine.

    In Conclusion

    As I mentioned earlier the reel slot machines are often neglected by software developers, but they really build a great one here. The Lucky Ligthnin slot machine will definitely be a favorite of all lovers of classic slot machines as it really captures the look and feel of it.

    As with the other online slots from Realtime Gaming it is available to US players as well as the rest of the world.

    Give it a few spins and see if the Lucky Lightnin strikes you!

    Jazz Time online slot machine

    Some people like jazz, some people hate it. I am on the hate side. However when it comes to the Jazz Time slot machine, you are in for a treat. Jazz time is one of the entertaining video slot machine offerings from Realtime Gaming with some nice bonus features.

    Did you know playing the Jazz Time slot machine is just a couple of clicks away? You can play it on Aladdin’s Gold, High Noon, Lucky Red and Club World on our online casino page.

    Jazz Time slot machine

    The game caters to a wide range of slot machine enthusiasts. It offers bets that range from 1c per pay line up to $5 per pay line. You can select how many pay lines you want to play and the maximum is 9 pay lines.

    The best odds you will get is when you play the max bet on all of the pay lines. This comes into play when you hit the jackpot combinations on the respective symbols in the payout table. That is however not the only thing that this interesting video slot machine offers…

    Jazz Time slot machines - payout table 1

    Jazz Time slot machines - payout table 2

    Jazz Time slot machine - payout table 3

    Jazz Time slot machines - payout table 4

    The bonus screens in Jazz Time slot machine

    The slot machine offers all of the normal bells and whistles of other video slot machines, but this one offers a few nice bonuses.

    There are two parts to this bonus slot machine that will give you the opportunity yo pick up some extra cash.

    The first one is hitting the scatter combination which is made up of the high-hat, the cymbal and the drumsticks. When you hit this anywhere on the reels you will win an instant bonus even if there are no other combinations that you hit. The screenshot below shows a small win, but these can be much larger, depending on how lucky you are.

    Scatter win on Jazz Time
    Small win from the scatter symbols on Jazz Time

    Granted, that is not the biggest win you can pick up when playing the Jazz Time slot machine, but it is just an example.

    When playing this Realtime Gaming slot machine there are however a couple of extra goodies that you can expect…

    If you are lucky enough to hit 3 pianos (in any order) you will trigger the bonus screen. On this bonus screen you will be presented with a number of instruments that you can play. The bonus coins you can pick up on this mini game will continue to stream in if you select the correct instruments. Basically you will pick instruments and get random bonus coin amounts until you hit the music note with the red circle around it.

    As you can see from my screenshot below it is a nice win that I picked up from this bonus screen and it was all just part of the fun!

    Bonus screen win Jazz Time slot machine
    A nice win on the bonus screen on Jazz Time

    In Conclusion

    Although I am not a fan of jazz, I can honestly find no fault with Jazz Time. It is one of the best video slot machines you can play from Realtime Gaming. The great thing about it that players from all over the world can enjoy it, even the players from the US.

    My main reason for this is that it is not only a full-featured bonus slot machine, but that it is also one that all gamblers can enjoy it. The wide range of coin sizes you can use to bet with makes it possible for players to play at the level they want to.

    It is definitely worth a look and definitely trying out at least for a couple of spins. You never know… You might just become a fan of jazz in the process.

    Jackpot Pinatas slot machine

    The happiness you get from smashing a pinata to bits and having sweets pour out is not far away from what happens with Jackpot Pinatas slot machine. I always love it when slot machine developers go all out. This is one of those cases where you get a online slot that has very few equals.

    It is difficult to know where to start with this Realtime Gaming slot machine, but I will try. The first thing you will notice when you look at Jackpot Pinatas is the fact that it offers quite a substantial jackpot. The one in our screenshot, from when I played a little earlier is tipping the scales at nearly $300 000!

    To go with this it is a 5 reel video slot machine with a total of 25 pay-lines. This gives you not only a myriad of ways to pick up wins, but also a huge variety of ways that you can trigger the different bonus screens.

    The Jackpot Pinatas slot machine

    Where to play - USA players welcome
    High Noon - $60 Free, 200% bonus
    Lucky Red - 400% up to $4,000 bonus
    Club World - 100% up to $777
    Aladdin's Gold - 200% offer x 7 days
    All Star Slots - 100% up to $787

    The casinos mentioned above all offer players from around the globe a chance to enjoy Jackpot Pinatas and this includes players from the United States.

    There are no variations in the betting sizes and you will always be betting $5 per spin. This keeps all of the lines in play ensuring that you have the best possible chance to win the progressive jackpot as well winning on all of the different pay lines.

    When you play Jackpot Pinatas you have a chance of picking up some extra chips in several ways. Let’s have a look at the payout tables first.

    First payout table screen

    Second payout table screen

    How to win the Jackpot Pinatas progressive jackpot

    The progressive jackpot can only be won when you are playing for real money. In order to win it you need to hit 5 bull pinatas on a pay-line. There are no restrictions on only being able to win on specific pay-lines.

    In the short time I played Jackpot Pinatas earlier today I was only able to hit two of them in a row. When you hit them and win they change into spinning dollar signs.

    small win playing jackpot pinates
    Hitting 2 of the bull pinatas while playing Jackpot Pinatas

    The wild symbol…

    The wild symbol is another one of the pinatas. It is the donkey. This one is far cooler than Shrek’s donkey as it can win you some nice cash by completing winning combinations. These combinations you would have missed out on had they not stepped in to save the day. Thank you donkey. Good job. The wild symbols are one of the features I like the most about bonus slot machines.

    Hitting the wild symbols

    It is not a huge win I am showing above, but just shows how the wild symbol helps you. The progressive jackpot along with the wild symbol are two of the nice features of this bonus slot machine, but let’s move on to the really good stuff.

    The “pinata feature” bonus spins

    This is the one I am the biggest fan of. You get to actually put in some good old violence. Everyone loves hitting the pinatas in anticipation of seeing what comes out. This feature is triggered when you hit 3 or more dog pinatas. it is actually quite an intricate bonus screen that would pop up…

    Jackpot Pinatas bonus screen
    Jackpot Pinatas slot machine bonus screen

    Now I know it does look like just some good old quality clubbing of sweets filled party favors, but it offers a lot more.

    You can work through a number of rounds as you break the pinatas. There are always 3 you can choose from and you get to hit a maximum of 2. Whenever you hit one of them you would see a multiplier revealed. In some of the pinatas there would be a multiplier as well as a rose. If you hit the pinata with a rose in one of your two selections, you would get another round on this bonus scree of the slot machine.

    If one of your two pinatas doesn’t have a rose, then your time on the bonus screen ends. That is however also not bad news as you will then get free spins. The free spins increase in number if you are lucky enough to go on a bit of a streak and hit the rose in a few rounds. Your multipliers would also just keep adding up. Depending on the run you put together you will win either 5, 10, 15 or 25 bonus spins.

    5 free spins won on Jackpot Pinatas
    Moving on to the free spins

    As you play through the bonus spins it is always nice to see how you rack up even more wins. After you have had a couple of extra spins and you were just moderately successful you can end up with a heap of extra chips. Just have a look at the nice little win I picked up from the 5 spins I got free earlier.

    bonus spins delivering nice win
    The bonus spins brought in a nice stack of extra chips

    In Conclusion

    Looking at Jackpot Pinatas I can honestly not fault it in any way. Far from it. I think it is a rockstar among slot machines and really offers just about everything to everyone.

  • It is both an affordable slot machine as well one for those who want to play for a bit more
  • It offers a huge progressive jackpot
  • There are wild symbols to give you more winning combinations
  • They have awesome scatter symbols (the donkeys) which trigger a cool mini game as well as free spins
  • That said its main positive feature is that it is great fun. No wonder so many players enjoy playing this one.

    Jackpot Cleopatras Gold progressive slot machine

    The Jackpot Cleopatras Gold slot machine is one of the nicest online slots you will play on any Realtime gaming powered online casino. It is as much slot machine as can possibly be rolled into one game.

    Jackpot Cleopatras Gold slot machine

    Where to play - USA players welcome
    High Noon - $60 Free, 200% bonus
    Lucky Red - 400% up to $4,000 bonus
    Club World - 100% up to $777
    Aladdin's Gold - 200% offer x 7 days
    All Star Slots - 100% up to $787

    What Jackpot Cleopatras Gold offers

    The first and most obvious feature is that it is a progressive jackpot slot. It offers a nice size jackpot that often runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Progressive jackpots like this have been responsible for changing people’s lives in an instant for many years.

    The game is a really interesting video slot machine. It is a 5 reel machine that has 25 paylines. By default you will play on all of the lines. This gives you MANY different ways in which you can pick up a win. The bets are also at a nice size as you pay only 4c per payline resulting in a total bet every time of only $1.

    To play you just need to simply click the “Spin” button and you will be playing on all of the different pay lines.

    The theme of Jackpot Cleopatras Gold is based on the beautiful Egyptian queen who mesmerized scores of people during her reign and is still known the world over for her beauty nearly two thousand years after she died.

    Along with her fame and power came countless riches and these are what you will be going after when playing this Realtime Gaming slot machine.

    How the different payouts work

    When you play Jackpot Cleopatras Gold you will have the chance to win in a huge variety of ways.

    Jackpot Cleopatras Gold payout table 1
    The first payout table for Jackpot Cleopatras Gold

    Cleopatra herself is the difference between a good payday and a great one. In almost every winning combination you can hit the prizes are bigger if she forms part of the winning combination.

    Cleopatra is also the wild symbol for this slot machine making it possible for you to complete winning combinations whenever she appears on the scene.

    The last, but probably her most significant contribution to the game is if you are lucky enough to get 5 of her lined up on a single pay line. The result of this is that you will be the next progressive jackpot winner!

    What turns this feature slot machine into a bonus slot machine is what the pyramids can do for you. If you hit at least three of them on any of the pay lines, it will trigger one of my favorite features: free spins.

    If you hit 3 of them on a single pay line it would result in you getting 15 free bonus spins, which can result in a nice number of extra chips in your pocket at absolutely no cost. Where it becomes really profitable is while this feature is triggered you will get all of your wins tripled (except if you win the progressive jackpot).

    Jackpot Cleopatras Gold payout table 2
    The second payout table for Jackpot Cleopatras Gold

    Jackpot Cleopatras Gold also offers an autoplay option. You can trigger this by clicking on the “Options” button at the top right of the screen. On the screen that pops up you would be able to set up specific parameters for autoplay mode. If you set it up and you want to stop it at any time, you can just click on the “Stop Auto” button.

    In conclusion

    This is definitely one of the best Realtime Gaming slot machines you can play. It is very close to offering the whole possible package of slot machine features. I really enjoy playing Jackpot Cleopatras Gold as it is forever throwing up interesting new combinations and the free spins add a nice element of surprise and some great bonus cash.

    If there is one you should definitely take for a few spins, at a relatively low cost per spin, then this is one to go for. You get a lot more than you would get with similar sized bets on other lesser slot machines.